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Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas song favorite #1: It's Still the Greatest Story Ever Told

Starting today, I am going to try to post one of my favorite Christmas songs on here daily. If I can't find a music video for a song, I will make one. No particular order - that would make it too difficult. This is one of my very favorites, It's Still the Greatest Story Ever Told, sung by the Gaither Vocal Band

Lyrics (third verse not recorded):

It’s Still the Greatest Story Ever Told (Lyrics)
Words by Gloria Gaither
Music by William J. Gaither and J. D. Miller

Verse 1:
A woman and an angel, a promise and a song;
A Word too grand for any mind to hold.
A tax law and a journey, a stable and some straw;
These tell the greatest story ever told.

Oh, sing glory in the highest!
He is come, our great Messiah.
Come, bow before this awesome mystery!
Mighty God and fragile Baby,
Here a lowly manger holds,
And it’s still the greatest story ever told.

Verse 2:
A hillside and some shepherds, a blaze of blinding light;
Angels singing carols in the cold!
Eternal revelation to men as dull as stone,
The glorious, greatest story ever told!

Verse 3
A band of honest seekers, a bright prophetic star;
Exotic spices and a bag of gold.
A visit from the Magi to a humble family
Help tell the greatest story ever told.

Oh, sing glory in the highest!
He is come, our great Messiah.
Come, bow before this awesome mystery!
Mighty God and fragile Baby,
Here a lowly manger holds,
And it’s still the greatest story ever told.
And it’s still the greatest story ever told.

© 1991 Hanna Street Music, Lojon Music, Life Gate Music (admin. by Gaither Copyright
Mgmt.). All rights reserved.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

What holiday?

   I'm not sure when it started, but now it is an every year occurrence at this time of year. Certain stores avoid the word "Christmas" in their advertising, sales, advertisements, and in store greetings. Every year, the miserable atheists get a Nativity scene banished in some town.

  A lot of Christians don't seem worried about it. I have known of Christians to point out that Christmas isn't mentioned by that name in the Bible, that its from secular background, and so on. (These are probably the kind of people who vote for pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage candidates like Barack Obama!) These people are losing sight of something. It isn't just the name of this holiday that is the issue. It is the first part, the "Christ" part. They don't care about the "merry" or even the "mas" part, just "Christ."

   It is true that too many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle and lose sight of the meaning of it all, but it is still set aside to celebrate the birth of our Savior, so I believe that we should be upset and concerned with this push to call it something else. Yes, it would still be about His birth for we Christians, but does that mean we should just let them throw aside the "Christ" part of it all? They aren't just trying to call it something else, they are trying to erase Christ from it all. Ironic.... erase the person who it is all about. And yes, there could be a message in there for us that we don't erase Him from Christmas by our actions and busyness at this time of year..... but still - it is all about Him, so call it what it is, Christmas......the day of Christ's birth.

   This doesn't happen with other holidays, if you think about it. No one says "Happy Holidays" on February 14, or March 17, or October 31....... and by the way, I don't like Halloween. I won't go into my reasons, but I don't observe it, but I'm not all offended if someone says "Happy Halloween"...... and speaking of offended: Why is it that a small group of people get  their way with this kind of stuff? I saw a poll yesterday that said 7 in 10 people prefer "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Holidays"...... so why does the small group win? Does it not matter that I am offended by stores deliberately removing "Christmas" from all they do? More people want it than not, so why do the smaller groups win?

   Could it be because we sit back and let it happen? I think all too many Christians are passive about this kind of thing.... its why we lost the election - and because too many Christians voted against Biblical values. Too many don't care enough. A few years back, Walmart decided to kick Christ out of Christmas, and it came back to bite them. The backlash was so heavy that they backed down. If Christians kept after stores that did this, it wouldn't happen so much. No, we shouldn't call and scream about it, but we can make a polite phone call or email and inform the store that we are offended and will not be shopping there this Christmas season.

   Isn't it amazing how much extra money these stores bring in on the same holiday they refuse to call by its name: Christmas. They don't want to acknowledge the One who its all about, but they are sure happy to make money off of His birthday. I am not so insensitive that I don't realize that a lot of store clerks in these stores are told not to say "Merry Christmas", but I am often tempted to reply to their "happy holidays" with "What holiday would that be?" And "No, I'm not looking for your holiday music, I am looking for your Christmas music!" - and "I want a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree!"

