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Friday, June 24, 2016

Things men need to stop doing

This came about because of boredom - half fun and half serious ....Things men need to stop doing:

1) man bun - come on, it looks ridiculous

2) earrings - makes guys look like a sissy.... or gay..... or both

3) excessive tattoos...or any tattoos - don't try to look like a tattoo advertisement. And in today's competitive job market, why do something to make oneself less employable?

4) Walking out on their family

5) Just being a sperm donor - not taking responsibility for getting a woman pregnant

6) Driving a Prius

7) Putting sports above people and God

8) Long hair......really? Why do men want to be mistaken for a woman??

9) Capri pants.... just no.....

10) Porn - we are better than that

11) Abuse

12) Bullying

13) Hiding feelings

14) Refusing to cry

15) Putting the toilet seat back down - come on, let's stand up for ourselves!

16) Sex before marriage - yeah, that is God's design and intent. You can live without it

17) Wearing purple and pink - few guys can pull it off

18) Lusting

19) Cheating

20) Putting work before family

21) Wearing sweat pants in public - uh, no.

22) Smoking - be a real man and say no

23) Beer bellies - so not attractive dude

24) Showing crack - they do make longer shirts.....

25) Duck Dynasty beards - sure, you may want to cover up your ugly mug, but keep it short and neat

26) Comb overs - that includes Donald Trump

27) Hair pieces - you're not fooling anyone

28) Dying hair - nope, not fooling anyone here either

29) Shaving their chests - why even think about it? Be a real man and let it grow!

30) Chewing tobacco - what a nasty habit, and about as manly as sticking  your head in the sewer

31) Being self-centered

32) Being a couch potato

32) Wearing lounge pants in public - they are pajamas! Pajamas!

33) Flirting - especially if you're married

34) Playing the field - if you're not ready to eat, then quit looking at the menu

35) Bottling up tears and emotions - real men CAN cry and show emotions. Stop being a coward and just do it....it will feel good

36) Acting so tough - again, you're not fooling anyone

37) Golfing - unless you're an old man wearing ugly plaid shorts.....

38) Piercing body parts - why would any man even want to?

39) Gambling - sure, you can stop.......after you lose everything

40) Drinking excessively - if you must drink, stay sober and don't waste the entire paycheck

41) Unbuttoning shirts several buttons - is it that hard to breathe with more buttons buttoned?

42) Wearing bling - ugh

43) Doing drugs - yeah, even marijuana. Be a man and just say no

44) Cursing - it shows a limited vocabulary and does not impress at all

45) Riding motorcycles - it isn't safe, and why risk your life and leave behind family just to ride one

46) Wearing ties - it is time to revolt....besides, a woman probably invented them to torture men

47) Opening your wife or girlfriend's car door - she can do it herself

48) Being henpecked - you know who you are

49) Voting for liberals

50) Throwing your clothes on the floor - pick up!

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