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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time for a new party

  I am disgusted, dismayed, frustrated, sickened, and angry at the way so many Republicans and Christians have and are supporting Donald Trump. I had hoped we had learned our lesson the last few elections that we can't run moderate Republicans and expect the most conservative voters to vote for the lesser of two evils. No, we drag out a liberal who is doing a terrible job of faking it as a Republican - such a terrible job that one has to wonder at the discernment and wisdom of his supporters.

  Donald Trump fails the conservative test miserably, and the Christian test even worse; yet the majority of Republican and conservative voters don't care. They don't care that he said he'd further gay rights. They don't care that he isn't truly pro-life. They don't care he is vulgar and owns strip clubs. They don't care that he has supported and helped the candidates get in that have got us in the mess we are in. The list of reasons why a Christian and conservative should not vote for him is endless, yet they ignore it and act like he is the Republican Messiah that will save our country.

  Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton. Polls have consistently shown that fact. When you factor in his overall disapproval rating of 63% and his 70% unfavorable rating among women, you'd have to be really bad at math or severely lacking in brain cells to believe he can beat her. And then add in the fact that he is far to the left of the moderate candidates we ran the last couple of times who could not beat the Democrat.......it just isn't going to happen.

  There is the possibility that Trump will not get the required amount of delegates and we may end up with another candidate to be the nominee. Given the fact that the Republican leadership hates true conservatives as much as Donald Trump's supporters do, it is highly unlikely that they would put up a decent enough candidate that would beat Hillary either. Unless we have a miracle. we are most likely looking at 4-8 years of Hillary Clinton as president. A woman who hates Republicans and conservatives and views us as the enemy. A woman intent on more gun control and severely limiting our second amendment rights.  A woman who will further gay rights with executive orders and further demolish religious freedoms.

If that happens, I will blame the countless people who set aside their principles and supported her buddy Trump.

I think it is time for a new party,  truly conservative party. Donald Trump has divided and destroyed the Republican Party... or helped show its true colors, so it may be history anyway.  Wee could name this new party the Conservative Party. We would draw up a list of criteria for a candidate to meet. Things like:


Anti-Planned Parenthood

A Christian


Pro-traditional marriage

Good conduct

A true conservative record

For smaller government

Against nationalized healthcare




They must be too  young to get Social Security - come on, we have a minimum age to be president. how about a MAXIMUM age too?!

Be able to actually list and quote a favorite Bible verse or two

  And so on. The idea would be for a candidate to fully support our criteria or they would not get our support and votes. I am tired of holding my nose and voting for candidates who have a half-hearted agreement to what is important to me, or no agreement.

   I have seen and heard enough to know that the Republicans in Congress don't really like we Christians. They don't value our beliefs and principles, but they want our votes..... so they make an effort to pretend they care. They have gotten so moderate that there isn't much difference between the two parties anymore. At least the Democrats are honest about what they believe, whereas most of the Republicans just fake it to get our votes.

  It is time we conservatives and especially Christians wised up. This Trump craze proves some of us have a lot of wising up to do.....but we need to stop believing in these politicians who just want our vote and don't intend to do anything about what we want. It is time to kick the Republican party to the curb and announce that we will not vote for a candidate just because he is a Republican, but we will only vote for candidates who are true conservatives and have proven that they are worthy of our support and vote.

  We Christians need to band together and stand on God's Word. Politics and who is president are not the most important things in life. Serving God and standing for what is right are most important.... and can we truly do that if we support candidates who just pay lip service to God and conservative and biblical principles and issues? If we continue to vote for whoever the Republican candidate is no matter what they stand for or what their past is, we are no better than the Democrats who consistently do that.

 If Donald Trump does win the nomination, I will not vote for him. He fails the criteria just as much as Hillary does in what I want in a president. I am tired of voting for candidates who care nothing for my beliefs and principles..... and it is going to stop, whether or not we have a third party or not. I am a Christian and conservative.... not a Republican.

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