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Monday, December 11, 2017

How political should Christians be?

 I have started this blog post a few times, and have always scrapped it....not that I didn't like what I wrote. I rarely publish blog posts I write anymore. I write it, get the urge to write out of my system, and delete it. Maybe this time I will publish it.

 This specific version of this post was spurred by a Facebook post yesterday by a Christian. He posted that in this recent election, Trump got 26% of the vote. Hillary got 26% of the vote, and that 48% didn't vote, and that if you are part of that 48%, you can go pound sand. I honestly didn't realize where he was going with it, and pointed out his numbers were wrong as they didn't include we who voted 3rd party......he informed me that I was counted in the group who didn't vote, because my vote was a throw away......so this Christian was telling me to "go pound sand" because I didn't vote for Donald Trump. (How does one pound sand anyway? It is usually soft, so can it even be pounded?") I googled it, and it really doesn't sound very Christian........

  Has politics become more important to us than Christianity, and how we treat people? Can we honestly say our actions, words, and how we treat people during election time line up with how the Bible says we should talk and treat people? Could we say Jesus would have acted like we did?

 Let me say up front that I am not guiltless, though I will be coming from the standpoint of someone who was and is very much against Donald Trump. I still feel 100% that he should never have been nominated by the Republican Party, and that the party as a whole has a big double standard when it comes to him, his political past, and  his immorality. The more heat I got for not supporting him, and the more I was attacked for daring to speak up, the angrier I got and the more vocal I got.

 Pretty much anything thrown at me was by Christians, and some from people in  my own church:

1) I was told "with my past", I should be OK with Trump's strip clubs, serial adultery, etc. The lady then deleted me on Facebook. (Lady from my church)

2) A friend "liked" a post where people not supporting Trump were compared to ISIS. Seriously.

3) I was told I was for Hillary if I wasn't for Trump. (In what Biblical reality is that NOT a lie?)

4) A long time friend posted that I was for Hillary and for killing babies if I wasn't for Trump.

5) I was called stubborn and holier than thou.

6) I was told a vote for a 3rd party was a vote for Hillary. Again, how is that not a lie? Have Christians bought so much into  a 2 party system that they are too ignorant to realize there are more than two parties?

7) A cousin said I was not on God's side if I was not for Trump.

8) A Facebook friend - a Christian - ran and tattled everything I said about Trump to my sister and brother-in-law who are not on Facebook, which caused some family problems. (If I knew who that was, I WOULD delete them)

9) Then of course yesterday I was told to "pound sand" since I voted 3rd party. (by a Christian, so hopefully he didn't intend the "go to hell" part)

10) I felt early on that I could not vote for DT as a Christian, and that I'd be a hypocrite and going against my conscience to do so........ but I had several Christians try to get me to go against my conscience.

11) I had people who had been silent for 8 years about my criticisms of Obama message me, text me, and jump all over me telling me I needed to quit criticizing Trump and that I must support him because he won.

12) A pastor friend bragged how he convinced a woman from his congregation to vote for DT who felt she could not vote for him - was that really his thing to do as a pastor?

13) Someone I think highly of said "we need someone to speak up" when I pointed out how badly Trump behaves on Twitter, and how he bullies people.

14) A pastor's wife who wouldn't even watch TV,  posted recently that Bill Clinton and others are worse than Trump, as if making others worse makes Trump any better.

15) The over the top comparisons of Trump to David, Jesus, Esther, Sampson, and others...... the almost worship and deification of him by many Christians.

    And then you have the support and defense of DT and everything he has said and done. I believe this with all my heart: had he been running as a Democrat, those same people would have been using against him what they defended - the strip clubs, his serial adultery he bragged about, his bragging that he grabs women by their genitals, his vulgarity, his wife's appearance in porn, his years of funding liberals and their causes, his saying Planned Parenthood does a lot of good....... and more. None of that mattered. Hillary must be defeated and all Republicans must vote for DT, and convinced to do so at any cost.

  Can we read through what I wrote and honestly say politics is not more important than Christianity and how we treat people?

 Should Christians in either party so quickly and easily ignore and defend everything their candidate does?

