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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Beach thoughts volume 2......drinking water at the beach

There's something about being at the ocean that brings one's mind to God and things of God. If you believe that God created this world and all that is in it, you cannot help but think of God as you view the majestic greatness of the ocean.

  I don't swim. In fact,  I can't swim. When I am at the ocean, I walk in the sand, walk in the surf, sit or stand and gaze at the massive body of water in front of me. As I sat in my beach chair yesterday afternoon at the beach, my oldest niece passed out bottles of water. I needed it. I was very warm, sweating profusely, and was in need of hydration. As I sipped my somewhat cool water, my eyes roamed the vast expanse of water that was in front of me. The irony did not escape me. Here was an unlimited amount of water in front of me, and I was drinking from a bottle of water we had brought with us.

  I've never drank ocean water. I don't think I have even ever tasted it by accident. I just know that ocean water is no good. It is salt water, and would never quench my thirst. In fact, it would make it worse, and would harm me if I drank too much of it.

 My thoughts went - or were directed to - the story of the Samaritan woman in the Bible. Jesus referred to what He had to offer as "living water". As I thought about ocean water and living water, these thoughts came to me:

1) Just as the ocean water would never satisfy our thirst, the things of this world never will either, Whether it be entertainment, sex, food, or whatever else we try to fill our time and lives with; it will never satisfy the thirst within us.Only Jesus can do that.

2) A little of the ocean won't hurt us, and likewise a little of some of the things the world offers won't hurt us. Not all entertainment is bad. Sex within marriage is good and fine. We need food to survive.....yet too much of even good things can be bad for us. Too much food makes you overweight and at risk for health problems and even death. Too much entertainment will drain you spiritually and influence your beliefs and even your health. Too much sex...... well, I won't go there.

  I have said it before, and it bears repeating: so many of we modern day American Christians are so shallow, and I have to wonder if this is one reason why....we are trying to quench our thirst with the wrong things. Instead of diving headfirst into the water Jesus offers, we sip at it and dive into the water that the world gives....salty ocean water. Only the water Jesus offers can satisfy,.

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