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Monday, June 27, 2016

Homosexuality..... the special sin

   There is an ever increasing push to take what the Bible says about homosexuality and either twist it, or interpret it to mean something entirely different. More and more Christians are following and teaching the heresy that the Bible doesn't really condemn homosexuality between 2 consenting adults, and that you can be gay - as in having sex with the same gender - and still be a Christian.

 I have tried to engage many of these people in intelligent debate and conversation, but the majority of them just dodge questions and attack you for daring to believe the Bible actually means what it says.

  But what makes this sin so special? I see no Christians pushing and defending any other sin named in the Bible, or even sins not specifically named in the Bible:









  We who dare stand up to these people get slapped down and asked why we are singling out this one sin. Why aren't we talking about other sins or poverty....... uh, maybe because no one is defending these other sins and trying to force acceptance of it on everyone. No one is publishing posts insisting any other sin is OK and that we should not say it is wrong. Even a blond should understand that.....

 There is a Christian Blogger group I am in. Yesterday one pro-gay man who claims to be a pastor and also doesn't believe in hell, posted 6 pro-gay posts. And people were more upset with we who dared to disagree with him than with him for posting things contrary to the Bible. Ironic.

 So what does make this sin special? Most proponents of pro-gay theology seem to come from a couple of ideals and arguments:

1) We must love gay people........ and that evidently means never disagreeing with them. (wow, I want that exemption!)

 The thing is, if the Bible is true - and I believe it is - any practicing gay person will spend an eternity in hell if they never repent and change. There is also the added "bonus" of the gay lifestyle being more dangerous health-wise.

 So is it really love to encourage people to just go with it and live that life? I can't see that it is. It is enabling. Love is treating them with compassion and telling them the truth.

 And we wouldn't do it with other issues. Imagine the drug addict being told it is OK to just do it since it is too hard to overcome, or the child molester, or the alcoholic.  

2) It isn't fair for gay people to go through life without having sex and/or someone to love. God wouldn't ask that. (Well Jesus did it til He was crucified at age 33)

  Life isn't fair. Is it fair to be single -  most likely for life - and be attracted to the wrong sex? No.... but neither is it fair to be born addicted to drugs or alcohol. Neither is it fair to be born blind, dead, crippled, missing limbs..... this being a Christian isn't about fair. It isn't fair that Jesus had to hang on a cross and suffer and die for our sins when He was innocent.

 So fair? That is life.

  We all have struggles and sins that tempt us. If it isn't same-sex attraction, it would be lust and the temptation to hook up with the opposite sex outside of marriage  - or in addition to marriage. Just because a struggle is difficult, does not make it OK. Many have walked away from homosexuality to serve God, only to go back to it because God didn't make them "straight".......since when did becoming straight be the goal in life? Our goal in life is to live for Jesus a life that pleases Him, to repent of our sin and walk away from it...... no matter how difficult that is or how attractive that sin is. The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality - it is holiness.

   You cannot be a Christian and live in unrepentant sin, whether it be homosexuality, lying, jealousy, adultery, sex outside of marriage..... or any of the others. And God doesn't make exemptions just because it isn't easy to walk away or stay away from what is sin but feels natural.

 And if we truly love God and are taking up our cross and denying ourselves, we are not going to try to twist the inconvenient verses in the Bible. We are not going to try to make it say what we want it to say so we can live the way we want to live and be able to pass off what the Bible says.

  Homosexuality is a tough issue and is not easy to deal with on a personal level...... but the Bible still does say it is a sin and doing it will put you in hell for eternity. That isn't judging - as the pro-gay crowd likes to throw out - that is simply quoting what the Bible says. God's grace is enough to help conquer any sin or struggle. Homosexuality is not any harder for God to forgive and deliver from than any other sin.....it is not a special sin to Him, and it should not be to us.



  1. Excellent! I like how you pointed out the other things in life that aren't fair and the comparison--and Jesus dying without sex.

  2. No, this is not an excellent text. Not if this text is about you yourself. As Paul writes (1 Cor 7:7), the ability to remain alone is a gift from God, i.e. not everybody has this ability. I do not have this gift. As a gay Christian, if I believed that God really thinks what Mark has written above, the only rational consequence for me would be to kill myself and ask Jesus to forgive me. I could not bear life without a partner. I'd rather be dead (and be with Jesus immediately) than being alone in this world. A text that leads to such a consequence can't be excellent.