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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Their blood cries from the ground

I was reading a shocking news story this morning. A baby survived an abortion, so the man doing the abortion (do they really deserve the title of doctor?) strangled the baby because "it wouldn't stop breathing". Some women (again, should they be called nurses?) stood by and watched as this man strangled the baby to death.

    Do you find that shocking? Any human being should find that shocking. Yet, we are no longer shocked by what happens to the babies inside of the womb during an abortion. It is much worse than strangling. Depending on the procedure, the baby is often ripped in pieces, sometimes something is inserted in the head and the brain vacuumed out first. Compared to what happens to babies in the womb, strangling isn't that terrible.

   We have become too calloused to sin in this country in general, but especially in regards to abortion. Christians have stepped aside and let the Democrats/liberals get away with calling it women's rights, a procedure, and other innocuous sounding words to make the butchering of innocent lives not sound so bad. Abortion would never be as popular and accepted if it was called what it is: murder, infanticide, and butchering of babies.

    There is no way American Christians have fought this hard enough. I firmly believe anyone who votes for any politician who supports and defends the murder of innocents needs to hang up their Christianity, and is also culpable in the murder of all of these babies.

    Think on this for a moment: One of the main platforms/issues of the Democratic party is the "right" of a woman to murder her child while it is in the womb. Let me repeat that: One of the main platforms/issues of the Democratic party is the "right" of a woman to murder her child while it is in the womb. Why is that not shocking? Why do so many Christians align themselves with the political party that celebrates the right to murder a child? A politician would get nowhere in the Democratic party if they didn't 100% support and defend the right of women to murder their baby. Any decent human, much less a Christian, should be completely horrified by that and run from voting for such a candidate.... but thousands, maybe millions of Christians regularly vote for such candidates without a second thought.

   I don't care if the candidate is Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or Donald Trump.....if you vote for a pro-abortion candidate, you may as well go out and give money to abortion clinics and stand by and cheer as they tear a baby apart limb by limb. (And no, Donald Trump is NOT pro-life. You're deluded if you believe that after his defense of Planned Parenthood).

   Imagine this: There's a building in your town where 2 year olds are regularly taken and killed.... and not in a quick and painless death. They rip the limbs from the toddlers, suck their brains out, and kill them in all sorts of barbaric ways. Could you turn your head and ignore that? Would you vote for politicians who defend it with all they have? What would you think of Christians who say it isn't a big deal and vote for politicians who support, defend it, and want to make it as easy for people to do as possible?

  You know the answer. The majority of Americans, Christian or not;  would be horrified. We'd advocate these people being overthrown and the horrible practice stopped by any means necessary. SWAT team? Of course! Those two year olds need rescued!

   But is it really any less horrible if those toddlers were still in the womb and suffering the same awful torture and deaths? Really? Is it easier for us to think that it isn't as bad, and easier for us to turn a blind eye since the babies are in the womb being ripped apart? If we had to watch an abortion, be able to see the baby pull away from the pain, be able to see it cruelly ripped apart... would we still run out and vote for the politicians defending and celebrating the right to do such a terrible thing? Or would we vow to never support and/or vote for a pro-abortion candidate ever again?

  Back when the Sandy Hook shooting happened and several small children were cruelly murdered by a madman, someone made an interesting statement I agreed with: the same Democrats weeping and crying and demanding more gun control....if you had turned the clock back to when those same children were in the womb, the same Democrats would have defended the right to kill those same children. They would have fought against anyone who dared to stop their killing.....ironic.

  I heard a statement once that I believe is true: If the blood of Abel cried out from the ground to God, then what is God hearing from the millions of babies we have slaughtered on the altar of women's rights? How much louder is the cry of their blood from the ground than one man's was?

   I am so against this horrible practice, that I cannot and will not vote for a politician who is not pro-life. If I as a Christian would vote for and support a person who defends, supports, and celebrates the murder of babies, and defends the largest abortion provider in America.....I may as well toss out the idea of serving God and calling myself a Christian. That is one of many reasons I cannot vote for Donald Trump. He was even for partial birth abortion at one point, and wasn't pro-life until he decided to run as a Republican..... and even while trying to fool conservatives, he still had to defend Planned Parenthood... a giant fail for someone trying to be pro-life.

    Jesus said in the Gospels regarding children, "It would be better if a millstone were hung around your neck and you be drowned in the sea, than to offend one of these little ones." Read that verse again. Think about that verse in regards to abortion. If what Jesus said is true for someone who offends a child, can you honestly think He wouldn't say a worse thing about someone who rips one apart? What if we stood by and defended the right of someone to offend a small child? What if we voted for politicians celebrating and advocating more children be offended.... would Jesus advocate that millstone for us for being part of offending children in that way? Then how much more could He require of us who are OK with murdering babies, of us who blindly vote for a candidate because he or she is on your party ticket?

  I believe we Christians need to repent. We need to repent for allowing abortion to be legalized, for turning a blind eye to the murder of babies, for believing the lie that it isn't a life until it comes out of the womb, for voting for candidates dedicated to keeping it legal and celebrating it.

  I'm including myself in this: we aren't serious enough about this issue as Christians or as a church. We look at Nazi Germany and wonder how people could stand idly by and turn a blind eye to the Holocaust, yet we do the same thing with our own Holocaust here in America. Harsh word for it? Is it any less horrible what we are allowing to be done to babies, than what the Germans allowed to be done to the Jews? Does being inside of the  womb instead of outside of it really make a difference in how terrible of an atrocity it is?

    And what about slavery? It was an awful thing and a blight on our country. I have read many books about it and have wondered how Christians could own slaves and support that terrible practice.....but not to downplay the atrocity of slavery, we Christians today have a more evil practice we are OK with and support.

  We need to speak out more, call our congressmen more. Preachers need to talk about it more and encourage people to vote pro-life. We need to pray more, refuse to vote for politicians who support and defend this horrible practice and have it as one of their political platforms.

   If these babies were out of the womb, we'd do all we could to stop the murder of them.......should we do any less when they are in the womb?

  It is NOT a political issue. I have seen and heard a lot of criticism for the "religious right's" political actions and voting, and abortion is one issue these people seem to think we should stay out of. Really? That sounds like a cop-out to me.

 If Jesus was here doing His earthly ministry, I cannot imagine Him turning a blind eye to the murder of innocents. I cannot imagine Him voting for those who defend, support, and celebrate it. He would have compassion on those caught up in it, but I cannot believe He'd react towards it as American Christians do. He'd act.

  This post may seem a bit harsh and extreme, but too many of us have gotten calloused to this murder of innocents. I believe God will judge America for it at some point, and I don't want to be complicit in any way of this terrible practice, and neither should any follower of Jesus.

 These millions of babies' blood is crying from the ground. How much longer can we ignore it? How much longer will God let it go on before judging America?

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