  And yet we can call it Christmas and lose sight of it all. I love this time of year. People seem to care more about others, I like the lights, the Christmas events at church, the music, and of course the gifts. I love to get gifts - who doesn't?! - but I love to give, something I may not be able to do much of this year if I don't get a job soon...... but still, without the gift giving, it is still Christmas. It is still about Christ's birth. Taking away gift giving, or even calling it Christmas, will not take away the "reason for the season", but I still contend that we need to stand up more for Christmas. Say "Merry Christmas", contact stores that make policies against it, and if your town outlaws a nativity scene in the public square, put one out in your yard. This isn't simply a push to call it something else. This is a push against Christianity and our freedoms. And we need to stop it.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday services

Anymore, it is a rarity to find churches that have two services a day, as in morning and evening. Many large churches have more than one morning service. It used to be more common to have Sunday morning and evening services. I'm not sure why and when that changed. Or if it is a good thing or not.

When I worked at the Christian bookstore near me back in 1999-2004, most churches we did business with had no Sunday evening service. One that did, a Friends church, had a lot of people go on Sunday nights from churches that had no Sunday evening service, so apparently some do want it.

My church does. Sunday school, morning worship service, then the evening services: Youth "focus", Children's service, and a Bible study/prayer time for everyone else at 6:15-7:00, and evening worship service at 7:00. That is how it has always been, morning and evening services on Sunday.

I was raised with very strict Sabbath observance. We don't shop or eat out on Sunday, no housework, no noisy or extra physical activities..... and I'm fine with that. I believe Sunday shouldn't be like the rest of the week. Most of the things we do through the week don't need done on Sunday. Why shouldn't we give God all of Sunday? Should we go to church Sunday morning, then live the rest of the day like any other day of he week? God has relaxed His rules for Sunday from what they had in the Old Testament, but unless we toss out that one commandment and make it the 9 commandments, the Bible still says to do all your labor in 6 days, and to keep the Sabbath holy. How to keep it holy will differ a lot, but there are a lot of things too many people do on Sunday that isn't keeping it holy..... but I'm not going into that now.

The thing is, if we are to take that commandment at face value, if we are to do all our work on the other days, and if we are to keep the Sabbath day holy..... then shouldn't our focus be on God and on resting on Sunday? And if our primary focus is that, then why not go to church on Sunday night? What else are we going to do? What else should we do? Shouldn't we want to bask in that atmosphere all day long? Have two worship services to prepare us for the week ahead? Have two chances to fellowship with other believers on Sunday? What could be more important - a TV show we don't want to miss?

And yet, there is the other side of the coin. Rest. With two Sunday services, are we really getting rest from the day? God didn't just say to keep the day holy, He also said to rest. Check out the schedule of a Sunday at my church:
Morning men's prayer meeting: 6:30am (I think)
Sunday school: 9:30 am
Worship service: 10:30 am
Youth "focus", children's service, Bible study/prayer: 6:15 pm
Evening worship service: 7:00 pm

Now that is the every week schedule. Once a month, we have this:
Morning men's prayer meeting: 6:30am (I think)
Sunday school: 9:30 am
Worship service: 10:30 am
Rest home service: 2:00 pm
Youth "focus", children's service, Bible study/prayer: 6:15 pm
Evening worship service: 7:00 pm

And from late September or early October, we have this:
Morning men's prayer meeting: 6:30am (I think)
Sunday school: 9:30 am
Worship service: 10:30 am
Rest home service: 2:00 pm (once a month)
Cantata practice: 5:00 pm-6:15pm
Youth "focus", children's service, Bible study/prayer: 6:15 pm
Evening worship service: 7:00 pm

There is also a weekly jail service some time in the afternoon every week, not sure of the time, and only a few guys go to that. But do you see my point? If a person went to every service on Sunday we have (and I don't), how on earth can you call that a day of rest? Is it OK to wear ourselves out and run ourselves ragged on Sunday if it is all about church and God? Is it OK to not get rest on the Sabbath as long as its all about God's work?

Here is my Sunday schedule:
Sunday school: 9:30 am
Morning worship service: 10:30 am
Sunday dinner
Nap and/or reading
Evening worship service: 7:00 pm

Am I a bad person for not going to all of the other services? Am I less of a Christian? Are people who hit them all a better Christian? I don't believe so. Being a Christian is not all about church, or how many services you attend. It can be legalistic to go to church to keep up appearances and because it is expected. There have been many times in my life when I would rather have stayed home and relaxed, instead of getting dressed up and going to church. Sound bad, un-Christian of me? Sounds judgemental of you ;-)

Why do we go to church? It should be to worship God... but we can do that at home, so why go at all? We need fellowship with other believers. We can't "home church", we need people who believe like us, people to worship with. We need teaching, preaching, discussion - or we could easily go astray and be like a ship on the ocean with no sail. I believe it is Biblical to go to church and God wants us to. God is everywhere, but being in a church full of others worshipping Him is so much better than being at home. Usually.

