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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November thoughts

 I don't have a lot to say - unusual for me - but this being the first day of a new month, I wanted to blog about something.....

1) House update

   My parents are loaning me the money I need for my house closing. I am not sure I am going to hit the November 7 closing, as there are a couple of loose ends, but it could still happen. I asked off for Saturday, Nobember 12, so I am hoping to close in time to get in the house, clean it, and measure for blinds.

 The house was appraised Friday, and was appraised for $30,000 more than I am paying for it, and $19,000 more than the original asking price..... it was just nice to have it reaffirmed that I am getting a good deal.

2) Speaker

 I did go and hear the speaker Thursday night I mentioned in a previous blog post, Christopher Yuan. He first gave his personal testimony, and it was amazing to hear how God reached him and saved him from a life of very promiscuous gay sex, drug use, and drug dealing.

3) Politics 

  I have really tried to stay away from posting political stuff because so many people are opposed to anything negative about Trump, and want us to shut up and be quiet if we aren't voting for him...... but the insanity of some of the stuff being posted, and the realization I should not be silenced just because I won't go along with the Republican Party has caused me to post again..... I am just trying not to overdo it.

 I once was a shy and insecure kid and adult...... but that is not me anymore to stay silent and let people muzzle me.

 And I still wish there was a way that neither Hillary or Trump would win.

4) Furniture

  I found a very decent end table at the Salvation Army store that had been marked down to $7.99. It is one of those octagonal ones with a door that opens for storage space. I a coffee table with 2 matching end tables for my living room, but I don't think I have one for my bedroom.

 I placed an order to Amazon for a few things I need - if you hit a certain amount and use their card, you can get 6 months financing - so I ordered a small table with 2 chairs for my kitchen for what seems like a decent price. I hope to eventually get a dining room table with at least 4 chairs, but until then this will do me fine. I also got a hall tree, as I am pretty sure there are no closets downstairs.

 My dad can get me a refrigerator for $50 where he works, which is one major necessity. I will also need a stove, washer, and dryer, but those aren't quite as important.

 There is a built in microwave above where a stove will sit, and I also have a small one in storage.

 I have a matching couch, love seat, and chair that hopefully are OK after being in storage, a few dressers, another chair, book shelves, and various lamps.....plus two beds... singles, but that is what I have always slept in......takes up less room :)

 Before I move in completely, I believe I'll need to put up a shower curtain, some towel rods, and blinds...... I am going that route instead of curtains.

5) Library

  Possibly only a book lover can understand how excited I am about having a room for just my books. I most likely will need more shelves as I have accumulated a lot of books just from reviewing books these last 5 years or so. I have 3 tall 5-shelf book cases, I think I have 3 book cases that have 3  shelves, and 3 cube shelves, one 6-cube, and 2 4-cube that could be used for books. I have a couple of book-themed decorations, and plan on putting the Narnia memorabilia I have in there also, including a framed map of Narnia.

6) Nephews

 My sister, brother-in-law, and my nephews will be back from Montana on November 17. I miss them all, but especially the boys. It has been a long couple of months.....and I am getting tired of feeding their cats :)

7) Thankfulness

  It is good that we have Thanksgiving this month to focus on being thankful, yet we are ungracious people indeed if we only express thanks to God on that day, or even during this month......though being thankful all month is a great start.

 So I shall start out this month of November by saying I am thankful for God's love, mercy, grace, and patience with me. I am amazed He gave me so many opportunities that I screwed up for so long, but I am thankful He did.

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