   I'll be honest: my faith was shaken severely this last election. First was the nomination, defense, and total support of a man far removed from Biblical values and morals. Second was the unreasonable push to get any Christian to vote for him, no matter what had to be said or done. I was hurt, angry, and bitter at the way I was treated and at the double standard surrounding this man. I still haven't gotten over it, I just have withdrawn into myself and don't say much about DT or the election. And I'll be blunt: Here I am struggling to live a clean moral life while dealing with a very difficult struggle - same-sex attractions - and the same people who would condemn me if I gave in are the same people defending just as bad or worse behaviors in their candidate. I know these Christians would not vote for a gay candidate, yet they support, defend, and voted for a man who owned strip clubs, cheated on at least 2 wives and bragged about it, is vulgar, promised to further gay rights, and more.... and I was condemned for daring to point that all out. Truthfully, I felt - and still feel - a sense of betrayal that no Trump voter or supporter will ever understand.

    I'm not sure Jesus would even vote if He were living here in America today. He'd be all about souls and people. He'd be more interested in how He treated people than how - or if - they voted. IF He voted, He would never tell someone to "pound sand" if they didn't vote, or voted 3rd party. He'd never agree that someone was like ISIS for not supporting a certain candidate. He'd never badger anyone to vote a certain way. or make false accusations against that person for not voting how He wanted. I don't think Jesus would even vote. He wasn't political when He was here, so why would He be now? (I wonder if my Facebook friend would tell Jesus to pound sand for not voting)

  God is most likely not as concerned about who is president as we are. God cares more about what we are doing for Him and our fellow man than with us keeping our freedoms and comforts. Oh, I care about those too, but we are too focused on those things. I doubt the condition of a person's soul was on anyone's mind during the election. Which is more important: Letting "John" know God loves him and will save him, or getting John to vote for Donald Trump?

  I have always voted Republican, even when I didn't care for the candidate.....but those days are over. I may never vote again. I am way past being sick of being badgered, lied about, falsely accused, etc in an effort to get me to vote like someone wants me to vote. If I do vote, I am going to do my best to vote my conscience and keep it to myself how I vote. It really isn't anyone's business, after all.

 One problem we have, is we look at everything as an American, instead of a Christian. One guy who tried his dead level best to get me to vote for DT asked me something via text - can't remember what it was. I replied, "are you asking as an American, or as a Christian". He replied "can't I do it as both?" We have so intertwined the two, that we equate  the two.... and they are not the same. I love our country and freedoms, and hate what liberals and atheists are doing to it. We are too concerned with what happens in America.

  Which is more important according to the Bible: getting someone to see things your way politically, or how the other person will feel after make your points? Which is more important: Getting that person to vote the way you want, or how you will affect his spiritual life........ and how his spiritual life will be affected if you convince him to go against his conscience?

   Let me get really nitty gritty: To tell someone who you know is conservative and would not vote for a liberal that he is for Hillary if he is not for Trump is a lie. Oh you can call it whatever you want, but it is a lie..... and yet Christians have no problem telling me that. To say a vote for a 3rd party candidate is really a vote for Hillary is a lie. It is not a vote for Hillary, but a vote for someone else. So yes, I am saying many Christians lied during this election as they did their best to guilt or shame people to vote the way they wanted them to vote. Did they ever think that maybe the way they wanted them to vote was not the way God wanted them to vote? Would that even matter to them?

   Here's the  thing: Christians are fine with you not going against your conscience as long as they agree with you. No one among my evangelical friends would ever tell me to embrace my sexual desires and have sex with other guys........for they believe it is wrong. But I have had people claiming to be Christians urge me to do exactly that.......so why is it OK to go against my conscience when Christian A wants me to, but not when Christian B does? And is there a danger of going against your conscience? What if giving into Christian A and going against my conscience leads to me going against it in the other area further down the road?

 I am not saying Christians should not be involved in politics nor vote. I am saying for too long we have put politics before Christianity. We set Christianity aside and pull politics to  the front during the election. Living by what the Bible says doesn't enter our minds. How we treat people doesn't matter, as long as we make our point and convince them to vote a certain way.

  In closing, a personal illustration: I am friends with the guy who founded and ran Hope for Wholeness until a few months ago when he resigned. HFW is an organization/ministry to help people with unwanted same-sex attractions. During the election, he was being very vocal about voting for Trump and really bashing Hillary a lot. I sent him a nicely worded email cautioning him that maybe in his position he should not be too political. The chances of having pro-Hillary Facebook  friends was not only likely, but very high. I cautioned he might turn off some of the very people he was trying to help. He thanked me, but it changed nothing.

