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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ted Cruz, the only remaining candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton

My disbelief and shock as so many Christians and conservatives have adopted a cult-like following and support of the despicable Donald Trump has been matched by my disbelief and disgust of those same people, along with Rubio supporters, demonize Ted Cruz. I have seen the nastiest comments, memes, misleading and completely untrue things posted about this man who would be president.

  I have watched this man ever since he started running for Senator in Texas. I have watched as he fought most politicians in his own party and called out the Senate majority leader more than once. I watched as he filibustered on Obamacare and tried his best to get it repealed, only to be betrayed by his own party. I watched as he stood on the floor of the Senate and argued against more gun control and against crazy banning of firearms that were no more dangerous than others,

I watched as each new candidate announced their decision to run as president, and he graciously welcomed them to the race and said they would add a lot to the race.

I'm not a blind supporter of Ted Cruz, nor have I "drank the Cruz kool-aid" as one person put it, but he has impressed me more than most of the candidates who have been running in this election, My original candidate of choice was Scott Walker, who I admire and who has impressed me, but when he dropped out, Cruz was my next choice. I used to like Rubio until he betrayed us by helping draft an amnesty bill with the gang of eight..... but I have yet to see credible evidence of anything bad about Cruz.

  Oh, they say he lied, but he didn't. All they have is his supposedly saying Carson was dropping out before he did drop out, but that rumor started with CNN... not Cruz.

They say he is part of the establishment, which is like saying Donald Trump runs a convent in his casinos instead of a strip club. If you look at his record and not listen to Trump's idiocy, you would find that to be completely untrue that he is part of the establishment. The word establishment has become in this election a word to throw at candidates you don't like. No one ever backs it up with proof, they just say he is part of the establishment...and don't care if it is not true.

  Early in this whole process, Ted Cruz didn't say much if anything against his fellow Republicans running for president. He was even pretty tame in the first couple of debates.....but then Trump and Rubio started attacking him, so he started fighting back,,,, and I don't blame him. I still think he is a class act and makes Trump look even more like the vulgar buffoon than he is.

  I believe the majority of Cruz haters don't even know why they hate him, or what they truly don't like about him. They just hear the stuff spewed by Trump and Rubio and believe it, and don't check the facts..... and since their candidate is against him, they must be also.

  Case in point: a young co-worker of mine came out to my desk and started talking politics. He doesn't like Trump, Hillary, or Bernie. Then he said he didn't like Cruz, and I said I did. Then the conversation went like this:

Him: I don't like him.
Me: Why not?
Him: Lots of reasons
Me: Such as?
Him: He has a bunch of crazy ideas
Me: Like what?
Him: There are a lof of them
Me: If there are that many, you should be able to name some.... name one
Him: He said something about gun control that was crazy...something like some states need less gun control and others need more.

  He went into the office and came back a few minutes ago:
"I found out something crazy he said: He said that if he becomes president, he wants to get term limits for politicians.....and the Senate may be the ones to say if he becomes president. It was stupid to announce that plan ahead of time."

  OK, there you have it. His reasons for not liking Cruz boiled down to that,

  I could be wrong, but I don't believe I am biased about Cruz. I sat back and watched the candidates. Even though I liked Walker a lot, I watched them all, read what they stood for, read about their past... and paid attention. I could have easily voted for Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorna, Rand Paul, Ben Carson (though his endorsement of Trump has changed that), Kasich, and maybe a couple others.... but Cruz is the one who seemed the most conservative, solid, and made the most sense after Walker dropped out.

  Is he perfect? No...no candidate is. However, I do believe he is the best and most conservative candidate we have had to pick from in years.......and yet Trump supporters hate him and go after a man that Cruz is tons better than in every way,

  I am not a blind follower of Cruz. He has his faults, but I still believe him to be a godly conservative that stands tall above our other choices. He has proven himself as a Senator fighting for the right things. I believe he'd make a great president, and until someone presents credible, honest facts of substance. I will continue to believe that and support him for president.

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