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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Who are we getting our belief system from? The Bible, or society?

   I'm sure I don't have the highest IQ around, but I've noticed a sad trend just in my lifetime, and looking back over history, I see it has been a trend for a long time: getting our morals and belief system from society, even Christians.

    Somehow, somewhere along the line, society has become our moral compass of what is right and normal. Sometimes it is nothing major or damning, and other times it is.

There was a day people would have gotten in trouble for dressing (or undressing) as much as we do today, and sadly Christians have tagged along. The world is doing it, so they do it.

There was a day that people who struggled with same sex attractions hid it. Now they march in parades in major cities, showing their pride in their sin. (And for the record, no one should have to fear confessing that struggle, but it should be met with compassion and encouragement to change, not a blanket accepting that will help send them to hell)

There was a day that killing a baby in the womb was considered wrong, immoral, and murder. Now, is legal, defended, and a "right."

There was a day that women who dressed like men and men who dressed like women were considered an abomination. Now, it is discouraged to get rid of the differences between men and women and for is to all be one gender.

    The problem with ignoring the Bible and twisting Scripture to fit society's definitions of what is OK and normal, is that society is always changing, and depending on where and when you live, the norm can be different.

   There have been civilizations in the past and even now, where sex between adults and little kids has been encouraged, considered OK and normal......so is it OK and normal? If you're reading this, you're probably feeling revulsion at the very idea....... but what if it becomes legal here? People never thought abortion and homosexuality would become accepted and defended as they are. We are bigoted, hateful, and intolerant for standing against them, for daring to go with what God says about them, instead of what modern America says about them...... and it could happen here, will most likely happen some day if this nation continues to cast God aside and let the immoral dictate to us. I just read an article that said there is already a push on by some people to make pedophilia a protected class, to consider it normal...... I don't think its a matter of IF, but WHEN that will happen.

  There have been civilizations in the past, and now, where child sacrifice was encouraged, was OK, normal, and required. We already have that. We call it abortion, but it is child sacrifice. Babies being sacrificed on the altar of "women's rights." The day will come when euthanasia will be normal, OK, and defended..... once a nation starts down the slippery slope, there is no stopping it. We already kill the most innocent of lives, and those who stand against it are hated and ridiculed. The day will come when we euthanize those who are considered useless and a drain on society: the ill, the elderly. Again, it isn't IF, but WHEN.

   There are other sinful practices that would make us cringe in revulsion, but have been accepted at different times through the years by different civilizations and society. Why are we repulsed? Because OUR country and society still says they are wrong and not normal.

  It is time we take the Bible out and go back to what God says. It is time the Christians get a backbone and stand against what the Bible says is wrong. It is time we quit trying to make our religion and belief system fit with society's definition of what is OK and normal.

It is time we call homosexuality what it is: sin, immoral, and wrong.
It is time we call abortion what it is: murder
It is time we call couples living together and having sex before marriage what it is: sin and immoral
It is time we quit voting for candidates who cheer on and further the causes of sins like abortion and homosexuality

It is time we stop letting society define what we believe, and time we really lived as Christians, not as Christians "lite", just blending in with the world and being a few years behind what they are doing.

It isn't the world's fault we are in the mess we are in. It is ours, the Christians, for being silent, for not standing for what is right, for not standing against godless politicians who further the cause of sin, but voting for and supporting them, and while doing so, helping to further the sinful causes of abortion, homosexuality, and other immorality.

Its time we quit playing at being Christians, and really become Christians who live by the Bible, and instead of ignoring, twisting, and wiggling around verses that are too radical for today's society, become radical. Let's take our country back.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The ironies of abortion

There are some ironies in abortion that I have noticed. You could even call them hypocritical:

1) The same woman who would scream, curse, and go after the father of her baby if he doesn't do anything to support the baby financially, will give the father no rights if she decides to kill the baby. Its his baby too...... he should have a choice in the matter, but he doesn't. He only matters if she gives birth. Then she wants him involved.