 But let's take it a bit further. One of the people who tried hardest to convince me to vote for Trump and insisted I was for Hillary, cautioned me once that with as vocal I was being against Trump, it could hurt my Christian witness and make my reasons for not voting Trump null and void to some people. (Ironically, he never said that to me when I was saying worse things about Obama.....). But think about that......what if we are turning people off on Christianity by being too political.....no matter who we are vocal about for or against? If Susie loves Hillary and is not a Christian, will she want your religion when you are constantly blasting Hillary on Facebook?

 People do need to know where candidates stand, but do we Christians too easily resort to un-Christian tactics and name calling when it comes to politicians we are against? I have called Trump a sleazebag, and got called out for it..... but called Obama as bad or worse and did not get called out for it......is it any worse for me to call Trump derogatory names than Obama? Evidently as a Republican it is, but what about as a Christian? Should we celebrate the take-down of a liberal politician? Should we take up stones and cast when one is accused of sexual allegations?

 Why do Christians have no problem with criticisms of politicians on the other side of the aisle? Why is it OK for me to criticize and call Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi names and point out their faults, but suddenly I am holier than thou, judgmental, and going against God if I do the same with Donald Trump?

 There are those on Facebook who never post political posts......I admire that, and hope to be like that some day. I am working on it. That may mean un-following even more people and staying out of the voting booth completey - I'm sure I'll get a lot of Christian understanding and support if I do that!

 Jesus was all about loving people and doing good. That is more important than politics and who wins an election. Which is more important to us?

 Some day we will all stand before God. Who was president will not matter on that day, but how we treated people will matter........even during an election.

**Disclaimer: I am in no way guiltless in these areas. I despise Donald Trump - just as much for what I have gotten from his supporters as what the man is. I am sure I have been too vocal about him - but again, I was just as vocal about Obama and no one ever said anything about that........but anyway, I too am guilty of being too political and caring too much about winning arguments.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


It has been awhile since I did an actual blog that wasn't just several random ideas thrown together. This has been on my mind all week, so I tried to get my thoughts down in a blog post.

I picked up a movie the other day for $1.96 that looked interesting. It was titled Self/less, was rated PG-13, and sounded decent. If you have any intention of watching this movie, I am going to give some things away. You were warned. And no, this is not a movie review, it is a blog post.

 The movie is about an elderly man named Ben Kingsley who is dying of cancer. He is wealthy and has accomplished a lot in life, but was a terrible father to his daughter and has turned out to be a self-centered lonely old man. He discovers something new a doctor has come up with that is expensive called "shedding". One can "shed" their old body and have their consciousness put into a younger healthy body that has been grown in a lab. His death is faked, he goes into the operation, and wakes up in a much younger body played by a much younger and good looking Ryan Reynolds. The trick to staying in this new and younger body is to take some red pills regularly, to make the "transplant" work.

 Ben forgets to take the pills a few times and starts having flashbacks that involve a young Hispanic woman and a little girl he feels he is supposed to help. The doctor claims they are hallucinations, but Ben soon realizes the truth: His new body was not grown in a lab. It is the body of a young Marine named Mark - great name for a good looking guy, huh? ;)  - Mark gave his life to be used for this program so money would be given to get his sick little girl the help she needs. Ben/Mark ends up on the run with the mother and little girl as the doctor and his group does their best to kill all three to keep the truth quiet.

 And now to the point of the whole post, and the biggest spoiler: The reason for the pills. If Ben stops taking them, Ben will fade away and Mark will take back over the living body along with his consciousness and memories. At the climax of the movie, Ben does the most unselfish thing of his life.... and the last thing he will do. He stops taking the pills and leaves a video message explaining it all to Mark when Mark's consciousness and memories take back over the body he gave to save his daughter.

 It was just a movie, but it impacted me....a mark of a great movie.....no pun intended. Two very unselfish acts by two very different men: Mark, the young marine father who gave his life to save his daughter's life. Ben, the older wealthy man who let himself go so that young father could have his life and family back.

 I like the movie title. If you look at it, it is not just the word "selfless". There is a backslash in between the letters - "self/less". There is nothing in the movie that spells it out plainly, but the idea is there that to be selfless, there needs to be less of self.

 We live in selfish times. Sadly that has invaded our churches and Christianity. Everything is about us. We decide what we believe and pretty much set up God in our own image. We like to knock those who say they can be gay and Christian - that one can have a sexual relationship with the same sex and be a Christian, yet how many of us go through the Bible and pick and choose what verses mean and what parts apply to us. "It is a shame for a man to have long hair...... - that was just in Paul's day". "If you are divorced and remarry, or you marry a divorced person you commit adultery - if you are the innocent party, it is OK....." and on and on.

