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Sunday, June 19, 2016

June random musings

Here we are over half way through another month, wondering where it has gone. I have been seriously deficient in blogging ideas lately, but have the itch to write, so the result is a "random post" of things floating around in my brain lately:

1) I wish I was still on vacation. Man, was it a good one.

2) I still firmly believe Hillary Clinton will destroy Donald Trump in an election..... and I am still #nevertrump. Oh, I am #neverhillary also, but I am convinced barring some miracle at the Republican Convention of Donald Trump getting tosses aside, we will have Hillary Clinton as our next president.

3) The majority of people coming into the Emergency Department are not emergencies.

4) A radical Muslim is to blame for the Orlando shooting.... not guns, not the NRA, and not Christians.

5) I am seriously considering un-registering as a Republican. Seriously. After this election, I don't want to identify as a Republican.

6) No one deserves to be shot and killed in cold blood, even people who are living a sinful lifestyle. It is just as wrong to celebrate those deaths as it is to promote that lifestyle.

7) It would seem Obama is more upset about the mention of radical Islam, than he is about the actual shooting and the deaths and injuries sustained.

8) There are better ways to deal with the death of a loved one than to knock down two hospital employees - giving one a few broken ribs -  and put your fist through a glass door. (yeah, that happened)

9) The same conservative media and talk show hosts who criticized the liberal media for not doing their job by truly vetting Obama, are the same ones not truly vetting Donald Trump.

10) Radical Islam is at war with us whether our pro-Muslim president will admit it or not.

11) Donald Trump is American Christians' favorite serial adulterer and strip club owner.

12) There is such a push on to make gay OK and to gloss over or twist what the Bible says about homosexuality.......yet God asks the same thing of everyone that he asks of we with same-sex attractions - forsake our sins, deny ourselves, and follow Him.

13) Jesus said the way is narrow..... how much of what we Christians do fits on that narrow way?

14) If a gun store or manufacturer can be held liable for a shooting, then beer sellers and manufacturers should also be held liable for damages and deaths related to the use of their products.

15) I don't believe minorities want equal rights. They want special rights.

16) If talking on your cell phone while driving is so dangerous, what about eating, drinking, having a dog walking all over you and the car while you're driving.........

17) There is more of a push on for kids to wear helmets while riding a bicycle than there is for peopel to wear one while riding a motorcycle......maybe because they figure motorcyclists are already brain damaged if they are riding such a dangerous thing.......

18) Happy Father's Day to God!

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