2) If the mother wants the baby dead, and has it killed, its protected and cheered on by the liberals. However.... if someone causes injury so the baby dies, it is murder. If the mother is killed and the baby dies, it is 2 murders.... that "blob of tissue" suddenly becomes a baby if someone else causes its death..... weird how that works......

3) I'm not sure of the age of the baby, but at some point a baby that dies in the womb is required by law to have a burial......yet at whatever age that is, the mother could have it killed and its flushed or thrown a dumpster....... whatever that age, mothers who abort their kids should be subjected to the same laws for burial.

4) Choice. How ironic. The only choice the abortion industry and those who support it want, is death for the baby. They never encourage the mother to have the baby, they want it killed.... if the baby is born, the abortion industry doesn't get money....... and money is what its all about. The woman made her choice when she had sex without birth control. After she made that choice, she shouldn't have one.

5) Its the woman's body.......uh, not its not. Her body is carrying another, an innocent baby she wants rid of because she's selfish and doesn't want responsibility for her actions. Abortion has nothing to do with the woman's body. She walks off unscathed physically... in most cases, though not always emotionally. Its the baby whose body is mutilated and torn apart.

6) The abortion industry began in America because of racism. The leader of the movement wanted less black babies, so she fought to get support for abortion so they could kill of more of the black population...... and those same black people vote for pro-abortion candidates in droves..... how ironic.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Songs That Impact Me #5: No Limit to His Love by Jeff & Sheri Easter

The message in this song is something else I need reminded of: there really is no limit to His love.... even for me. The devil has done his best over the years to convince me otherwise, and I feel like I am in Kindergarten in "getting it" about how true this song is, but I am thankful for it. This was the only version of it on YouTube, and the person who uploaded it stuck another song on at the end.

No Limit to His Love by Jeff & Sheri Easter with Karen Peck Gooch

It really doesn’t matter, how unworthy  you have been
His forgiveness is forever, and can reach the deepest sin
If you’ll just come believing in God’s redeeming love
You’ll find there is no limit to His Love

His Grace is never-ending, His mercy never fails
Through all the storms you’ll ever face, His Power will prevail
His peace is overflowing, with hope for all who come
And find there is no limit to His love

When friends have turned against you, and you face your darkest night
Remember He is faithful, and can be your guiding light
His strength will be sufficient, when yours is not enough
You’ll find there is no limit to His love

His Grace is never-ending, His mercy never fails
Through all the storms you’ll ever face, His Power will prevail
His peace is overflowing, with hope for all who come
And find there is no limit to His love

Blending in, or being separate?

Disclaimer: These are some rambling thoughts from concern from what I see, and concern I be all that I should be, something I feel far from being. My statements may seem radical, but I believe are Biblical.... at least for the most part :-)
The Bible commands us to be in the world, but not of the world, to come out and be separate. The same Bible says this is a narrow way, to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him.

    The separation thing can be taken to extremes. The Amish are a good example of that. Too many rules, too much focus on the outward, too much separation. If we are too separate from the world, and are too much of an oddity, how will be reach the world?

   My church focuses a lot on outward stuff. Some "stuff" that I don't think is necessary, but I like my church for the most part, and I like my pastor. We may be too extreme on some things, but that doesn't mean I need to do everything the church says...... I'm more concerned with what God wants out of me.

  We can get too extreme, have too many rules about outward....... but we can also go to extremes in the other direction..... and go with the idea that we are not under the law, but under grace, so we can do anything....... but can we? Yes, there is a danger of going to extremes in how we look and what we do.....in both ways.

  Look at the church today. There is hardly any difference in Christians and non-Christians. We go the same places the world goes, talk like the world, vote like the world, dress - or undress - like the world..... how are we different? Must there be a chapter and verse for everything? Though that doesn't seem to matter. We have become masters of reasoning around Scripture to make it say what we want. It can be in black and white and many Christians go around it...... want an example? I'll give one:
1 Corinthians 11:14 says it is a shame for a man to have long hair, but people will argue til they are blue in the face. My favorite argument: "Well, Jesus had long hair" "How do you know?" "The pictures have Him with long hair".

