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Friday, April 22, 2016

That time I was in the bathroom with a Mexican woman

 The year was somewhere in the late 90's. Myself and 9 other people from my church were on a missionary trip to Mexico City, Mexico. Talk about an eye opener. I saw and experienced things I had never seen and experienced here in the good old USA.

  One afternoon, I needed to use a restroom and found one nearby. You had to put in a peso or two to get in to use it, so I did and entered. They evidently do things very different in Mexico, for there was a woman mopping the floor. I was taken aback of course. Here, they close the bathrooms for cleaning.....especially if a person of the opposite sex is cleaning it. I looked at the few stalls and they were all occupied. She motioned for me to go ahead and use the long trough that was a urinal. I was thinking "there is no way I am unzipping and taking a leak in front of this woman!" I shook my head no. She motioned again for me to use it. I folded my arms and stared at her. Muttering something in Spanish, she took her mop and exited. I waited a moment to make sure she wasn't coming back in and did my business.

  Urinals always freaked me out. I have a shy bladder anyway, and it is difficult for me to stand at a urinal beside another male and use it for its intended use. And when there are no dividers present, it is even worse. It evidently doesn't bother some guys, as I have had guys chat with me as we stand there with our zippers down taking a leak. It always freaks me out a bit. Really, who does that?! There I am all self conscious, and these guys want to strike up a conversation?!

  If I feel self-conscious around other men, how am I going to feel if a woman saunters in as I stand at the urinal. I already know from my experience in Mexico how I feel about that possibility.

  And yet there is a lot of support for bathrooms being open to whoever wants to use whichever bathroom they identify with that gender of.

  If everyone was 100% honest, they would admit it is beyond crazy that this is an issue. But yet it is, and it will only get worse. Singers are canceling concerts in North Carolina because they passed a law that men must use the men's bathroom and women must use the women's bathroom. Really. They are more concerned about the feelings of a very small minority than the feelings and safety of many. I saw Obama may even sue the state and cut funding.

  Read that again....Obama may sue NC and cut funding for trying to do what has always been done: have bathrooms for men and bathrooms for women. It is like we are living in an upside down world.

 Paypal has backed out of taking 400 jobs into NC because they care more about the feelings of a few than the safety and feelings of many.

 Target has opened their bathrooms to whichever gender wants to use either, and don't care how anyone feels about it.

 Many Christians are supporting this insanity and even criticizing either our stand against it, or how we are standing against it. Is there a wrong way to oppose such insanity? How are we supposed to act, just lie down and let them do whatever they want to do? Unlike some, I feel we Christians SHOULD affect culture and stand against these trends. We have been too weak, too shallow, too obsessed with entertainment and culture to take much of a stand on anything, so the world has gotten more and more wicked, and has accepted more and more taboo and bizarre behaviors...... and we follow along.

 I blogged about this once already in a post titled "Staying out of their bedrooms and bathrooms, Part 1", and don't want to repeat myself, so here are some brief thoughts:

1) Fact: only .3% of the population identity as transgender. Liberals want to change bathroom policy to make .3% of the people happy... and don't care what the other 99.70% of people think or feel about it, or what effect it could have on us.

2) Fact: the man behind the push to use whatever bathroom people want, is a convicted sex offender who molested minors.

3) Fact: 40% of people who attempt to become the opposite sex end up committing suicide.....they discover what they thought would make them happy, does not.

4) Question: taking the above statement into consideration, should we in any way give into transgenders or do anything to help them further along in their delusion which has a great chance of ending in suicide?

5) Opinion: I believe anyone who cares about this issue should boycott Target til they feel it.

6) Opinion: If a man tried to enter the bathroom when any of my nieces were in it, I would stand in his way and tell him he was going to wait.

7) Opinion: Christians SHOULD stand up to things like this and affect the culture for the good.

8)  Opinion/fact: If most Christians today would have been around when slavery was legal, they would criticize any Christian who dared oppose it and tried to help free the slaves.

9) Fact: A college in Toronto, Canada opened their bathrooms and locker rooms to whoever wanted to use them and had to back down.... surprise, surprise, surprise: boys were going into the girls' bathrooms and taking pictures of the girls in the showers and under the stalls. And that is not the only incident that has happened.

10) If you are OK with this bathroom issue, what would you say to these girls who had had this happen? What would you say to the women who are coming forward who have been raped and attacked and are scared about men going into the same restroom as they are in? Really - what would you say? Tough? You don't matter as much as this .3%?

11) Question: Why DO the feelings of a few matter more than the feelings and safety of many?

12) Question: If we fight for, or just agree to, making it easier for transgenders to continue in their delusion by making it possible for them to use whatever bathroom they want, are we partially responsible when some of them kill themselves?

    I believe we need to take a stand. We are not hateful or bigoted for standing up to this insanity. I am tired of a small minority forcing their ideology on us and making and changing laws that affect us all. It is time to take a stand and stop being the silent majority.

  I will close with links to two posts about this that say it better than I can.

Christpher Doyle, a man who knows a lot about this issue: A Compassionate Solution For Transgender Bathroom Controversy. 

Matt Walsh, conservative blogger: Regardless of the law, I can't allow a man to enter the bathroom with my wife or daughter.

 And lastly, the same way I ended my other post on this issue, the statement from the Lietenant Governor Dan Forrest of North Carolina:

“If our action in keeping men out of women’s bathrooms and showers protected the life of just one child or one woman from being molested or assaulted, then it was worth it. North Carolina will never put a price tag on the value of our children. They are precious and priceless. If a corporation wanting to do business in North Carolina does not see the worth of our children in the same light, then I wish them well as they do business somewhere else,” said Forest.

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