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Monday, October 10, 2016

November 9, 2016

**Note: this is a political post, but stick with me and read it. I am hoping I can say what is on my heart and mind in an articulate way.

  Most conservatives and Christians in the Republican party would probably agree with me that this has been the most divisive and vicious election that we have seen in our lives. Whether you support Donald Trump or not, if you are 100% honest, you would have to admit he has divided Christians and conservatives in a way that no candidate has ever done in our lifetime.... and perhaps ever.
   A lot has been said on both sides. Both sides have shown more anger and bad attitudes than we should have. But what is going to happen on November 9th when the election results are announced? When the fat lady has sung, what happens then?

  If you support Trump, you will not agree with me on this, but I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump in a landslide. I won't take the time or space to say why, but I do believe that, and I am not alone in that.

 As things stand now, I can make a few predictions that I don't think anyone could disagree with me on:

Scenario #1 If Hillary does indeed win:

Trump supporters will continue their angry tirades against #nevertrump people and blame us for Hillary winning because we didn't vote for DT.

#nevertrump people will continue their angry tirades against Trump supporters and blame them for Hillary winning because they didn't vote for a conservative candidate. Many of them will say "I told you so."

 Anger and blame will abound on both sides. Friendships will be lost, people will be blocked on social media, and Christians and conservatives will be even more divided than we are now.

Scenario #2 If Trump wins:

Trump supporters will be crowing their victory and many of them will be very obnoxious about it, rubbing it in the faces of those who didn't vote for him. 

#nevertrump people will be angry that DT won and they will be stuck with a guy for president that they view very incapable of leading our country, a man who they despise for his past political affiliations and immoral life. If their predictions turn out true for what kind of president he will be, they will be angrier and "I told you so's" will flow like a river.

Friendships will be ended, and people will be blocked.

  Where is love in all of this? Putting aside who is right or wrong about DT, where is our Christianity, our love for each other, the family of God? Is who becomes president more important than treating each other the way Jesus wants us to? Does politics give us a special right to hold a grudge against those who are not voting the same way as we are?

 I've been too harsh.... I admit it. I am trying to tone it down, and temporarily un-following some people is helping in that area. (did I just admit that in public?!)

  But seriously people, when did who becomes president become so important that we set our Christianity aside and think we are OK to do so?

 Our country and freedoms are at stake, and both sides of the DT issue disagree on the answer and outcome. Yes, we should care who becomes president, but if we are going to resort to grudges, name-calling, shaming, blocking, and everything else we have been doing, we would be better off to ignore politics, not even vote, and leave it in God's hands. We should do the latter anyway, no matter who we are voting for, or if.

 And this post isn't aimed at anyone, or maybe I should say it is aimed at EVERYONE: Trump supporters, Rubio supporters, Cruz supporters, McMullin supporters, #nevertrump people, Hillary supporters, and anyone else.

 When the dust settles and at least half of America and half of conservatives and Christians are unhappy with the results, life will go on. We will all have to deal with whatever the results are, and we will have to live with them.

   But how are we Christians going to act? Will it be more of the same that we have done lately, and worse? Unfortunately, I fear that will be the case. It just shows that we are all putting politics and country before God. It shows that we need a revival, not a political savior. It shows that we all - Trump supporters and #nevertrump people - need more of Jesus and need to love more. It shows that we all need to take a step back and leave it in God's hands. It shows we need to show more grace to those we disagree with and that we need to trust God even for this election and what happens after it.

 And make no mistake, I have not changed my views and feelings on DT. I am still not voting for him - or Hillary. I will still be disgusted at defense of him for certain things, and irritated when people accuse me of voting for Hillary since I can't vote for him, and I am still thoroughly disgusted at this whole election......... but I shall do my best not to add to the vitriol and hatred that is brewing among Christians and conservatives.

 How will we act on November 9th and beyond with those who didn't vote the same way as us? Will we act like Jesus, or will we set aside our Christianity so we can "let them have it"?

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  1. Good article Mark. This is a very different and vicious election. Sadly it may set a precedent until the end of time. However, it can only divide if we allow it.
    You left out one scenario - if Hillary loses, we all win! Sorry, my attempt at humor.