  I'm not going to argue about the verse, but if we believe all Scripture is given and inspired by God, then why not take that verse at face value? A popular argument is that it was a problem in that day and Paul was addressing a group of people.... know who else uses that argument? People trying to get past homosexuality being wrong......

  What bothers me, is why do so many of us try to get by with as little as we can? Why do we get as close to the edge, try to live as close to the world as we can? Are we trying to be separate, or trying to blend in?

  Here are some areas we all need to be more careful in:

1) Modesty. This can be taken too far, and we can argue about what modesty is and what it isn't. The Bible does say we should not do anything to offend our brother, and that can be taken to extremes, but dressing immodestly is one way to do that. A lot of modesty talk is aimed at women, and though men need to be careful, there is a reason for that: Men are more visually stimulated than women. More men than women are addicted to pornography, and more men than women fall into sexual temptation.

  I'm disgusted when I see wedding and prom pictures. Why do Christian women want to wear strapless gowns and show off their breasts? How is that modest? And what man in his right mind wants his wife or daughter to show that much of her body? Why doesn't the groom dress that way? Why isn't he showing off his chest?

  I'm not saying we have to have sleeves to our wrist and collars to our chin, but why do we want to undress as much as the world? How would you want a woman dressed that was going to be working around your husband every day.... would you really want her breasts hanging out? The very reason for showing cleavage is to draw attention to the breasts.... whose attention? Men's of course.... The very reason for wearing mini skirts or short shorts is to show off the leg.... to who? Men, unless you're a lesbian......

  I don't understand fathers who allow their young daughters to dress like sluts and send them out with hormonal teenage boys...... and then they are surprised when the girls get pregnant? And no... clothes won't always stop that, but come on..... if a girl is dressed scantily with a teenage boy thinking about sex, is it going to help him or stop him?

   I have no desire to see arm pits, legs up to the panty line, or cleavage...... so why do women want to show it? They grumble if a man's butt crack is showing, and would be horrified if his genitals were showing, but yet it is OK for their breasts to be showing, or part of them? Just think of men's butt cracks as our cleavage....... :-)

 Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, had these guidelines for his 5 daughters. I think they are excellent for men or women:

1. If you have trouble getting into it or out of it, it is probably not modest.
2. If you have to be careful when you sit down or bend over, it is probably not modest.
3. If people look at any part of your body before looking at your face, it is probably not modest.
4. If you can see your most private body parts or an outline of those parts under the fabric, it is probably not modest.

 2) What we listen to. Martin Luther said music is next to theology in importance. I don't know if he is correct, but it is important. What we listen to will affect us. I am amazed at how many Christians don't seem to care what they listen to, or who.

  I grew up in a church that preached against secular music.... other than classical. I never got that... but maybe its because I am not a classical music fan. I disagree anyway. Secular music in and of itself is not bad, though I do believe there is a lot of music and artists Christians shouldn't listen to because of content, and what the artist stands for. Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga are good examples...... why would any Christian want to listen to them?

  I asked a question once on Facebook that about got me lynched. I had noticed a lot of my Christian friends had secular bands listed as favorites, but hardly any Christian groups. I simply wondered aloud about it, and wow..... good thing lynchings are illegal.

  I like country music, but not all. I have exactly 7000 songs on my Ipod/ITunes at the moment. Of those 7000, 271 are secular/Country. Of those 271, I actually listen to about 45 of them. The songs I like are clean, not the cheating and drinking songs. Songs like "Grandpa Tell Me About The Good Old Days", "Live Like You're Dying", etc..... but even at that, I rarely listen to them. As a Christian, I don't want a steady diet of non-Christian music. This may sound like a criticism or judgment, but I don't mean it to be. I don't understand why any Christian wouldn't want to primarily listen to Christian music.... it is encouraging, can draw us to God, help our focus be where it can be....... if you're on your way to a job interview, wanting God's help, which is better to be listening to, "Your cheating heart will tell on you, or Christ-centered music.

  When I listen to secular music, there is something missing. It doesn't draw me. Even at my worst times spiritually, Christian music drew me, it was what I wanted to listen to, and I am thankful for that. It is probably one thing that has kept me from wandering too far.

