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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What it's like, Part 2......what causes it?

 What causes same-sex attractions?

  I am no psychologist, but this is a brief explanation of what I believe. Others have expounded on it more, but this is just me in simple terms.

   I personally don't believe anyone is born this way, but even if they are, that doesn't mean it is right and OK with God. We are all born sinners with the inborn desire to sin, and not do right.

   I have read and studied a lot about the topics of same-sex attractions and homosexuality. I may not be an expert, but I am probably closer to being one than you are........ :)  I am of the belief that we can be born with a predisposition to be attracted to the same sex, just as some are born with a predisposition to be an alcoholic, or some other addiction or sin. Depending on outward influences, that predisposition may never take hold or manifest itself.

 What do I mean by that? One major influence or trigger that is agreed upon by conservative Christians, is that lack of bonding with other males, especially peers, can cause it. Bullying by other boys, lack of camaraderie with other boys,etc.


   John and Luke are both born with this predisposition. John gets along great with boys his age, is popular, and bonds well with other males. He may never experience attraction to other males, or not enough to be noticeable even to him. Luke grows up with mostly girls, doesn't interact much with other boys, except to be bullied and picked on, and never bonds well with other males, never feels affirmed by other males..... so other males feel opposite to him. Instead of looking at girls as a mystery and different, he looks at other boys as a mystery and different from him. It may start with wishing he was like other boys, envying their looks, build, abilities, etc., but the envy and admiration turn into attraction and desire.

   Even if you take the predisposition out of the equation, most Christians with a conservative view on it, believe that outward influences at least help trigger, if not help cause it. The less a boy feels like other boys, the less they are affirmed by other males, the more they become an object of desire.

 Molestation also often triggers same-sex attractions.

  At a certain age, boys realize girls aren't gross and have cooties after all, and they become attracted to them. Girls are a mystery, and everything boys are not. For the boy experiencing attractions to the same sex, other boys are a mystery to him. He feels different from other boys, and often feels more comfortable around girls who feel like buddies.

 The less a boy feels like other boys, the stronger the attractions become for other boys.

  And even if it is proven some day that people are born gay/with same-sex attractions, that will still not make it OK. We are all born with sin in our heart and the desire for what is wrong.

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