 We want to be first in everything. We want people to violate their conscience in politics because we are more concerned about our comforts and freedoms then how we are making that person feel.

 We spend our money on what we want. It is all about what we want, yet we claim to serve God and want to be like Jesus, the most selfless person that ever walked this earth. How does our selflessness compare to that of Jesus? I fear most of us would be sadly lacking compared to Him.

 Yet shouldn't Christians be the most selfless people on the face of the earth?

  Would we give our lives to save a loved one? I have read stories of women who refused medical treatment that would harm their unborn baby, and died after giving birth to that baby. Would we give our lives to save someone we don't know? Would we pass up on that close parking place so someone else could park there, or leave someone in front of us in the checkout line? Would we give up our time to listen to someone?

 I did a selfless act today. I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and they had their Christmas decorations half off. I found the single decorations they have hung by theme and picked out a cool tin airplane I liked, and another I liked. I then had the great idea to buy all of my nieces and nephews an ornament. (Hope they are not reading this). I found one quickly for my youngest niece, and then my 3 nephews - fishing related, that was easy. Then I found one for my middle niece, and was struggling to find one for my oldest niece. I saw nothing. I then glanced at the 7 ornaments in my hand. Along with the 5 for my nieces and nephews were the 2 I had picked for myself - the plane and the other one. It was one that fit my oldest niece, but there were no more of it. I then realized what I needed to do. The plane would go on my tree, but the other one I wanted would go to my oldest niece. I didn't need it, and it was one she would like.

 Now in the grand scheme of things, that was not that big. I don't feel sad or that I gave up anything major..... but I did put my niece above me and did a selfless act. Now if we all just did selfless acts daily as a part of our lives, how much different we and our world would be.

 Just how selfless are we?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #15

 On day #15, I am thankful for days off. I had yesterday and today off, and thoroughly enjoyed my days off. On Tuesday, I met two of my nieces for 99 cent taco Tuesday at our local Mexican restaurant. I hit Walmart and picked up a few things I needed. Spent the rest of the day reading and lounging around the house. Today, I didn't even leave the house....well, not the property. I was outside for a few times. I spent the day doing laundry and housework, then watched a couple of movies and made myself a great supper of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing (Stove Top). I know how to make mashed potatoes and gravy, but not home made stuffing. It was an awesome 2 days off, and I am thankful for every day off I have.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #14

On day #14, I am thankful for Summer, Spring, and Fall. Winter makes me thankful for the warmer months, and I count the days until winter is over. Thankfully, we didn't have a bad winter last year, and hopefully that trend continues.

November thoughts

 This turned out to be a much longer post than intended, but I have been working on it for a while. If you are reading it, don't be daunted. Think if this post as a bag of Chex mix. Pick out the topics you want to read and skip the others..


 This is the time of year that there is pumpkin everything, which seems to bother some people. It doesn't bother me, as I love pumpkin things. Possibly my favorite pumpkin item is pumpkin roll..... so if you are reading this and make them, I am a bachelor who has no clue how to make them........ :) (yeah, that was a hint)

 I actually tried something new on the pumpkin front last week. I was working at the hospital I don't go to as often, and the lady who runs the gift shop bought me a pumpkin spice cappuccino. I don't drink hot drinks often, so this was the first time I tried one....... and I liked it.

Christmas lights

  I have all the Christmas lights up that I am putting up, and some of them quit working. I had used some on the porch that I had unnecessarily purchased used.... and 2 of the strings quit working. So I had to go out the other night, take the 2 bad strings down, and put up new. I am trying to decide what to do about my lights. Since the time change, I get home when it is dark. I would like my lights to be on when I come home, but to do that, I'd have to buy at least 5-6 timers, and that would involve running some extension cords. The cheapest I have found is $5.79 on Amazon...... and I am not sure I want to spend around $30 on timers....yet I don't want to leave the lights on all day while I am at work and give the electric company more $$.

 Speaking of Christmas lights, I wanted to buy an inexpensive tree for my front porch. I went to a used store near me on Friday called Re-store - it is run by Habitat for Humanity and the proceeds to to HFH. They had a 6-foot tree that was pre-lit for $10, with not all of the lights working. An added bonus: anything Christmas was 25% off, which meant I got the tree for $7.50, much less than I was hoping to pay. The tree is on the front porch and I added lights to it, as I have plenty of extra. I am not putting any ornaments on it, as they would fall off and couldn't be seen from the road anyway. I would like to find a cheap star to put on it though.