  There is such a wide variety of music available on the Christian market, there is no excuse for a Christian not listening to Christian music...... sure, there are some genre's and artists even there I wouldn't let my kids listen to, if I had kids, but whatever you like in the secular market can most likely be found on the Christian market. There should be some songs and artists Christians don't listen to...... just because the world likes it, doesn't mean we should. 

3) Voting. Yeah, I have to get political. I am amazed at the amount of Christians who vote for pro-abortion candidates and pro-gay marriage candidates. The Bible clearly states homosexuality is wrong, and it should be obvious what God would think of abortion....... yet they keep voting for them. Oh, they have excuses. "Its a law, we can't do anything now", "it will never get overturned, so why vote for a pro-life candidate"...... and my favorite: "Its better than them getting it down in an alley with a coat hanger".

  There is debate and even books about how Jesus would vote..... well, I can guarantee He wouldn't vote for anyone fighting for causes that the Bible says is wrong. He would not vote for a pro-abortion candidate, for all life is precious to Him. He would not vote for a pro-gay marriage candidate, for though he loves gay people too, He ordained marriage as between a  man and woman and said homosexuality is a sin.... but Christians ignore all that and vote Democrat....... the party that is all for killing the most innocent of lives - babies in the womb. God should influence how we vote.

4) What we view. I was raised that TV and movies are wrong and should not be viewed. Once I started thinking for myself, I realized that isn't necessarily the case. It isn't the media that is wrong, but what is on it. I think we'd all be better off without TV, unless it is closely monitored and doesn't control our lives and time. But if we are going to view it and/or movies, we should be careful what we view and what we let our kids watch.

  It is shocking how many TV shows and movies that are aimed at teenagers, have teens having sex, partying, and drinking...... parents let their kids watch that junk, then are surprised when that is what their kids do. If there is a TV and movies in the home, Christians need to be careful what they view, and how much..... a steady diet of movies and TV isn't healthy, no matter what, especially if it is pushing God out. We can't take junk in and not expect it to influence us spiritually. It will. We can't watch everything the world watches.

  There are a lot of good, clean movies out there, Christian and non-Christian. Some Christian movies can be cheesy, but there are still a lot, and we should support them when we can.

  The onset of the internet has brought a whole new development to the table.. we cannot be too careful with this wonderful, yet dangerous tool. It has the potential for so much good....... yet so much bad. I've read the statistics on porn searches, and the amount of money made from those places, and its staggering........ yet there is so much good too. Its just another area Christians need to be careful in.

5) What we read: This kind of falls into viewing, but different also. Again, I have been surprised at how many Christians, especially fiction readers, who rarely read Christian fiction. That doesn't make anyone a bad Christian, but there is so many good books available on the Christian market, and all kinds of genre's: suspense, romance, historical, western, science fiction... its all there. When I do read a secular book, its like something is missing. Jesus isn't presented as the solution for anything..... plus the language and sex, though language is creeping into the Christian books. Sad.

6) How we talk. There are few of us who couldn't be more careful in this area. We toss around slang words, that if you looked up are just substitutes for worse words..... yet we use them regularly. Look up "Gee"..... almost any dictionary, maybe all dictionaries, will say it is a euphemism for Jesus....... draw your own conclusions, but I've drawn mine.
  Its so easy to let the world rub off on us in how we talk, what we talk about, who we talk about....... but is God pleased? Do we ever talk to Him and seek His will on our talk? The Bible addresses it, so it must be important to Him. We are not the world, we shouldn't talk like them.

   This is not meant to be a harsh blog post. I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching lately. I have come to the place where I believe no church should tell its people what to wear, what to listen to, etc, yet I see the other extreme where people are no different in the world in how they live as Christians, and I don't want that extreme either.

  I don't know the where the verse is, but Paul said something like "all things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable". There may be a ton of things we can't find a chapter and verse for, but are they things that will help, or hinder us as Christians. Are they things they will help our witness, or hurt it. Are they things that will make someone stumble?