Why do we stay home from church? We are sick, we don't feel like it, we are tired. I grew up in a church where everyone knew every one's business. If my family missed church, someone called to see why. Concern? Maybe, sometimes. Other times, and more often: busybodies. I will never forget the time we missed a service - we went away - and a lady called to see where we were and why we missed. The funny part: she hadn't been there either!

I grew up in bondage to other people. Afraid if I missed a Sunday service, I'd be judged, people would disapprove. Afraid if I didn't make it to every revival service, I'd be looked down on. Afraid if I missed Wednesday night service, people would assume I was having spiritual problems. There have been times I went to church purely to keep up appearances. I didn't want people to doubt my Christianity. I didn't want people asking me why I wasn't there. I may as well have stayed home, for my reasons for going had nothing to do with God or worshipping Him. I went out of duty, to do what was expected of me, and to keep people happy with me. I would have been better off at home, and the chances of being closer to God, a real possibility.

We should want to be in church. It should be rare that we stay home because we are tired and don't feel like going. If we all stayed home every time we felt like it, the pastor would have empty pews to preach to, and if we never want to be there, we do need to take our spiritual temperature. But....... if we are in bondage so much to what people think of us, that we can't stay home to get a break and rest, then that is wrong also.

I can find nowhere in the Bible how often we should be in church. I get the idea they met weekly, but for how many services? How many times a week? On the Sabbath only, or on Wednesday, or Tuesday? Do we have to be there every time the doors are opened? Are we a bad Christian if we are not?

A while back, I stayed home on a Sunday night. I read some, listened to Christian music, and relaxed. My best friend was harassing me about it and I told him that I did got more out of worshipping God that night by staying home, than if I had gone to church. And I mean that. I was wore out emotionally, and did not feel like being around people. I needed to be by myself. And I enjoyed it.

Back to Sunday evening church. Necessary, or not? I don't think it is necessary, but why not have it? What else are we going to do on a Sunday night if we don't go to church? And why have a church building if you only meet on Sunday morning? I can see both sides of the coin. It can help us to be in another service on Sunday, and will not hurt us in most cases. And if everything is as it should be between us and God, we should want to be in church, but we can carry that too far. I have heard of families who attended every revival service in their area.... going to church every night for weeks at a time, and thought "their poor kids!" It is noble to want to be in as much church as we can get into, but family is important, rest is important, "down time" is important, time to relax and do something fun. We can have too much church. It has been said that too much of a good thing can be bad, and the same with church. If it is wearing us out, keeping us from family and responsibilities, we have too much church.

Granted, most of us don't have that problem. Most of us go just enough...... but enough for what, or who? And why do we go?

If my church had a vote on whether to keep Sunday night church or not, and I was allowed to vote (I'm not a member), I'd vote to keep it. Like I said, what else are we going to do on Sunday nights, and it is good to be in church. I'd change things though :-)

When I lived in the state of Indiana, I attended a church where Sunday nights were totally different. There were no extra services before the evening worship service, and I liked it that way. Church started at 6:00 pm, was out early, could fellowship and still get home and to bed at a decent hour. So if I was in charge at my church, I'd move all of those extra services to Wednesday night and start Sunday evening worship an hour earlier. But I'm not in charge. We have a church boss for that :-)

None of us are the same. We all have different temperaments, things make us tick differently. Some of us can go to 5 or 6 services a day and keep running on full. Others need to use Sunday for that often overlooked intended use: rest. And you know what? God knows the heart. People don't. So if your church has services on Sunday night, and you just need to stay home on a Sunday night - do it, but don't do it all the time.

At my job I just quit a couple of months ago, I had to work a couple of Sundays a month. I hated it. It rushed me on Sunday morning leaving church, I missed resting - no Sunday afternoon nap, and had me missing evening services. Granted, I could have gone and been late, but I hate being late, and would it have done me any good anyway? I doubt much. Instead, I came home and relaxed. Bad? I don't think so.

One of my heart's desires is to get to the point where what people think doesn't matter. My religion has been too performance-based, too set on what people might think of me if I did that, changed that, missed that church service..... but is that any way to serve God?