 I couldn't help myself and came home last Wednesday from work and decorated the living room for Christmas. I put the tree up, the Nativity, and everything else. I boxed up all non-Christmas decor except for one big picture hanging on the wall. I was surprised at how much I have. I have enough ornaments to decorate two trees. I had fun, and am enjoying the lights and decorations.


 I like to cook, which is a good thing since I now live alone. I have a problem when I cook though: I have a hard time making a small portion. My family teases me and says I should cater or cook for a camp meeting. I made stuffed shells, and had a cake pan full and enough to fill another small dish. There was a lot left over, not unusual with my cooking. Amazon has several "Cooking for One" cookbooks. Maybe I need to invest in a couple of those.

Stuffed shells

 Here is the recipe I made last week:

Approximately 2 pounds of cooked chicken breast, cut or shredded into small pieces

12 ounce box of shells, though there wasn't enough stuffing for the whole box, and it still made too much

One box of Stove Top Stuffing

One 16 ounce sour cream (some recipes call for mayo...which is gross, so I went with the original recipe which calls for sc)

Cream of chicken soup. (I used a big can, and then filled it about 2/3 of the way up with water, and used a small can for the smaller pan - depends on how much soup you want on it)

Boil shells

Make stuffing mix according to directions.

Mix the stuffing, sour cream, and chicken

Stuff the shells with the mixture and put in a 9 x 13 greased pan

Pour soup and water over the shells

Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes.

Impeaching Trump

I see a lot of talk about impeaching Donald Trump. I don't need to remind anyone of how much I dislike the man and wish he was not president.....but I don't believe he has done anything to be impeached for. Yeah, I wish we could remove him and make Pence president, but he hasn't done any impeachable offenses.....unlike Obama who did several and got away with it. Trump has not done some things he promised to do, but no politician does..... and he IS a politician, no matter how many people claimed he was not. If you don't believe that, count the promises he hasn't kept.


 I have very strong feelings about Santa. I don't believe you should tell your kids he is real and that he brings the toys, for reasons I won't list as they will offend some. I will say this: If I buy toys for kids, I want  them to know I got them. I don't want them thinking some fat guy in a red suit brought what my hard earned money paid for..... so it is a good thing my sisters didn't do the Santa thing with my nieces and nephews. Knowing me as well as I know myself.....which  is pretty well.....I probably would have told the kids the truth. :)

 I am not so anti-Santa that I don't ever listen to Santa songs.... I do, but they aren't my favorite. Other than "Hey Santa".....you can't help but like that song.

Christmas CDs

 Every year, I buy a few new Christmas CDs, and bought 4 this year. The last few years, I have posted a brief review of the new CDs I bought, and that is here. I also bought several used Christmas CDs over the past year, and have been listening to some of them. One I got for a $1 and am almost ashamed to admit I bought, is Justin Bieber. I find the kid obnoxious, but I love Christmas music, so I gave it a shot. It is actually pretty good, though his version of the Little Drummer boy is even more annoying than Johnny Cash's.

  I tend to listen to Christmas music by artists that I normally don't listen to. i.e.: Amy Grant, Garth Brooks, Justin Bieber..... :) - and it doesn't necessarily mean I have anything against those artists, they just typically don't sing a style of music I listen to, or listen to much. Possibly the best one I bought this year was by Alabama.

Time change

 I don't like the time change very well. I now drive to and from work in the dark. I am rather paranoid about hitting a deer, and that has caused a strong dislike of driving at night. That fear is not unwarranted, since I did hit 4 deer with my Sunfire, 2 cars ago. I am almost paranoid about hitting a deer with my car.

Cold weather

 I'm also not crazy about the colder weather, though I am thankful it hasn't snowed yet. One plus about the cold weather: I have had a bad fly problem and also ladybugs, and they disappear when it is cold. My library especially gets a lot of flies, but they are not around when it is cold.

 Another plus of the cold weather: it gives me a chance to wear my hoodies. I don't keep my house extremely warm so the furnace doesn't run as often. I keep the thermostat at 67-68, which makes it comfortable when wearing sweats. I have a lot of hoodies, and that gives me occasion to get more use out of them.

 But there is no plus about snow.

The barn

 I have a green barn  on my property and was thinking about parking my car in it if my sister and brother-in-law ever sold the trailer that was in the way. It sold  a couple of weeks ago (thank God), and I can now park my car in there. It is a bit tight, but it fits.


