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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Defending indecency. part 2

  **It is very unpopular to criticize Donald Trump and to not support him. I get backlash when I post things like this.  I had a "friend" say some questions I raised about him were dumb and that I was a troublemaker.... so I have been keeping silent..... and this may be my last post about him for a while. I think I'd get less backlash if I denied there was a God...... but I have been disgusted and nauseated by Christians and conservatives defending this man's immorality, vulgarity, and the way he treats and talks about women. (part 1 can be found here)

From day one, I have been disgusted by the support Donald Trump has had from conservatives and Christians. Things they would never, ever accept in a Democratic candidate, are OK in Trump. He says what he thinks, he is a political outsider (no he's not), and Hillary is so bad, we have to overlook everything he says and does to stop her.

  Donald Trump said a few months back that he could shoot people on the street in Manhattan and not lose any voters. That should offend Trump supporters.....your candidate says you are so committed to him, you'd still vote for him if he murdered people.

 So I guess it should be no surprise his supporters are defending him in this latest scandal.

It doesn't matter that DT owns strip clubs.

It doesn't matter that he committed adultery on both wives and bragged about it.

It doesn't matter that he supported Hillary and Bill, defended them - even defended Bill's sexcapades - and helped elect the same liberals who are destroying our country. He in fact trashed the women who came out against Bill.

It doesn't matter that he is vulgar

It doesn't matter that his wife was in lesbian porn

It doesn't matter that HE was in porn

It doesn't matter that the way he treats women and what he says about them.

  I shouldn't have been surprised or shocked at what I have seen from Christians and conservatives after the release of this damning tape of Trump saying some very nasty things about women. Were this a Democrat instead of a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, these same people would be decrying it and demanding his party hold him accountable.

 But since it is DT, it doesn't matter. We must beat Hillary at any cost, even if it means accepting in DT what we have fought and condemned in liberal candidates for years. Even if it means holding a yuuge double standard, throwing out integrity and principles out the window, and defending what anyone with decency would call a pig and sleazeball.

 I'm not surprised by this tape. I have watched Trump and saw what kind of man he is. I am convinced there is more coming. It is no accident this was not released during the primaries. The liberals wanted DT to run against Hillary. They knew she'd lose to a true conservative.... and now that he is in, they are going after him. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some really damaging stuff to release about him even closer to the election when it is too late to do anything.

 The defenses of this behavior are ridiculous, some bordering on just plain stupid:

1) All men talk like this. Uh, no we don't. Teenage boys may talk like this, but decent mature men do not. Do not drag all of us down to his level.

2) Women are complaining about Trump's words, but yet who bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Grey? Really? Who says the same women have issue with this who bought that book? Do these people have a secret file that lists who bought them to compare to who is criticizing DT?

3) At least Trump didn't do what he talked about, while Bill Clinton actually did. Ah, so since Billy boy did worse, that makes what Trump said all OK..... I see.

4) We have all sinned. Yes, we have...... but we aren't all running for president, and the man only apologized when he was caught..... and he has yet to apologize and repent for his adultery and strip clubs. (oddly, the past of the Clintons is OK to bring up.....double standard anyone?)

5) It was 11 years ago, so what. So there is a statute of limitations on what DT has done and said, but there is no such statute of limitations on what Hillary and Bill have done?

  And the idea has been put forth in so many words that we must criticize the Clintons before we say anything against DT....... uh, Hillary is not supposed to be representing my party, and no one on my social networks is telling me I have to vote for her. It is a given that she is bad news.

 If I was still supporting this man and voting for him, I'd take my sign down and be quiet about it. The Republican party/Christians/conservatives already look bad for supporting him and defending everything else he has said and done, to defend this just makes them look worse. We can no longer say character matters. We no longer can claim the high ground when it comes to voting. We have hit bottom when we excuse and defend the stuff we have defended and excused in DT. And I say "we" because I am still unfortunately a Republican, not because I defended or excused anything about him.

 Trump supporters owe some people an apology:
Bill Clinton
Gary Hart
Anthony Weiner
and more,

 We have long decried immorality in liberals and have called them out, opposed them, and demanded they step down.