  Getting to Heaven is the most important thing that there is. Pleasing God should be our ultimate and most important goal in life. If we truly love God, we aren't going to live as close to the world as we can. We won't reason around verses to see how much we can get away with...... we should seek His will in all we do: How we dress, what we view, listen to, read, how we talk........ we should be different than the world. Its Biblical. May God help me to seek His will in all areas of my life, and not live for myself and my desires.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Songs That Impact Me #4: Tell Your Heart to Beat Again by Phillips, Craig, and Dean

Maybe I'm the only person who, after messing up or falling, has a hard time believing I'm totally forgiven..... this song addresses that. We are forgiven, we need to live like it, and let our heart beat again. A simple message, but I am one who needs it.

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again by Phillips, Craig, and Dean

If only you’d forgive yourself
You’ve been made new
But you’re standing where you fell
Because when you look in the mirror
It seems like all you ever see
Are the scars of every failure
And the you that you used to be

Tell your heart to beat again
Close your eyes and breathe it in
Let the shadows fall away
You’ll live to love another day
Yesterday’s a closing door
And you don’t live there anymore
So say goodbye to where you’ve been
And tell your heart to beat again

Just let that word wash over you
It’s all right now
Love’s healing hands have pulled you through
So, get back up and take step one
And now you’re new life has begun
And know that if the Son has set you free
Then you are free indeed!

Tell your heart to beat again
Close your eyes and breathe it in
Let the shadows fall away
You’ll live to love another day
Yesterday’s a closing door
And you don’t live there anymore
So say goodbye to where you’ve been
And tell your heart to beat again

Hope is reaching from a rugged cross
Where a perfect love recaptured all the innocence that’s lost
And mercy’s calling from an empty grave
So lift your eyes to heaven
And hear your Savior say

Tell your heart to beat again
Close your eyes and breathe it in
Let the shadows fall away
You’ll live to love another day
Yesterday’s a closing door
And you don’t live there anymore
So say goodbye to where you’ve been
And tell your heart to beat again

Monday, July 22, 2013

Songs That Impact me #3: When He Saved Me by the Booth Brothers

My favorite group is the Booth Brothers, a southern gospel trio comprised of two brothers, Michael and Ronnie Booth, tenor and lead, respectfully, and Jim Brady who rounds out the group as baritone. I like about anything they do, but this is one of my favorite songs. Overall, it is a great song, but what grabs me is the first verse, and specifically the third line: "I see Him excited to forgive us." It may seem like an elementary thing, but the idea of God being excited to forgive me was a foreign idea to me. I always felt I had to beg, plead, and convince God to forgive..... yet, isn't that the very message of the prodigal son story? God running to meet us when we come back to Him?

When He Saved Me by the Booth Brothers

I don’t believe He’s sitting up in Heaven
Evaluating sinners by their scars
But I see Him excited to forgive us
And it’s not at all in spite of who we are

When He saved me He knew
What I had done, what I would do
He looked beyond the worst in me
And saw not what I was, He saw what I could be

He looked at all the broken scattered pieces
And made a brand new vessel of my life
Every day possibility increases
‘Cause he placed me in a dream that never dies

And though I was a sinner, the Savior heard my cry
His mercy came and rescued me, He did not pass me by

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Songs that impact me #2: Your Grace Is Enough by Chris Tomlin

My first love musically is Southern Gospel. I have far more SG CDs and songs on my Ipod than any other genre', but I do listen to other kinds of music. This is one of my favorite non-SG songs. It is just a message I need to hear often. For more than one reason, I have struggled for years to grasp this concept. A song is a great way to be reminded that His grace is enough for even me.

Your Grace Is Enough

Great is Your faithfulness oh God
You wrestle with the sinner's heart
You lead us by still waters and to mercy
And nothing can keep us apart

So remember Your people
Remember Your children
Remember Your promise
Oh God

Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough for me

Great is Your love and justice God
You use the weak to lead the strong
You lead us in the song of Your salvation
And all Your people sing along

So remember Your people
Remember Your children
Remember Your promise
Oh God

Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough for me [x2]

So remember Your people
Remember Your children
Remember Your promise
Oh God

Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough for me

Your grace is enough
Heaven reaching down to us
Your grace is enough for me
God I see your grace is enough
I'm covered in your love
Your grace is enough for me
For me

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Songs that impact me #1: Do You Wanna Be Well? by The Gaither Vocal Band

Music is far more important than most of us realize. That is one reason I don't listen to much secular, and don't understand Christians who listen to more secular than Christian music. I need the encouragement that comes from Christian music that cannot be found in secular music. I want music that will draw me closer to God, not clutter my mind with the junk that is in so much secular music.