I shall continue to attend the services I attend, but will not be in bondage to attending them. I don't plan on attending any of the others that are there regularly, or monthly though. I shall use Sunday to rest. We all need that.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slavery, abortion, and Manasseh

I like reading about and studying about the Civil War. I've read books about slavery, about the Underground Railroad and how good people helped runaway slaves escape to freedom. There is something that really bugs me about the whole slavery issue. It wasn't just non-Christians who owned slaves. Many Christians in those times, and in other periods of history, also owned slaves. I would hope that the slaves owned by Christians were treated better, but the fact still remains that they owned slaves. That doesn't seem right, and I am sure I am not the only one who wonders about that. How did they justify it?

It seems the popular idea at the time was that black people weren't really people. They were looked on as animals, basically, so it was OK to own them, to force them to do labor and not allow them to go free.

Today, slavery is illegal in the USA, but we have another issue: abortion. It is legal to kill an innocent baby in the womb, as long as its the mother who wants it. It isn't a person (sounds familiar), but a fetus, a blob of tissue, and it isn't murder, but a procedure. Amazing that the same fetus or blob becomes a person and is murder if someone injures or kills the mother and the baby dies as a result. Suddenly, it is a baby, a person. It simply depends on who is behind the death.

We have become just as complacent and accepting of abortion here in the USA as they were of slavery. Do we really thing about what it is? They go up inside of the mother and rip the baby into pieces. And then there is partial birth abortion. A baby is partially pulled out of the mother's womb, and killed. It can't be pulled the whole way outside - its a baby then, and would be murder, but as long as part of it remains in the mother, it can be killed..... and Barak Obama supports it, and all abortions.

Obama is so pro-abortion, that he voted against a measure that would require doctors to save a baby that survived an abortion. Obama voted that they would have to leave that innocent baby lie there to die..... and he is the only one that voted that way. Yeah, our current president is fine with that, and is the most pro-abortion president we have ever had....... and countless so-called Christians voted for him. I say so-called, because I cannot believe a true Christian can vote for a pro-abortion candidate. If a candidate supported killing a baby that was 6 months old or a year, would we vote for him? Would we assume a Christian could support that candidate? Of course not! That is murder....... but so is abortion! It is still a baby in the womb, and is a brutal murder of an innocent life, and in most cases because the mother was too stupid to use birth control and doesn't want to deal with the consequence of having sex without birth control. Well..... that consequence is a life. God said in the Bible that He saw us in the womb...... God is pro-life.

I have a friend on facebook who used to attend my church with her family. She claims to be a Christian, but is very pro-Obama. She was cheering his re-election and knocking us for worrying and feeling let down, and commented that she would probably see her friend count go down. I commented that I wasn't deleting her, but couldn't understand how she could vote for such a pro-abortion candidate. She didn't reply, but a man did who was raised the same as me. He said that the dumb Christians always make a big deal about abortion and vote for people who are against it. He said its legal, and a woman's right, so just deal with it.

So.... if something is legal, that makes it OK and we shouldn't fight it? There have been - and are - societies and countries that were OK with kids being uses for sexual purposes by adults - and if this country keeps going the way it is, that could happen here. There have been times in history where child and/or adult sacrifices were legal and practiced... and other abhorrent practices. So since they were legal, did that make them right? Absolutely not... there has always been people to fight against evil practices, and is there many more evil than killing innocent babies?! How and when did we become so complacent about it?

I have always enjoyed reading about the different kings of Israel in the Bible. Israel would have a good king who worshipped God and led the people to do right, and then they would have a bad king who worshipped idols and led the people in sinful practices. One of the worst was King Manasseh. He was son of the great and good king, Hezekiah, but Manasseh did not follow his father's ways. He worshipped idols and encouraged and practiced child sacrifice. Child sacrifice. That sounds horrible and we wonder how people could do such a thing, offer their own child up as a sacrifice to a false god........ yet people are doing it today in America, and it is legal and encouraged. We don't call it that. We call it abortion, or "choice". Yet it is child sacrifice, but instead of to a god, it is to sacrifice to convenience and pleasure. Sacrificed so the mother doesn't have to deal with the consequence of careless sex.

How did we get to the point as a nation that we are OK with that, and political candidates run on the platform of supporting the right for a woman to murder her unborn child, and even further the cause and make us pay for it? When will we say "enough!" When will we get off our butts and quit believing the lies that its not a baby, that it is a woman's right to choose to kill it, and ignore the fact that the baby has no choice? The woman's rights ended when she spread her legs and had sex..... its her body, but it isn't her body that is being ripped apart by a butcher..... its the body of a baby, another life...... if she wants a body ripped apart, then why doesn't she let hers be butchered?

