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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election day thoughts

 I am writing this the night before the election. On other election night eves, I would be excitedly seeing what polls are saying, what the latest news is about the candidates, and hoping for the best.....but there is none of that tonight for me. I feel sadness that the Republican Party has shown that they are no better than the Democrats and are flocking after a terrible candidate just because he is wearing the team jersey. There is no good outcome to me, unless by some miracle neither candidate wins and another person is put in. I am not looking forward to voting, and tomorrow will be just another day.

My reasons for not voting for Trump in a nutshell:

1) It would be going against my conscience, and how I believe God wants me to vote.

2) I don't believe a word he says, and do not believe he has changed his views and policies, but simply says what he thinks Christians and conservatives want to hear.

3) Hillary and Bill Clinton......the man has been in bed with them for years, and I think it is gullible and naive to believe he is against them now, and that is using the nicest words I can come up with.

4) His strip clubs, misogyny, and adultery. Before Trump, Christians would be horrified at having anything to do with a strip club owner.....now they don't care about it.

5) I'd be a hypocrite to vote for him. He is everything I am against, and I have long criticized liberals for voting for the same kind of candidate, why would I be like liberals and vote for someone like him?

6) I hate bullies. I was bullied a lot as a kid, and Trump is a big bully.

7) He reminds me a lot of Obama with the way he acts towards people who criticize him, and how arrogant and narcissistic he is. When I look at him, I see a lot of Obama in him.

8) The idea of him being in charge of our nukes and military scares me.

9) I don't believe he is pro-life, no matter what his supporters claim.

10) He is pro-gay. He said he would further gay rights, and was waving a gay pride flag at a rally this week.... something his supporters are silent on, but would be raging about were it a Democratic candidate.

11) I want to respect myself, and if I voted for the likes of him, I would not.

12) I don't want Donald Trump for my president. I know it is impossible even for people in my own church to get that I dislike both candidates equally, but I do. I may as well vote for her as for him......neither are someone I want to vote for.

Other thoughts:

  I believe with all my heart that Hillary Clinton will win this election, and that the nomination of Donald Trump guaranteed that to happen.

 I have confidence in Christians who are voting for Donald Trump reluctantly.... I don't have confidence in those who voted for him in the primaries and who defend everything he says and does, while putting down we who feel we can't vote for him.

 If we stoop this low and are so desperate to try to stop a candidate like Hillary, what will be accept in a candidate the next time? Could we eventually nominate someone as bad as Hillary because we believe the Democrat to be worse?

  Donald Trump is my limit. I feel he is too corrupt and evil to vote for. Hopefully every Christian has a point where they would come to the same decision on a candidate.

 I have lost some friends during this election, and maybe that isn't a bad thing. If they aren't friends enough to not say some of the things they have said because I am against their candidate, then maybe they weren't true friends. If your candidate is more important to you than friendship, then adios.

  No matter which candidate wins, we are in for a tough time. However, God will bring us through it. He always has.

 I AM writing in a candidate. No, that is not a vote for Hillary. You may say it is, but that isn't true. Yes, she will most likely be president, but my one vote wouldn't stop her anyway.

If Hillary does indeed win, it will not be the fault of we who feel we cannot vote for Trump. It will be the fault of those pseudo conservatives who voted for him in the primaries and gave Hillary the easiest candidate to beat.

 Vote your conscience, not someone else's. And don't expect others to vote yours.

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