There are songs that impact us more than others. For something to do, and to share some of those songs, I am doing a series of blog posts about just that: songs that impact me the most.

The first few times I heard this song, I cried. I still do sometimes when I listen to it. It asks a simple question, but packs a great message. All too often, we sit back and expect God to do all the work when it comes to our struggles, but it always involves us doing our part. We have to take steps of faith, sometimes have to "take up our bed". We can't just lie there and expect God to make it an easy ride.

Do You Wanna Be Well?
By William J. Gaither, Suzanne Gaither Jennings, and Benjamin Gaither
Verse 1:

Waiting there for thirty-eight years, cried so long he ran out of tears
Just a worn out man, looking for a healing hand
Then one day his chance came along, a healing Man who could make him strong
And he caught his eyes, but his question took him by surprise

Do you wanna be well? Really wanna be well?
Are you willing to take up your mat and help yourself?
Do you wanna be free? Really wanna be free?
If you wanna be healed and whole, you gotta wanna be well

Verse 2:
Ever tried to fix yourself? Every time you got up, you fell.
Then you wallowed there, drowning in your own despair?
Have you gotten used to the chains? Are you so attached to the pain?
You're afraid to part, and ask the Man for a brand new heart?

Do you wanna be well? Really wanna be well?
Are you willing to take up your mat and help yourself?
Do you wanna be free? Really wanna be free?
If you wanna be healed and whole, you gotta wanna be well

There's a better life waiting just for you
Endless open spaces in the sun

But you gotta wanna be well,  Really wanna be well.
Are you willing to take up your mat and help yourself?
Do you wanna be free? Really wanna be free?
If you wanna be healed and whole, you gotta wanna be well

Monday, July 15, 2013

Justice for Trayvon

    You cannot be alive and not be aware of the George Zimmerman trial and the aftermath. It is sad that a young man lost his life, but its also sad that so many people wanted to throw the justice system out the window and try Zimmerman on public opinion, instead of giving him what we all have a right to: our day in court, our right to be innocent til proven guilty.

   I am weary of the media. They don't just report the news. They tell us how we should feel about stories - which is feeling how they do. We can't have an opinion different from the media and liberals, or we are hateful.

  Here are some facts:
1) Zimmerman's neighborhood had been having a lot of robbery/theft problems, which is why a neighborhood watch was formed.

2) Trayvon Martin was not the innocent kid he was portrayed as. It wasn't allowed as evidence, but he had been in a lot of trouble at school for fighting, and did at least marijuana. He wasn't a good kid - and no, I'm not saying that bad kids should die, but he wasn't at all like the media portrayed him.

Check out the pictures below. The media ran the first one, trying to show him as an innocent little kid, yet there are several pictures of him looking like a thug with his middle fingers held up. You think that was an accident? No way. Yet, they found an older picture of Zimmerman to run that made him look bad. So much for no bias.

