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Sunday, October 30, 2016

How you should vote for Donald Trump

 I have a dear friend at work that is a great Christian lady of around 70. I appreciate her and have a lot of confidence in her. We were chatting one day this week, and she told me she has no idea what to do about voting in this election. She knows what Hillary is like and is horrified by her extreme abortion views, but she is also disgusted by Trump and what he has done and said. She can't vote for Hillary, and doesn't want to vote for Trump, but feels she should vote. She was literally in tears about it, and asking me what she should do.

  There are a few different types of Trump voters:

1) There are the ones who voted for him in the primaries and picked him over decent Christian conservatives. They cheered as he did character assassination on good men and did all he could to destroy them. They defend everything he does and says, and can be as brutal and lethal as Obama's supporters have been.

2) Then there are the reluctant voters, or as someone put it, the political hostages. They feel they must vote for Trump to stop Hillary, and have never seriously considered not voting for him.

3) And then there are the ones like my friend. They are actually in distress and sorrow over the prospect that they may have to vote for Donald Trump.

  I think it is sad that conservatives and Christians picked this man, but sadder still is how they act towards those who won't fall in line, or those like my friend. They don't care about people feeling guilt, sorrow, and anguish at the idea of voting for their guy. He got the nomination, he crushed his opposition, and they are flying high at the idea of this corrupt misogynist being president. If they had any true character, if they were like Jesus at all, they should feel some sense of sympathy or something along that line for those who are agonizing over this decision.

   But they don't. No, I am not talking about the people voting for him just because he got the nomination and they fear Hillary so much. I am not talking about the people who don't defend and excuse him and his horrible behavior and words. I am talking about the in your face full supporters of his who would still vote for him if he killed people, as he said. They do their best to guilt or shame those who won't vote for him, some going as far as to say we are ruining our Christian witness and sinning because we won't.

 A friend of mine posted this:

An apologist I know recently cast his vote for Trump. What is different from his vote and many others is that he hated it and wept over the decision. He saw this decision as horrible no matter how you cut it and saw the decision as being harmful to America no matter what.

I won't vote for Trump, but those who are trying to convince me to vote for him would get a better hearing if they truly wept and hated this decision rather than accuse those of us who can't vote for him as helping Hillary.

  If you must vote for Donald Trump, that is how you should do it: reluctantly, sorrowful, and praying that God will somehow bring good out of this awful election.

 By the way, as anti-Trump as I am, you may be surprised that I didn't tell my friend to not vote for Trump. I commiserated with her over how terrible the choices are this election, and told her she needs to vote the way she feels she should. I believe even if God doesn't want us to vote for Trump - and I am convinced He doesn't want ME to - it would be better to do it with that kind of attitude, than the one that the people who are totally sold out to him have.

 Vote for him if you feel you must, but do it with sorrow and reluctance.

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