 Jeff and Sheri Easter is a husband wife duo I have been listening to for close to 30 years......29 to be exact. They are Southern Gospel/Bluegrass. They were at a chuch in Niles, Ohio on November 2, so I changed clothes and went from work to meet my parents there. It was a great concert. They sang some of my favorites, and I was highly impressed with his nephew's instrumental prowess. He played the banjo, steel guitar, regular guitar, mandolin, and even played a song on the piano. The guy was really good and added a lot to their singing. He also sang backup. Sheri Easter has always been one of my favorite vocalists, and I got my picture taken with her.

 Jeff's dad wrote the song "Thank you Lord For Your Blessings On Me." They sang it that night, and he related how his dad had gotten saved after being on drugs and in jail at age 17. When his dad wrote the song, he and his wife were living in a 2 room shack at a junkyard.

 The Easters are probably the group I have gone to hear most in my life, and who holds the record for how many CDs I have of any group. I have not been able to go hear them for several years, so this was a great treat and blessing.


 Smokers have to be some of the rudest and most entitled people on earth. It is nothing for a smoker to littler right in front of people wherever they fnish their cigarette, and they are constantly smoking on hospital property.....often right in front of the no smoking signs. I know from when I was a security guard that many smokers don't want to be informed they can't smoke on hospital property and will argue their right to smoke wherever they want.


 I am doing 30 days of thankfulness on my blog for this month. I got a late start, so I did the first 4 days in one post. I don't believe most of us are thankful enough, and though it is sad so many of us wait til November to be thankful and talk about being thankful, this exercise does help remind me that I have much to be thankful for.

Church chairs

 I have expressed my displeasure over the decision to go to chairs in our church after years of having pews. I've never gone to a church that didn't have pews. A committee decided after making our sanctuary bigger, that we needed to spare some expense and get chairs instead of pews. I fell out of one of those chairs last Sunday. I had to lean forward and to the left to put my songbook under  the chair slightly to my left in front of me, and off my chair I went.

 Anyway, my dad and someone who shall remain nameless was discussing the chairs the other night. This other person said something that made sense: they should have come to the whole church, and said this is how much money we need to have pews, and this is what we need for chairs. Do you want to come up with the money for the pews? But no, a few guys decided for the whole church that we were going to chairs. I could be wrong, but I feel there are some decisions made by a board or committee that should be brought before the whole church to decide. We are stuck with chairs probably forever because a few men made that decision for the whole church.

500 year grudge

  This year marks the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation. I have been amused by the reaction of some Catholics at this time. You would think the Reformation happened yesterday and was a personal affront to them. A couple Catholics were claiming we idolize Luther, which is ironic considering  their views of Mary and the pope.

 500 years is an awfully long time to hold a grudge.... and I wonder how many of them know what the Catholic Church was like at that time. Luther had great reason to "buck the system.", and modern day Catholics have no right to be so angry and bitter about it.


 Last week was voting, and I didn't vote.  There are a few reasons:
1) I never changed my information, so I am probably still registered where I voted before. I assume you could get in trouble for still voting there when my voting place would have changed.

2) Even if the above isn't a problem, I didn't get home from this work til 6:35. I had no desire to go vote after working 10 hours and getting home that late.

3) I'm not sure I care about voting anymore. My vote doesn't count. I voted for the best guys in 2008 and 2012 elections, and we still wound up with Obama.....the worst man to ever hold that office. I prayed and prayed and voted..... and he won. Then this last election, I voted for the best guy in the primaries and prayed and prayed, and the worst man to ever run on the GOP ticket won. I voted 3rd party and hoped and prayed we would somehow end up with a better choice than Hillary or her long time buddy........ and that didn't happen. I'm sick of politics. Sick of corrupt politicians who even Christians have no problem voting for.

 This last election really turned me off politics. I don't think I'll ever comprehend or understand why so many conservatives and Christians picked a man like Donald Trump for their candidate. I can understand why he beat Hillary......people were too scared of her.......but how on earth did he become  the nominee of the party of conservatives and conservative Christians? It honestly makes me want to just avoid politics and voting forever. And I still haven't gotten over Christians trying to get me to go against my conscience and the lies they told to try to get to do so. (i.e. " you are for Hillary if you aren't for Trump", "a vote for a 3rd party is a vote for Hillary, etc)

 I do know this: If I vote in the next presidential election, I am going to keep silent about who I am voting for. And if anyone asks, I just may tell them it is none of their business. Because it isn't.


 I think I am going to soon need another tall bookshelf in my library. Bad thing is, there isn't a place to put one. I'm not sure what the solution is......I could put the bookcase in the hall, as the alphabetical order would carry over to the one in the hall, if I did that.