 3) Trayvon could have left at any time, but he hung around and from all accounts and evidence shows, picked a fight with Zimmerman. Eyewitnesses puts Trayvon on top of Zimmerman, beating his head into the cement. The evidence shows it was self defense
4) The media did their best to make this all about race. They called Zimmerman a "white Hispanic", a new term just coined for this case. Oddly, they don't call Obama a "white African American", though he is also half white. Even Obama had to stick his nose in it.... he would never have said a word if the victim had been a different color than him.
5) NBC edited the 911 call to make it sound like Zimmerman was a racist. Original call had the 911 dispatcher ask Zimmerman what color Martin was after Zimmerman said the kid looked like trouble, and he replied "he's black". In the version NBC played, they cut the question out, so it had Zimmerman saying "the kid looks like trouble, he's black". Zimmerman is suing, and he should win. NBC deliberately did him damage.
   From what I am getting from the media, liberals, and majority of the black community, the evidence should be thrown out. They focus on the fact that a teenager was killed. Several comments were made "its ok to kill black teenagers now". The jurors' and Zimmerman's lives have been threatened.
  It is sad a young man died, but the evidence proved it was self defense. And something the media and liberals are ignoring, is we are innocent til proven guilty, and guilt should be beyond a reasonable doubt. Too many people listened to the media and not the evidence. The message I am getting, is Zimmerman had no rights, he was guilty til proven innocent, the evidence doesn't matter, and he should go to prison just because a segment of the US hates him and wants him in jail.
  If you don't think this is about race, read this news story on Breitbart, Trayvon Martin and the forgotten dead. It lists several tragic deaths of black people, many young, even kids, that we haven't heard a peep about. Why? Because they were killed by other blacks...... so why did a self defense shooting by a Hispanic man of a black teenager become such a national news story? Why has the president, members of congress, sports figures, etc gotten involved? Because there is an element in this country who wants to keep racism alive. Had Trayvon been white, we would never have heard about it. And no, that is not a racist statement. It is true. There is white on black crime a lot, black on black, and we never hear anything about it, but especially since Obama got in office, the media likes to focus on any white on black violence or crime, or in this case, Hispanic on black. If they didn't want to fan the flames, then why don't they cover the stories in the news article above?
   It is a tragedy that Trayvon Martin died, even though he wasn't the good kid the media portrayed him as, but that doesn't mean Zimmerman should go to jail. He was innocent til proven guilty, and a jury examined the evidence - something the media refused to do - and reached the verdict they did. We need to move on and stop the threats, the protests, the hate. When OJ Simpson (black) killed Nicole Simpson (white) and was declared innocent, and unlike this case  the evidence showed guilt, but he got off....... I don't remember rage, rallies, the president and congress getting involved.
  There are young black kids killed daily - murder, not self defense, and you don't see the media, Obama, congress, sports figures, singers, etc honoring them, having rallies, and demanding justice for them....... if the answer to why they did it for Trayvon wasn't to stir up racial tensions, then what is the answer? Why are the same people screaming about Trayvon Martin ignoring all the other deaths? That is a question that needs to be answered.
  In the meantime, yes it is sad Trayvon died, but the case has been tried and Zimmerman has been found innocent. Story over. Move on. Pray for the families if you want, but let's quit the hate and racial tensions.

Why I vote Republican, and didn't vote for Obama

Back in January-March I worked a job I ended up hating. My first day there, somehow I "outted" myself as not having voted for Obama. One of my new co-workers seemed shocked and asked why. I didn't want to take the time to list all the reasons, so I told her there were more than one reason, but my main reason was because I am pro-life, and as a Christian cannot  and will not vote for someone who is pro-abortion. That seemed to satisfy her, but I would have liked to go into more detail.

 Specifically about Obama: I knew too much about him. About his terrorist buddies, about the anti-white comments he had made in his life, about his pro-socialist views, and anti-American views. But the fact that he is a Democrat is reason enough.

I actually consider myself a conservative, but vote Republican since their views more closely mirror mine than those of Democrats.

1) I am pro-life. Abortion is murder, and I cannot in good conscience as a Christian vote for any politician who is pro-killing babies and will further that cause. I've heard Christians excuse voting for pro-abortion candidates by saying things like "well, its a law anyway, it isn't going to change" and "if it was illegal, women would be using coat hangers, at least its safe this way". Safe? For whom? Certainly not the baby...... and if a woman dies getting an abortion, doesn't it serve her right? If someone died trying to kill a baby outside of the womb, that is what we'd say.

I don't understand Christians voting for pro-abortion candidates. God is pro-life, and from all I read, He would consider abortion abhorrent and an abomination... so how can a Christian vote for someone who will further the cause of killing the most innocent of lives?

