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Sunday, October 2, 2016

October random musings

  I can't believe it is October already, but the cooler days are proof that Fall is indeed in the air. I decided I'd start a new month out with a blog post. It is one of my posts of random things since I am having writer's block.

1) I have said it before, but I would enjoy the season of Fall if it wasn't followed by winter.

2) I am currently struggling with the difference in leaving something in God's hands to work out, and trying to work it out on my own,

3) No matter what candidate you support and vote for in an election, you should have the decency to call them out on things they do or say that are completely inappropriate and wrong...especially if you're calling out the other political party for similar things, or if you have in the past.

4) There for a while, I had a fear that buying my house was going to fall through for one reason or another, and debated whether to even tell many people I was buying it...then I realized what a lack of faith that was on my part when I believe this is the house God wants me to have and I have been praying for Him to work it out.

5) Also showing a lack of faith on my part, I feared planning how I was going to arrange things in my room and decorate, for fear it wouldn't go through. I am past that now, and am planning. And to be honest, I am the most excited about my library room. For a long time, I have dreamed and wished for a room that I could just have for my books. That dream is going to happen. I plan on putting all of my books and bookcases in the one room, a recliner, and decorate the room with both a Narnia and book related decor.

6) I currently have 7601 songs on my iPod....and that isn't every song on every CD I own.

22.44% of those songs are Christmas

49.23% are Southern Gospel

And the rest are a mix of instrumental, CCM. P&W, and country.

7) Best ever version of Mary Did You Know? in my humble opinion: Kenny Rogers & Wynonna Judd

8) I grew up thinking no one likes me. Now I know some people don't, but there seems to be a lot more people who do like me or they are good actors.... :)

9) All time favorite Christmas album: the Family Christmas, 1988 release by the original Talleys.

10) I was in a Dollar General store this past week, and they had Christmas and Halloween decor in the same aisle...

11) I wanted to buy a thermos, but two different stores don't have them now. They said it is a seasonal item. Do people only use those in the summer?

12) I am currently reading a book by Tim Tebow. He is the only sports figure I am remotely interested in, and that is only because of his faith.....though at least he isn't playing the sport I hate now.

13) There is a growing move away from the Bible in Christianity. It is common to have God speak to you in other ways that contradict the Bible.

14) To me, if a Calvinist believes God chooses who He will offer salvation to, then that means He also chooses who He will send to hell without ever giving them an opportunity to be saved. That also means He will judge people for what they had no choice in doing. That isn't the God I serve.

15) It is truly easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled

16) Outside of my family, it seems the people who most want to spend time with me live too far away to see very often.

17) Instead of legalizing marijuana, they need to crack down more on it and other drugs. Former drug addicts admit it is a gateway drug, something the pro-marijuana crowd would never admit to.

18) I'd be in favor of waterboarding politicians.

19) Is it possible that we Christians get too obsessed and worried about politics, our country, our freedoms, and patriotism, and forget we aren't living for this world?

20) If anyone feels it on their heart to do so, they can buy me a revolver :)

21) Never think your ideas are dumb or a failure. The man who invented the adhesive that is on the back of post-it notes thought he had failed when it didn't work for what he had intended it, but it works great for post-it notes.

22) Since I am buying my own house, this will be the first time in 8 years that I will be able to put up my own Christmas tree..... a pre-lit one with colored lights.... none of those boring every day lights :)

23) I meet with the loan officer Monday to sign some papers. After that, it will be 35 days until closing....... and I still have one hurdle to get over before then, but I am believing God will work it out.

24) I read at least one 365-day devotional every year. I just got a free one that is on worship that I plan on using for 2017. I don't know how anyone could write a whole year's devotions on worship, but it is an area I feel I need help in.

25) Political debates are a waste of time. Each candidate's supporters declare them the winner, no matter how badly they did. The conservative media always declares the Republican the winner, and the liberal media declares the Democrat the winner.

26) The list of things Christians should not do has become pathetically short, and for most Christians there are only a couple of things on that list.

27) It is a great feeling to have your life on track, unless there is a train coming........

28) It is possible that we often make our own giants, or at least make them bigger than they really are.

29) Many people seem to be anti-pumpkin stuff. I personally love pumpkin flavored everything.... except pumpkin Pop-tarts. Those are a disaster.

30) I have let fear and worry stop me from too much in life. Hopefully, I am improving in that area.

31) Ever notice restaurants give warnings about under-cooked meats, but no warnings about getting it well done? That should tell  you something.

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