The holidays

 With my new position at the hospital that I started in January, we don't work holidays. This will be the first time in 4 years that I won't have to work Thanksgiving. Since I started working at the hospital, this will be the second year I haven't had to work on Christmas. I am looking forward to that. I do have to work  the day after Thanksgiving......I previously had it off until a coworker changed jobs. As of right now, I have the day before Thanksgiving off, and Thanksgiving off.


 Speaking of Christmas, I have barely started my gift buying...unusual for me. It has slipped up on me so fast this year, and I also have no idea what to buy anyone this year.

Christians and accusations

 I have been watching the ordeal with the accusations of Roy Moore. I have no idea if the man is guilty or not, but the timing is awfully suspicious, and it came out that a woman was promised $1000 to make the same accusations.

 I posted about it last night, making 4 points. The first was that he may be guilty. I then made the points above plus pointing out liberals have no right to decry Moore after defending and electing Clinton. One of my Facebook friends who pretty much only comments when he disagrees immediately jumped on me saying he disagreed......which is kind of ironic. I never claimed Moore was innocent and even started out saying he was guilty...... anyway, I have been thinking about this, and have a question to toss out:

How fast should Christians be to believe accusations made against men, especially men who have no record of such things, and how fast should be we to pick up rocks and cast them at that person when we don't know beyond a shout of a doubt that the person is guilty? Just asking.

Negative Facebook friends

 WHY do some Facebook friends only comment on your posts when they disagree with you? What is up with that? Am I the only one who experiences that?

 A special kudos to those who read the whole post. You must have been bored :)

Monday, November 13, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #13

On day #13, I am thankful for laughter. I love humor, enjoy telling jokes, enjoy hearing and reading jokes. I like a book that makes me laugh out loud as I read it. Laughter is something that helps make life more bearable, and I am thankful for it today on November 13.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #12

On day #12, I am thankful for the internet. There is a lot of bad on it, but there is also a lot of good. I have made a lot of friends via the internet, got into reviewing books, found a lot of good deals while shopping on line, gotten help, gotten in contact with others who have the same struggle as I do, and more. The internet is a great tool if used right, and gives us a world of knowledge and other resources at our fingertips.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #11

On day #11, I am thankful for Christmas. I have heard a lot of people complaining that Thanksgiving doesn't get enough time and attention, as we pretty much launch into Christmas after Halloween. And they do have a point.

 However, it it were not for Christmas, we would not have as much to be thankful for. Sure, I love the decorations and gift giving, but I know it is all about Jesus coming to earth as a baby to die for the sins of the whole world.

 The real reason for Christmas can get lost in the busyness and commercialization of Christmas, but one can still celebrate His birth and participate in the joy of the season. This is the season to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and we should be better at celebrating it than the world.

Friday, November 10, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #10

 On day # 10, I am thankful for my upbringing. No parent or family is perfect, but I have heard and read of so many people who had really messed up upbringing and it has resulted in them being messed up. I was spanked, I was taught to respect people, to be on time, to do a job well, and more. I was taken to church, and went to a Christian school all of my school years. My family ate meals together, went on family vacations together, played games together,, and had fun. There were no drugs, smoking, or alcohol in our home. There was no abuse.

 We didn't roam the streets as kids. My parents kept track of where we were and who we were with.

  Life wasn't perfect.... nobody's is, but I am thankful for how I was raised and for the home life I had.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

30 days of thankfulness #9

On day # 9 of my 30 days of thankfulness, I am thankful for food. There have been a lot of times in my life that I was hungry, such as when the pastor is going longer with his sermon than I like, and I know there is a great Sunday dinner to be had at home........but I have never been truly hungry where there was no food to be had.

 And there is such a wide variety of great food to be had: fried chicken, lasagna, roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, apple pie, and on and on. So today I am thankful for food and for always having enough of it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #8

On day #8, I am thankful for my job. The days are long - I work 4 10 1/2 hour days, with the 1/2 hour for lunch. I stand the majority of  the time, and it has its slow and boring moments, and I drive further than I like...... and have to wear a suit jacket and tie. I'd rather just work at the closest hospital where I know the most people, but I have to go to one further away that I don't like working at much......but the pay is decent and the benefits are pretty good too. After working 6 months for the hospital, I got 84. some hours of paid time off, which can be used for days off, vacations, or sometimes leave early. I work every other Saturday, one Sunday a month, and have holidays off with pay. It may not be my favorite job I have had, but it is the best job I have had, and I am very thankful to have it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #7

On day #7, I am thankful for freedom and that I live in America. We are fast losing our freedoms as the gay gestapo, atheists, ACLU, and other ultra liberal groups try to stamp out Christianity, or at least silence us and force us to do what they want. We daily murder innocent babies and a large segment of our population cheers and celebrates the "right" for a woman to muder her baby. Our government is full of corrupt politicians on both sides. I despised the 2 main choices for president this past election and would not have been happy with either choice. We are overtaxed and overworked.