2) I am pro-traditional marriage. Again, how do Christians justify being for gay marriage when God says homosexuality is a sin, an abomination? Pro-life is my main platform to vote by, but this is a close second. Why vote for someone who will further a sinful cause? Who will further making a marriage legal that mocks God and what He ordained for marriage?

3) I am not a racist. The Democrats are the party that fought to keep slavery legal. They fought against civil rights. The Republicans fought to end slavery, and fought for civil rights....little known fact: The Klu Klux Clan was comprised of Democrats. Second little known fact: Lyndon B Johnson, a Democrat, said when he came up with the food stamp program: "I'll have thise n**** voting Democrat for 100 years." Why would I want to be part of  the party that fought to keep slavery and fought against civil rights?

4) I am for smaller government. The more government we have, the less freedoms we have. Our government is getting too big, bigger under this president than its ever been, and we are losing freedoms.

  Things are different now. Any Christian worth their salt shouldn't vote for pro-abortion candidates and pro-gay marriage candidates....... yet why did Christians vote for those who supported slavery and were against civil rights? Are people praying about who they vote for? Are they lining their voting up with the Bible as much as they can? I fear not.

Slavery should have been outlawed long before it was. Civil rights should have come about long before they did......... but even then Christians voted and stood for things they had no business voting for and standing for...... just like today. We have different issues, and we have too many Christians on the wrong side of the issues, and voting for candidates on the wrong side of issues.

I'm not saying Republicans are perfect and they are all good.... there are many I'd like to kick out of office, but they stand more for what I believe in than the Democrats do. That is why I vote Republican.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Excuse Me, Are you Jesus?

   I didn't like this song very well the first time I heard it. I didn't think it was well written and the group that performs it isn't a group I like very well, but the more I hear it, the more I like it.... and the more convicted I am by it.

  How many people would mistake us for Jesus as they come across our path? Are our actions, demeanor, the things we do, the things they see in us things that would cause them to as us this question? It should be our highest aim to be like the Savior whose name we claim by the very thing we claim to be: Christians....... but how much Him are we really? Enough for someone to ask us this question?

Monday, July 1, 2013

We can all be forgiven, except for Paula Dean

It is impossible to have listened to the news lately and not heard about the evil Paula Dean. She admitted to using the "N" word close to 30 years ago, and now half the US, or so it seems, wants to condemn her to hell for it. Her show was canceled and she has been kicked off of TV. Walmart and Target have quit selling her books. Pretty harsh. Especially if you read the details.

  Paula Dean had been robbed and held at gunpoint. In her defense, she was very shaken up, most likely angry, and scared. She used the word to describe her attacker. No one would have ever known about it, but she is being sued by some money grabbing, greedy chick, who accused her of using the word against her. Under oath, Paula denied using it then, but admitted to using it back when she was attacked close to 30 years ago. Come on, people! This is overkill. The woman apologized, and saying that word close to 30 years ago does not warrant what she has gotten. No way.

  I know I said that word before, when I was a kid or teenager. Do I deserve to be tarred and feathered, or whatever punishment I should get since I don't have a TV show or published books? The vast majority of Americans have done worse than that. Saying that word isn't a sin. It is wrong, and should not be used, but not a sin, and we all have sinned. This should be a case of let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  Ironically, the same stores that quit selling her books, sell all kinds of music that the word is used in. Seems hypocritical to trash Paula, and not them, doesn't it? And a white man, Quentin Tarantino, produced the movie "Django Unchained", which has multiple uses of the word in it.... and Walmart and Target sell it. And the same producer dropped the word at the Golden Globes, yet Walmart and Target is not pulling his movie...... why? Why be so harsh to Paula Dean and not to this producer?

  For the record, I have never watched Paula, never bought one of her books, never even cooked one of her recipes. I am just disgusted at the reactions of something she said so long ago, something she has apologized for, and disgusted at the double standard. A movie using the word multiple times is fine, and the producer saying the word is fine, but if you're Paula Dean, admitting to using the word close to 30 years ago, in the aftermath of being held at gunpoint, your actions are unforgiveable and you must be punished harshly and forever. Makes me want to buy one of her cookbooks in support. Maybe I will.