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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It isn't at all about politics, it is about morals

  Last week young man I am friends with made a comment about this bathroom issue that is such a hot button issue right now. He ended his comment by saying he doesn't think Christians should be getting involved in these political issues anyway. (I doubt it is a coincidence that he wholeheartedly supports Trump who is OK with men using the women's bathrooms).

  I have seen and heard many Christians say the same thing about gay issues, abortion, and marriage. Christians should stay out of political issues. I asked my friend a question that applies to all of these: "Who said these are political issues? They are moral issues."

  Pick any moral issue that has been a scourge in our country, and the Democratic Party has been on the wrong side of things:


Civil rights


Homosexuality/gay marriage


  If acceptance for incest continues to be pushed, it will be the Democrats who push for it and want to legalize it.

If pedophilia is ever legalized, it will be the Democrats who push for it.. and I believe it will be the way our country is headed. There are already people trying to make it not so bad, and there exists organizations that want it here in America.

If polygamy is ever legalized, it will be the Democrats who push for it.

  Any perversion or sin that is taboo may eventually become popular and legalized....and the Democrats are the party who rallies behind each one and makes it into a political issue.

Think about it: Anyone who runs as a Democrat has as part of their political platform the following:

Anything gay-related
Killing babies

And now
Genderless bathrooms

  So the questions arise: Just because these immoral, godless, and anti-Christian politicians have taken up these moral issues to be on the wrong side of and make a requirement for holding office....... does that mean they are now political issues and not moral ones anymore? Does that remove the responsibility of Christians to stand against these things?

  We have already failed our country as Christians. This country that was founded on Christian principles and to have a country where people had religious freedom, has changed vastly from what it was intended. I am not always right, but I have a few reasons and ways we have failed our country and it is our fault we are in the mess we are in:

1) We have not voted. Too many Christians don't vote at all...ever, We have a responsibility to vote the right kind of people in.... and if all Christians voted, that would be possible.

2) Too many Christians vote wrong, or vote for the wrong issues.  I honestly don't believe any Christian should vote Democrat....look at the things they support, defend, and want to legalize...how can a Christian go along with people who support those things? And no, the Republicans aren't much better... but they are usually better, though Donald Trump has shown that maybe we aren't any better than the people who vote for Democrats and their policies.

3) We aren't affecting culture. I have seen comments and articles lately saying Christians should not try to influence or affect the culture. I disagree 100%. I may be wrong, but I think if Christians had held firm down through the years, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in. Had we stood up to the junk that was put on TV and the radio, if we stood against stores selling pornography, if we had used the power of boycotts on things that matter....I don't think we'd be as bad off as we are. I could be wrong, but too many Christians just go along with the world and instead of standing against immorality and perversion on TV, they watch it.

4) We haven't prayed enough. It doesn't do any good to pray for an end to abortion if you're voting for politicians who support and defend it, but overall I am not sure we have prayed for our country and leaders the way we should.

  Why do so many Christians want to back off and say these are political issues, and that we Christians shouldn't get involved or be too vocal about it? I have theories on that too, and they could be wrong of course:

1) Some Christians are OK with those things. Sad, but true. We live in a day when nothing is wrong and some Christians aren't against anything. Abortion, homosexuality, genderless bathrooms, etc....they are OK with it and think the rest of us need to follow their shallow religion that is OK with it.

2) Some truly don't care.

3) Some know it is wrong, but are more worried about hurting someone's feelings than speaking up, so they hide behind the "Christians shouldn't be political" shield. My same friend I mentioned said we Christians shouldn't be reacting so strongly and badly to these insane bathroom policies..... I disagree. There is a time to rise up and say no way.....as a side note, a young man of 23 was just arrested in a Missouri Target for taking photos of women in the women's fitting room..... where men are now allowed due to Target's new policy..... so what are we to do, mutter we can't get political and look the other way until it happens to someone we love?

4) Some may truly have honest and good intentions and believe in their minds that they ARE political issues.

5) Some are just so liberal that they fight conservatives on all issues and this argument is thrown at us to try to shut us up.

6) Some may sooth their conscience by calling them political issues so it won't bother them when they vote for candidates who are on the wrong side of these issues.

  If these same people had been around when slavery was legal would they have said the same thing? Would they have told us to tone down, that it was a political issue and Christians shouldn't be involved? Would they have criticized those involved in the very illegal Underground Railroad? What about civil rights? What about civilizations where sex with children was legal and encouraged? What about child sacrifice? These are all moral issues that have been supported and pushed by rulers and politicians either in America or in other countries and civilizations.

    The handwriting is on the wall if anyone wants to read it. Our country is getting progressively more and more immoral and wicked.  People 50 years ago would have scoffed at the idea that the things that are legal, defended, and celebrated. So it isn't  out of the realm of possibilities that in our lifetime, that incest, pedophilia, polygamy, even bestiality will be legalized and defended by politicians and others.  It has happened in other civilizations, and all it takes is enough people pushing for it, Hollywood putting it on TV and normalizing it, and the liberals to take up the cause...... and they will happen.

  And will these same Christians sit back and say we shouldn't get involved in political issues when those moral issues become part of a political platform? Sadly, most likely they will.

  We cannot sit back and refuse to be involved in these moral issues just because they have been politicized. That doesn't absolve us from responsibility to stand against and speak out against them. And even the issues that are truly political.... we need to be involved. Our nation's future and the future of our children depend upon it.

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