 Yet we still have freedoms so many in our world do not have. We can pick whatever vocation we want and work where we want....if we can get hired where we want to work.

 We can worship where we want and as often as we want, without fear of the government coming in and arresting us. We can drive unhindered all over this country of ours without being stopped, questioned, searched, and fearing arrest.

 We can openly buy Bibles and read them openly.

If we are unhappy with our church or religion, we can change without fear that we will be killed, tortured, or jailed.

We can criticize our govrerment and leaders.......unless of course they are Donald Trump. (Yeah, I had to put that in) :)

 We often focus too much on the negatives in life, and many do that with our freedoms and country. Yes, there is a lot wrong in America. Yes, we are losing our freedoms. However, I still believe we are living in the best country in the world and take for granted freedoms that many don't have in other countries.

 So on day #7 of my 30 days of thankfulness, I am very thankful for the freedoms we still have and for the provlege of living in America.

Monday, November 6, 2017

30 days of thankfulness, day #6

On day #6, I am thankful for music. I have a lot of CDs, and have music playing a lot in my car and at home. My favorite genre' is Southern Gospel, and I contend that it is the best music and the most encouraging. I am mostly listening to Christmas music at this time of year, and am thankful there is so much good Christmas music out there. Music can soothe the soul, make you happy, encourage you, take you down memory lane, and more.

 There are people who rarely listen to music, and I don't understand that. There are Christians who seem to mostly listen to secular music, and I don't get that either. If one is a Christian, shouldn't you want to listen to Christian music that will bring you closer to God, instead of the music of the world? I am thankful there is such a wide variety of music on the Christian market today, and that modern technology means you can take it everywhere you go.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

30 days of thankfulness day #5


On day #5 of my 30 days of thankfulness, I am thankful for books and for my love of books and reading. I have no idea how many books I have read in my lifetime, but it is a lot. I have read 101 books this year so far, with a goal of 125.... I should hit that goal. Now that I have my own place again and have 2 spare bedrooms, I made one a library that holds most of my books, with 5 3-shelf bookcases outside of my library.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

30 days of thankfulness, days 1-4

  I have done 30 days of thankfulness during November on my blog the last few days, but this year November sneaked up on me. I was at a concert Thursday evening, and one of the singers mentioned that she is doing it on Facebook. Two days later, I have decided that I need to do it again this year. Since we are four days into November, I'll do the first 4 days in this post to catch up.

Day 1: I am thankful for my family. No family is perfect, but ours is a fairly close family. We all get along and enjoy being together. Our whole gang isn't together much anymore, but we have fun when we are. We celebrate birthdays together, and they are still a big deal in our family. My mom always makes the birthday guy or girl whatever they want for their birthday meal.

Day 2: I am thankful for my nieces and nephews. This may sound like a repeat of day 1,  but it isn't. I love kids, but I was not able to have any of my own since marriage is not an option. However, I am very close to my nieces and nephews and am crazy about those 6 kids. Stephanie: 22, Allison: 19, Caite: 17, Josiah: 16, Ben: 13, and Nathan: soon to be 11. I think they are awesome kids, and they always seem happy to spend time with me, whether it be playing the Wii or going out to eat with Uncle Mark.

Day 3: Health. I have diabetes, which isn't fun to deal with. I have always struggled with my weight. I am thankful though that I don't have worse health issues. Cancer is widespread, and people younger than me have other serious health issues. I am thankful I don't have any serious health problems, as long as I keep my sugar levels down.

Day 4: Now I am caught up. Today, on day 4, I am thankful for my house. I am thankful to my parents for putting up with me so long, but it is great to have my own place again. I despaired it was ever going to happen, and this past year was full of disappointments as I searched for a house to buy, had one deal fall through, and was outbid on others. Then this rental came along totally unexpected. I found out I was moving into it 2 weeks before I moved. Life is different, and I am doing all my own cooking, laundry, and house cleaning..... but it is awesome.