We aren't doing enough. Yes, we should support and elect pro-life candidates, but is that enough? If there was a building in your town where they were taking young children to be killed because the parents didn't want them anymore, would you sit idly by and figure its the parents right? No. You'd advocate it being stopped by any means necessary.... so why don't we feel that way about the unborn being slaughtered by the millions?

We shudder when we hear of someone blowing up an abortion facility, yet we cheer when the police kill someone to rescue one person...... it may sound extreme and un-Christian of me, but is it really that wrong to blow up an abortion facility, to kill people who are killing innocent babies? I'd never do it and never want to be associated with people who do, but why do we differentiate so much between those two things? Why are we OK with any measures necessary to save one or two people outside of the womb, yet are so complacent about more babies being killed in the womb?

This isn't popular and would be seen as judging, but I cannot believe a true Christian can vote for pro-abortion candidates. I had a lot of reasons to vote against Barak Obama, but abortion was a biggie. I cannot in good conscience vote for anyone who supports it and puts forth legislation to help it and to force us to pay for it. How can you call yourself a Christian if you vote for that? I don't care if it is legal.... it is murder and wrong!!

We have started down the slippery path with abortion. Once you cease to view all life as sacred and from God, there is no stopping. In this most recent election, a third state legalized euthanasia, physician assisted suicide. I am against that. For more than one reason. God decides when it is our time to go, we don't. And if we continue down this slippery slope, the day will come when euthanasia is not voluntary. We will euthanize the elderly and "useless" people in society. Impossible in America? No. There was a day when people thought killing babies in the womb was impossible and would never be legal here...... but it is. Legal, encouraged, and supported.

In China, women can be forced to have an abortion with the one child policy there, and women HAVE been forced to have an abortion. That could happen here. In fact, there is a court case going on right now, I forget what state, where a woman may be forced to have an abortion. A mentally challenged woman got pregnant somehow - possibly rape, they don't know. She has the mind of a child. Her parents are taking all the precautions and with her OK, are planning on the baby being adopted once it is born. However, social services has stepped in and taken the case to court. They want an abortion done, against the woman's wishes, against her parents' wishes. That is where we are headed in this country. I have no idea how the case will turn out, but what a shame that such a case is going on, someone trying to get an abortion forced on a woman. If we continue to elect politicians like Barak Obama, who do not hold life sacred, and Hillary Clinton, who is for euthanasia...... we will eventually get to the point of forced abortions and forced euthanasia. A country cannot continue to trifle with life and not hold it sacred, and not go further down the path like other countries and societies have done.

It took a war to free the slaves, and we are proud of what our men and president did at that time. It divided a country, but it freed men, women, and children who had no rights before the war. Maybe its time we got serious about the blight on our country - abortion, something far worse than slavery. Yes, it is legal, but so was slavery. And like slavery, it is morally wrong and no Christian should accept it and look the other way, and no Christian can or should vote for a candidate who is for it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Christmas CDs, an exhaustive list

I decided to count my Christmas CDs the other night to see exactly how many I have. I have 98 actual Christmas CDs in actual CD form, and 30 digital that are just on my Ipod and computer, so all in all, I have 128 Christmas CDs:

