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Friday, April 1, 2016

Lowering presidential standards

  I think a lot about a Donald Trump presidency. It worries me as much as a Hillary Clinton presidency. The more I see of him and the more I hear what he says, the more I wonder how anyone can support him that is conservative, Christian, and has common sense.

I've watched his supporters as they defend vulgarity, bullying..... and they even go so far as to blame the victim of one of Trump's campaign managers. The way I see it, by supporting Donald Trump and letting him be a viable; we have lowered our standards for the presidency.

1) Character doesn't matter. The man lies and flip flops, attacks anyone who dares disagree with him, argues and fights back like a young child; but his supporters don't care.

2) Morals don't matter. Trump cheated on two different women, owns strip clubs where women are degraded and used, has said some pretty bad things about women he disagrees with.... and his supporters overlook it; yet condemned the same behavior in Bill Clinton.

3) Being presidential doesn't matter. The man has the worst behavior of any candidate, maybe even worse than Obama. I have seen people say it doesn't matter if he is presidential. Again, the vulgarity, the childish need to fight back and finish what someone else started........he surpasses Obama on not acting presidential. And it does matter.

4) Experience doesn't matter. People are so intent on electing an "outsider" that they don't care about a lack of experience. Listening to Donald Trump talk, he has no clue about how to run a country. He has no clue about the Constitution, rule of law, separation of powers, etc. The things he has said he will do as president are outrageous and out of the powers of a president.

5) Christianity and biblical principles don't matter. I am of the firm belief we need a president who at least attempts to live by the Bible and have godly principles and values. Donald Trump has said he has never done anything that he needs to ask forgiveness of God for, and by that statement says he is not a Christian, and by that statement makes a mockery out of God and forgiveness. That statement alone should have caused Christians to bail from the "Trump train", but as with anything else he says or does; it did not faze them.

6) Life doesn't matter. Trump claims to have switched to being pro-life when he had his miraculous conversion to the Republican party, yet he has defended the largest abortion provider in the country multiple times, saying they do a lot of good. Any conservative or Christian worth their salt should find that highly offensive, but since the Donald said it, it is OK.

7) Traditional marriage and our religious freedoms don't matter. Donald Trump has promised to further the cause of gay rights.....and anyone paying attention knows that gay rights trump (no pun intended) Christian's rights and freedoms every time. A Trump presidency may likely mean a bigger loss of our freedoms and rights as Christians..... but that doesn't matter in this election.

8) A candidate's past doesn't matter. His moral failures aside, Trump has supported liberals and their policies for years. He has helped get into office Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others who fight everything we believe. He has been in bed with the Clintons for years, had said the very woman he many be running against would make a great president, has defended Bill Clinton's sexual escapades, and said the Clintons are great people.

  He has several failed businesses and 4 bankruptcies, yet none of this matters.

9) Misogyny doesn't matter. This deserves its own point. The man has said some pretty nasty things about women,and treated some women very badly... but it doesn't matter.

10) Decency doesn't matter. In addition to his vulgarity, the man discussed the size of his genitals in a public debate. I have friends who were afraid to let their kids watch the debates for fear of what Trump may say. I told that on Facebook, and Trump supporters defended him. One person said kids need to get used to that kind of talk and shouldn't be sheltered.. but come on, a presidential candidate talking that way? Another Trump supporter friend defended the genital talk by saying Marco Rubio started it..... uh, does that mean Trump needed to fight back like a 3 year old?

  Donald Trump and his supporters have lowered the bar very low. Everything Christians and conservatives have stood for and believe has been tossed out the window to support the worst candidate to ever run on the GOP ticket. How can they dare criticize any Democrat now or in the future when the bar has been lowered so far, when the standards for a president have been tossed out the window?

  How can these Trump supporters ever fight a pro-abortion candidate without being hypocritical? A pro-gay candidate? And the list goes on. They have opened the door wide to whatever a candidate is like, as long as he yells a lot and says something they like.

  Many of these same people had and have issues with Bill Clinton's sexcapades, yet Trump has cheated on his wives and bragged about it, and owns at least one strip club.

 These same people take issue with Hillary Clinton for lying, yet Trump lies and they deny it.

 These same people hate Obamacare, yet Trump wants government healthcare and it is OK.

  I fear Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican party and dealt a huge blow to conservatism. His supporters have helped of course by supporting and defending the man no matter what he has done, says, or how he acts. And I wonder if that was not the intent? I am still highly suspicious that such an outspoken supporter and friend of the Clintons would suddenly switch parties to run against his friend Hillary......  the same Hillary he said would make a great president.

 Regardless of whether that is the case or not, we can no longer fault liberals and the Democratic party as they vote for whatever candidate is on the ticket, no matter what that candidate is like. We are doing the same thing, and the Republican Party and conservatives are no longer any better than the Democratic Party and liberals. We have lowered the presidential standards to the same level as they have.

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