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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why I am voting for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is not my ideal choice for president. I didn't vote for him in the primaries, and if I had it to over again, I still wouldn't vote for him in the primaries. I don't think he is strong enough on the issues that are important to me. I also don't like the fact that he had his own version of Obamacare, and I am not crazy about his religion.

That said, we desperately need a change. Barak Obama's policies are destroying this country and putting us further in debt. He can blame Bush all he wants, but the numbers don't lie. Unemployment, gas prices, food stamp usage, and other things were down when Bush left office. Those are all up now.

Here is what I believe about Barak Obama. Some may call me crazy, uninformed, and similar things, but in watching this man, his actions and his words, I conclude the following:

1) He hates America. He doesn't believe we are exceptional or great, and wants to take us down to the level where we are not.

2) He hates and resents white people. His administration ignores black-on-white crimes and offenses, and jumps on any white-on-black, or even Hispanic-on-black crime.

3) He hates Israel, and is not their friend, but their enemy

4) He has offended our allies, and befriends our enemies

5) He is a Muslim. Yes, I believe that. He has done more to help Muslims than Christians

6) I still doubt his American citizenship

7) His healthcare law will bankrupt this country, hurt small businesses and maybe large ones, and will most likely end up rationing healthcare and forcing all hospitals and doctors to do abortions.

8) He is a socialist and communist

9) His intent is to destroy this country

10) He hates the military

11) He is the most pro-abortion president to we have ever had, or to even run for the office. (He voted "no" on a bill that would require hospital personnel to treat an aborted baby that survives an abortion. He is all for the baby laying there til it dies - yeah, we elected a cold-hearted jerk).

12) He will do anything to remain in office, even start a war, and embrace things he despises. i.e. gay marriage

13) He acts like a dictator, going around Congress and doing what courts order him not to do. He has no respect for law or the constitution, and is arrogant to do what he wants

And the list of Obama's past issus is too long to mention here. His anti-American buddies he hung out with - a man with his past should never have been a Senator, much less president of the USA.

Romney may not be as conservative as we wish, but he - anyone - is better than Obama. I believe Romney loves this country and will not act like a wanna-be dictator. He will abide by and respect the constitution, and will not try to tear down what is good.

As a talk show host said recently, we may not like everything about Romney, but we have been looking for someone with character, and it appears Romney has it. They can dig nothing up on him, and have to make stuff up. He isn't perfect, but we need him, and anyone who stays home and doesn't vote for him - or worse, votes for Obama, needs to quit calling themself a Christian. We need to wake up and do our duty as an American and as Christians, and vote. Vote the evil out of the White House!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sorry, Jesus isn't that important to me........

Bethany House Publishers had lit a fire storm. They published a Christian fiction book recently that has some vulgar language and has some other elements that people don't like. There was a blog post I was reading about it (here if anyone wants to read it). The post came as a result of another by a Christian author cheering Bethany House on his blog (that is here) for doing so. So he is cheering them for daring to be vulgar and more like the world? Nice.

I have a pet peeve with cursing and vulgar language being put in Christian books, and that is another entire issue completely and have blogged about that on my other blog.

Something stuck out to me on a comment in the comments section by the blog post writer: "I don't think the gospel needs to be preached in every book. I don't think we need to mention God in ever book." Really? Why not? Is Jesus not important enough? Is the Gospel not important enough to preach every where, even in "gasp!" a Christian novel?! God forbid!

This is something that I've thought about for years actually. I don't think anyone would disagree with me on a couple of statements:

1) God is, and should be, most important in our lives
2) Everything we do should please Him
3) Other than making it to Heaven, our next priority should be reaching people for God

Similar things could be added, but those three sum up the point I am aiming to make. If those are true, and I believe that they are, then if we sing, shouldn't we sing about God? If we write, shouldn't we write about Him?

Authors and singers who are Christians bother me when they pursue secular venues for what they do. John Grisham is supposedly a Christian, though I'd question his depth by his politics and language in his books, but if God is important to Him, then why does He never write about Him (except in one shallow effort he made a few years back).

Josh Turner claims to be a Christian (country singer). He had a couple of songs he did that could be called Christian (Long Black Train was one), but for the most part he sings country. There are a lot of country songs that I believe are wrong, but there are also a lot that are clean and positive, so I am not just throwing a blanket statement over all country music, but if Josh is truly a Christian, then why doesn't he sing about him?

If it could be done, imagine having every secular singer and author stand and have every person influenced toward Christ by their music or writing line up behind them. Most of them wouldn't have any one, maybe none of them.

Now take people like Karen Kingsbury, Mike Dellosso, Bill Gaither, the Booth Brothers, etc. Have people line up that they have influenced for Christ. The line could get very long.

There is an old adage that is true: Only one life, will soon be past. Only what is done for Christ will last.

No matter what we do in life, if we are a Christian, God should be at the center. It really boggles my mind how someone can have a secular writing, singing, and even acting career and you'd never know that they are a Christian by what they write, sing, or act, and in too many cases, by their lives.

Is Jesus not important enough? I go back to Sally's comment that we don't need to mention God or preach the Gospel in every book. Why not? Someone could be encouraged and influenced toward Christ.

Karen Kingsbury has been a favorite author of mine since she started writing, and I myself have been extremely encouraged by some of her books. She has a place for comments on her webpage for people to comment about things like that. Here are a few:

1) Like Dandelion Dust helped show me that God still loves me

2) Hi, my name is Chris and I am a 16 year old boy with a second chance. For years now I've been struggling with pornography addiction. Looking for the answers, but only getting frustrated. Then I read Ocean's Apart and the part where Connor realizes what the preacher said about "it will start with you" and how he was to blame. For years I blamed God for allowing it to cross my path, then I blamed the devil, then I blamed my brother (it started on his computer), then the world. But Connor (the character in your book) helped me to realize that it was all my fault.

3) The Redemption Series made my faith stronger

And there are many more on the site. The link for those to write how John Grisham's books changed their lives is..... oh wait, that doesn't happen.......

I know the Bible should be the most important book we read and Christian fiction should not replace it, but there are people who will read a Christian novel that don't read the Bible. There have been times in my own life when my spiritual life was in shambles but something I read in a Christian fiction novel convicted and/or encouraged me to try harder.

Singers, writers, and actors are not the only ones. No matter what job we do, God should be at the center of it. I am not trying to say that, but what better to sing about than God? What better to write about, than God?