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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Bible tells me so

  There is an alarming trend among Christians of moving away from the Bible. The internet is full of articles by Christians on why "'The Bible says' is not enough anymore." Others point out that the Bible was not written by God, but inspired by God.... it was written by men. I have even seen articles saying we are in danger of worshiping the Bible and making it into an idol.

  These are  written by liberal/progressive Christians who do not want the Bible to be the final authority on anything. They typically are pro-gay theology, view the Bible as patriarchal, and believe everything in the Bible is open to interpretation and nothing is in black and white. This group of thinking believes that the Bible should change to fit culture, not the other way around. They also say the Bible is not the only way God speaks to us, which is true, but they believe it is OK if what they think God is saying contradicts the Bible. We who still view the Bible as inerrant believe what God says to us will never contradict the Bible.

 The dangers of this kind of thinking, is we decide what is relevant in the Bible and what we must observe/obey. We become like Israel in the book of Judges where it says everyone did what was right in their own eyes. As culture changes and accepts what was taboo for even non-Christians, the Bible also changes on issues and they aren't wrong anymore.

 I think it short-changes God and diminishes His power and omniscience to have the idea that the Bible isn't 100% His Word, and that the men who wrote what He inspired somehow got their own views and words in the Bible. The same can be said for the thinking that the Bible doesn't apply to today. God knew before time began what our issues would be today in 2016, and His Word didn't expire before we faced what we are facing today.

 I believe whatever the issue or problem we have today, we can find the answer in the Bible. There are principles in there to guide and direct us in anything, if we truly want God's will and input. The problem is, too many people do not. The popular trend in our America churches is that we are not under law, but under grace.... therefore, we can basically do whatever we want. The list of things Christians should not do has gotten so short, it would fit on a post-it note with plenty of room left. It is our right to do whatever we want.

 There was a day when a chapter and verse was demanded for anything suggested was wrong for a Christian. That ship has sailed. Now you can provide several verses to show something is wrong, and Christians will argue with you til they are blue in the face that the Bible doesn't really mean that.

 The ironic thing, or maybe you could even say hypocritical - is there are verses these progressives use that they do not believe are open to interpretation. "Judge not that you be not judged"... they will never argue that one. And any others that can be uses to further their liberal and progressive ideology and agenda are not open to interpretation. It just the ones they don't like or find inconvenient, or that disagree with modern day culture and thinking,

 The crux of the matter is, we either believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, or we do not. If we are serious about serving God, we are not going to come to the Bible with our preconceived beliefs and wants and make the Bible say what we want it to say. We won't try to reason around verses we find difficult and inconvenient, but will surrender our will to God and do what His Word says.

  Some day everyone who has ever lived will stand before God and be judged. One of the things we will be judged on is what we did with His Word. Did we live by it and obey what God says in His Word, or did we interpret it to fit our wants and desires.

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