 Until we decided to bypass Christian and true conservative men and nominate a man who supported and defended the Clintons for years, a man whose autobiography should be rated "X", or at least "R", a man no person in their right mind would trust their daughter around...... but yet he is supposedly the answer to our problems and is so much better than the people he supported and defended for years.

His political affiliations./past should have been enough to disqualify him for any true conservative.

His lack of character, honor, integrity, and  moral values and the immoral life he has led and bragged about should have been enough to disqualify him to any true follower of Jesus.

  But it wasn't. Why? Have we become just like the Democratic party? Does character and morals no longer matter to us? Is defeating the Democrat so important to us that we refuse to acknowledge that possibly as Christians we should not vote for said candidate?

 Have politics, freedom, guns, the Supreme Court, and our country become more important than doing the right thing, than doing what God might want us to do..... or not doing what He may not want us to do?

 And maybe the biggest question of all: are we trusting God in all of this, or have we made Hillary Clinton into such a monster that we have made her bigger than God and don't believe He can bring us through her presidency?

  People in the Bible stood for the right things, and we applaud them. Daniel still prayed, though he got thrown to the lions for doing so. The 3 Hebrew boys got thrown into a furnace for now bowing to a gold statue. Paul and Silas still preached even though they were told not to. Stephen was stoned because he dared preach to the religious leaders and call them out.

 I wonder what Trump supporters would do in those cases.
"just pray where no one can see you, Daniel.... don't make a scene"
"just bow, guys... you don't need to actually worship the statue"
"do what the religious leaders tell you...... don't stir up trouble"

  I am not equating myself with these heroes of the faith. I am far from being a perfect Christian, though as a song says, thank God I am not what I was. I have been angry during this election, have not always had the right attitude, been pretty hard on people I still view as doing the wrong thing...... but I am still convinced of a few things:

1) As a Christian, I cannot vote for DT. I would rather see a Hillary presidency than to align myself with the likes of DT.

2) I am still convinced DT cannot win against Hillary. I predict a landslide in her favor. If I voted for him against my conscience and against common sense, I'd regret it and my vote would be wasted anyway. I may as well waste it on someone I can vote for in good conscience.

3) No matter what happens, God will still be in control. The church will survive. Will all of our freedoms? Maybe not, but it is time we all remembered we aren't living for this world.

  Vote for DT if you must, but please do not defend indecency......even in him.


  1. Hey Mark,
    You should vote your conscience. And no one should argue you on that.
    (If I am understanding you correctly) The Christians that are voting for Trump, are doing so, in spite of Trump. The larger picture. We don't won't a global economy, illegal immigrants coming over OUR borders, Obama care and most of all a very liberal Supreme Court. It is our right to vote our conscience. So, I (we) believe our best chance to save America at this point in time concerning individual freedom, lower taxes, respect for authority, border control, stronger military, the 2nd ammendment, war on terror, and at least a better chance of a conservative supreme Court. ( I'll take that chance).
    Concerning the Christian discussion: I'm trying not to judge, my guess is that neither candidate is a Christian. Recent presidents and nominees that we all have voted for probably fall in the same category,sadly. So my point is: Politicians for the most part are immoral. (Sin is sin) so Im voting prayerfully with good conscience for the candidate that will lead America better. Agree to disagree agreeably
    Hope this helps! Your friend j

    1. Your just arguing the same garbage that he just posted about. ITS NEVER OK TO VOTE FOR A CORRUPT LIBERAL< LIAR> there are plenty of alternatives. Even after what was just explained to you, you spouted the same in defense of Trump nonsense..It was just shown to you with QUOTES from the man himself that he is a LIBERAL and will not stop, or fix, all the things you claim your voting for him to fix. This is the problem -Your "Conscience," it doesn't jive with the values of Christianity. That's not opinion, thats FACT. You just made his point by arguing the same thing like a cult member of some kind, that have been disproved over and over. This isnt a matter of "disagree" your BLATANTLY ignoring the facts about the man to justify supporting a corrupt liar. SMH Your wasting your time Mark, its pathological at this point. Note he didnt answer or respond to any of the facts you listed about Trump, just the same old "make America great again"(by means of a corrupt lying liberal moron)SMH