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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hot dogs, steak, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump

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  I am really tired of this election. Donald Trump has divided and practically destroyed the Republican party, which could have been his and Hillary's plan all along. We finally had some decent candidates, and the majority of Republicans passed them by for the flashy and loud candidate with as much substance as cotton candy.....maybe even less substance than that.  People who are supporting the worst candidate to ever run on the GOP ticket, are the same ones foaming at the mouth trying to make the good candidate look at last as bad as theirs, if not worse.

  My first pick for president was Scott Walker. I have watched him, and was impressed. I think he would have made a good president, but he didn't make the cut. I liked a lot about Rubio, but never trusted him after the gang of eight bill he helped draft. After Walker dropped out, Cruz became my pick. I have also watched him, and have been impressed with him and his stance on issues, and his willingness to fight the establishment. Trump supporters try their best to make him look bad, say he us lying... all the while ignoring the truth about their own candidate. I myself have never seen anything true that is bad about him, so he has my vote.

   There is talk of a brokered convention, of the possibility of no candidate getting the required amount of delegates. I am at the point that I hope it happens. Yes, I actually said that. We have shown we are not intelligent enough to pick our own candidate. I am still 100% convinced that Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, even if he truly wants to........I still wonder if it was a plan hatched up between Trump and Hillary to guarantee her the presidency. She wants it bad enough that she would do anything to get it.....even have her buddy run on the opposing ticket. You call me a conspiracy theorist, I call it being awake and aware.

  Funny thing about polls: People love them as long as they are in favor of who or what they want.But if they show what they don't like, for example that Hillary beats Trump and Cruz doesn't, than people say you can't go by polls....the same people excited when Trump is leading in the polls. Go figure.

  I am pretty frustrated and upset with the Republican party. It is beyond the scope of my imagination how any Christian, conservative, or just anyone with common sense could support and vote for Trump and think he is better than the other candidates we had to choose from. I'd have to be drunk, on drugs, insane, and have no concern for morals to support a man like him.

  Years ago, about 12 years to be exact; some of my family went on a vacation to Lancaster County, PA. We had found an interesting restaurant in a travel brochure that we wanted to eat at that had the dubious name of Cactus Willies. It sounded like a bar or strip club, but turned out to be what it was advertised as: an all-you-can-eat-buffet. It was one of the nicest buffets I have ever eaten at. They had about anything imaginable that you could want, even shrimp.

  One main feature was a grill where steaks and some other foods were being cooked to your preference. I can still remember standing in a short line to get a steak from the grill and watching a man bypass the steaks and get a hot dog. I am still amazed all of these years later......why would any sane person go to a restaurant like that, and get a hot dog.....especially instead of a steak?! And these were good steaks.

  It does seem crazy, but the Republican party is doing the same thing. The last few elections, we have chosen candidates who were not true conservatives. They were too liberal or moderate, whichever term you want to use, but they were not conservative. They were hot dogs. And a lot of conservatives came up to vote and didn't like hot dogs. They wanted steak, so they didn't vote.

 You'd think the Republicans had learned their lesson...... but nope. This election rolls around, and we are presented with a buffet of food. There were some nice cuts of steak on the buffet, and some hot dogs..... and not the good kind of hot dog like Ballpark or Coney's, No, these were the cheapest kind of hot dog that even your dog would turn his nose up at.

 Most of the steaks were quickly discarded. And then we have left the two main foods to choose from: A filet mignon, and a cheap hot dog...... and not just any cheap hot dog, but a spoiled one with mold growing on it. Of course any sane person that had taste buds would go to the filet mignon...... but nope. As I watched with disbelief and a bit of horror. the majority of diners went for the spoiled, moldy hot dog. They heaped insults on the steak, and said how bad it was, while ignoring the fact they were chowing down on a cheap, spoiled, moldy hot dog.

   Ted Cruz is a class act, who is conservative to the core. Oh, Trump supporters claim he is establishment, but that has become a word thrown at candidates people don't like. Cruz fought the establishment while Trump was supporting it and liberals.

  Sadly, it doesn't look like Cruz will win the nomination. Republicans truly have not learned from history and are trying to pull of a nominee that makes eating hemlock look like a sane idea.

  It is being said that if Trump doesn't get enough delegates - and I hope and pray he does not - that there will be this brokered convention and the party may pick their own candidate. It is being said that the Republican party doesn't believe we are capable and intelligent enough to pick our own candidate, and they may be right. One only has to look at Trump closely enough to realize that is true.

 The name of Paul Ryan is being rumored to be the choice if that happens...... and you know what? I am OK with that. Paul Ryan is not the choicest cut of steak on the grill... he is more like the cheap chopped steak you can get for much less the cost of a real steak...... but that sure beats a rotten and moldy hot dog any day. Do I like everything about him? No, but compared to Trump, he looks like a right wing conservative that is a cross between Mother Teresa and Ronald Reagan. We know pretty much what he stands for, whereas Trump flip flops so much I doubt his wife knows what he stands for. He is moral - no serial adultery or strip clubs with this guy.

 Is he ideal? No. Were he in the 2016 lineup we had, he would come in after Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Fiorna, and maybe Carson (I am still disappointed in his Trump pay off endorsement). But Ryan would not be out of the question for me had he been in the lineup. He'd definitely come in before Bush, Christy, and Trump.

  Does he line up with everything I believe? No, but he comes a whole lot closer than Donald Trump does. So if Cruz cannot win, than I say bring on the brokered convention, and bring on Paul Ryan for president 2016. He just might have a shot at beating Hillary.

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