33 Miles: Believe
4Him: The Season of Love
Alabama: Christmas
Ball Brothers: Christmas
Big Daddy Weave: Christ Is Come
Ray Boltz: A Christmas Album
Booth Brothers: Christmas
Ronnie & Kim Booth: Christmas With Ronnie & Kim Booth
Bowen Family: Christmas With the Bowen Family
Brian Free and Assurance: Christmas With Brian Free and Assurance
Jim Brickman: The Gift
Jim Brickman: Homecoming
Jim Brickman: Peace
Jim Brickman: Christmas Romance
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: Light of The World (digital)
Michael Buble’: Christmas (digital)
Garth Brooks: Beyond the Season
Garth Brooks: The Magic of Christmas
Jeremy Camp: Christmas, God Is With Us
Carpenters: Christmas Portrait
Casting Crowns: Peace On Earth
Caleb Collins: Christmas (digital)
Steve & Annie Chapman: Coming Home for Christmas (digital)
Steven Curtis Chapman: The Music of Christmas
Steven Curtis Chapman: Christmas Is All In the Heart
Steven Curtis Chapman: All I Really Want for Christmas
Steven Curtis Chapman: Joy
Kenny Chesney: All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan
Collingsworth Family: Feels Like Christmas
Jeff Collins: Christmas Sessions
Travis Cottrell: Ring the Bells
Covingtons: Country Christmas
Crabb Family: The Locket (digital)
Jason Crabb: Because It’s Christmas
Crist Family: A Timeless Collection
Diamond Rio: The Star Still Shines (digital)
Downhere: How Many Kings
Jeff & Sheri Easter: It Feels Like Christmas Again
Forrester Sisters: A Christmas Card
Kenny G: Miracles
Kenny G: Faith
Kenny G: Wishes
Bill & Gloria Gaither Homecoming: He Started the Whole World Singing
Gaither Vocal Band: Still the Greatest Story Ever Told
Gaither Vocal Band: Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style
Vince Gill: Let There Be Peace On Earth
Gold City: Voices of Christmas
Amy Grant: A Christmas Album
Amy Grant: A Christmas to Remember
Amy Grant: Home for Christmas
Amy Grant: The Christmas Collection
Amy Grant: My Best Christmas
Jason Gray: Christmas Stories (digital)
Greater Vision: Everything Christmas
Steve Green: The First Noel (digital)
Steve Green: Joy to the World (digital)
Greenes: A Family Christmas
Josh Groban: Noel (digital)
Mark Harris: Christmas Is (digital)
Hoppers: Glad Tidings
Hoppers: A Christmas Story Live (digital)
Imperials: Christmas With the Imperials (digital)
Instrumental Praise: O Holy Night
Integrity Quartet: Christmastime
Isaacs: Christmas (digital)
Allan Jackson: Let It Be Christmas
Jack Jezzro: An Acoustic Christmas
David Klinkenberg: The Carol of Emmanuel
Kutless: This Is Christmas
Lady Antebellum: A Merry Little Christmas (digital)
Legacy Five: A Little Christmas
Lonestar: Reason For the Season
Lonestar: MY Christmas List
Mannheim Steamroller: Christmas Celebration (digital)
Mannheim Steamroller: Christmas Extraordinaire (digital)
Mannheim Steamroller: Christmas In the Aire
Manuel Family Band
Martina McBride: White Christmas
Ronnie Milsap: Christmas With Ronnie Milsap
Gordon Mote: The Star Still Shines
Anne Murray: What a Wonderful Christmas
New Song: The Christmas Shoes
New Song: The Christmas Hope (digital)
Oak Ridge Boys: Best of the Oak Ridge Boys 20th Century Masters Christmas Collection
Fernando Ortega: Christmas Songs
Paul Overstreet: Christmas, My Favorite Time of the Year
Brad Paisley: Brad Paisley Christmas
Ivan Parker: Merry Christmas From Ivan (digital)
Sandi Patti: The Gift Goes On
Karen Peck & New River: Georgia Mountain Christmas
Perry Sisters: Still of the Night (digital)
David Phelps: Joy, Joy
David Phelps: A David Phelps Christmas, One Wintry Night
David Phelps: O Holy Night
Plus One: Christmas
Point of Grace: Home for the Holidays
Point of Grace: A Christmas Story (digital)
Boots Randolph: Christmas With Boots Randolph
Boots Randolph: A Christmas Holiday
Colin Raye: Christmas
Rescue: The First Christmas
Kenny Rogers: The Gift
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton: Once Upon a Christmas
Selah: Rose of Bethlehem (digital)
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound: A White Christmas Edition
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound: Christmas With Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound: Every Light That Shines At Christmas
Sisters: Christmas
Sonicflood: When Love First Cried (digital)
Spiritbound: Christmas Collection
Straight No Chaser: Holiday Spirits
Straight No Chaser: Christmas Cheers
Sugarland: Gold and Green (digital)
Talleys: A Family Christmas
Talley Trio: It’s Christmas
Third Day: Christmas Offerings (digital)
Chris Tomlin: Glory In the Highest
Randy Travis: An Old Time Christmas
Triumphant Quartet: We Need a Little Christmas (digital)
Various: Christmas In the Country
Various: City On a Hill
Jaci Velasquez: Christmas
Matthew West: The Heart of Christmas
The Whisnants: Jesus Is Born Today
Stan Whitmire: A Piano Christmas (digital)
Gerald Wolfe: My Kind of Christmas
Christine Wyrtzen: Christine’s Christmas (digital)