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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Defending indecency

    A Facebook friend who is pro-Trump posted something where she was defending Trump's vulgar remarks during the one debate where he discussed the size of a certain part of his anatomy. She blamed Marco Rubio for supposedly starting it. I commented and pointed out how vulgar Trump is, and that I know of people who are afraid to let their kids watch a debate now for fear of what they will hear from Mr Potty mouth. I immediately got chastised for my remarks, and Trump got defended. Some lady I don't know commented and told me to "get real... children are bombarded daily with worse than that".... which I replied to with "not the kids in my life."

  I mentioned this post on Facebook, and had a couple of people again defend Trump. One young man who isn't married nor has children, said kids need exposed to it and not sheltered.

 This is a trend that is becoming increasingly more and more common place. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and I am sure God has a lot of work to do on me before I ever become what He wants me to be, so I am not setting myself up as some paragon of virtue...... He has worked a miracle in my life that few people are truly aware of, and has been helping me grow in areas I never dreamed I'd grow in. So now that we have got it established that I am not perfect and have plenty of room for improvement.....

  This defense of Donald Trump is getting ridiculous. The man is a sleazeball. Yes, he is. Anyone who owns strip clubs where women are often trapped doing things they don't want to do.......that is a very good description of a sleazeball. The man has cheated on at least two of his wives and has bragged about his affairs.... again, major sleazeball.

  And yet, Christians by the thousands will defend him to the death. Have we lost our way so much as Christians that not only we will defend a vulgar sleazeball, but will go after anyone for pointing out the sleaze? Come on, get let us get real. After all, Trump supporters love him because he "tells it like it is"....... so I am going to take a page from Trump's book and tell it like it is.

  If you defend Trump when his indiscretions, vulgarity, loose living, and other bad stuff is brought up...... you should run to God and beg His forgiveness. I don't care if it is Donald Trump or the pope, if you are defending a man who is guilty of stuff like Trump is guilty of, your spiritual condition cannot be what it should be. Am I judging? Nope. If I started defending rapists and drug dealers, people could safely assume I am not the Christian I claim to be....... yet when a Trump supporter defends his actions and attacks us who point them out....... that is different, how?

 The phrase keeps getting tossed around "we aren't electing a pastor", in defense of Christians supporting Trump. No we aren't, but does that mean we have to elect a sleazeball? If you were getting someone to do your taxes, someone to do work on your home, or anything like that; you would try to find someone decent to do it.... not a strip club owner who is a serial adulterer that brags about his adultery.

  And yet, these people want this kind of man to hold the highest office in our country....an office that requires decorum, maturity, that demands respect..... and how can any decent person respect the kind of man Donald Trump is?

  Could it be people think too highly of Donald Trump if they will defend him in light of these things and attack people who bring it up? Could it be Donald Trump has become their golden calf, the thing - or person - they are putting above God and their Christianity?

  Am I being too harsh? Maybe, but then I am telling it like it is, just like Mr Trump does...... and people love it when he does...... maybe they will want me to be president now....... :)

  But seriously people...... any Christian worth their salt should find strip clubs, adultery, vulgarity, and lying offensive and not want anything to do with a man who does those things.....but to defend the man who does them, try to shut up or shut down those who bring it up - or just totally ignore it. as has also been my experience. If you have no problem with supporting a man who does these things, and you profess to be a Christian; then maybe you should ask yourself why it doesn't bother you. Ask why getting this man in as president is more important than standing for the right things and standing against what is wrong. Really - why are you so intent on electing this vile and vulgar man?

  How have we reached this place in the Christian world that indecency is defended, and instead of faulting the man who is so indecent and vulgar, his Christian supporters mock, ridicule, or attack the Christians who are speaking out against him and his actions? Is that where we are at as Christians and as a Church now? That we set aside our convictions, our belief, our revulsion at these things and throw our support behind such a man?

  I am deeply concerned and bothered. The church has gotten too much like the world...... I get that, but I cannot begin to understand this blind following by so many Christians of a man who is so far from what we should want for any office or position. To throw one's wholehearted support behind a man who is truly a sleazeball, and to criticize those who point it out and attack other candidates for small and imaginary faults........ there is no sane reasoning to explain it.

 No, kids don't need exposed to vulgarity so they get used to it. Keep them innocent as long as you can. Yes, Trump is a vulgar buffoon for making debates unsafe for small children to watch. And yes, you are a lousy Christian for defending him and his actions.

  Harsh? Hey, I am just telling it like it is, just like Trump would do!

 And no, we aren't electing a pastor, but we can and should elect a decent man of integrity who isn't a vulgar sleazeball.

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  1. Mark, I cannot defend Donald Trump. Words or actions. Neither can I defend Hillary Clinton, her words or actions.
    So I think we need to focus more on the issues.
    Let me give an example: Reagan vs. Carter. The appearance and lifestyle would have given Carter the election. Reagan was best on the issues. Just something to think about, how many presidents were true Christian? How many drink alcohol, curse, swear, drugs, are lewd speaking, have mistresses or multiple marriages?
    As Christians we would hardly be able to vote, if at all.
    Mr. Trump was DOWN on my list in the primary, I liked Marco Rubio, to me he was the best speaker with the most charisma. A conservative with the best chance to defeat Hillary. For me it's about beating Hillary and what she wants to do in this Country. (I want what is best for children in their future)
    Policies will affect our children for a long time to come, whereas Trumps words will not.
    Hang in there, J