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Sunday, May 29, 2016

We All Have Our Benghazi

   When asked what how Donald Trump is any better than Hillary Clinton, the Benghazi tragedy is brought up. We may never know what really happened, but it would appear that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both culpable for the deaths of four good men, if not directly responsible for their deaths.

  And it was a tragedy. I am not disagreeing in least about that, nor that she should be held responsible for it and not be running for president.

  But is that really justification or reason to vote for the "lesser evil"? If her responsibility for the deaths in Benghazi make her ineligible to vote for, then what about the other politicians who stand by and allow their own Benghazis to happen? What about we who vote for them and also stand by as these Benghazis happen?

 What Benghazis am I talking about?

  The butchering and murder of innocent babies.

  The death of 4 men who seemingly asked for help and received none is tragic, but how much more tragic is the murder of millions of babies in our country as politicians support and defend it, as we march to the polling booth and vote for the candidates who support and defend it, many of whom have it as part of their very political platform.

 Be honest here. Which is worse: the death of 4 great men, or the murder of millions of babies? If standing by and doing nothing as those 4 men were murdered makes one ineligible to be president of our country and too evil for you to vote for, what does standing by, defending, funding, and celebrating the murder of innocent babies make a person? If the former is so horrible to us that we want Hillary jailed and we refuse to vote for her (among other reasons), then shouldn't any candidate who supports what we call abortion also not be eligible for our vote?

 Or have we become so calloused to this horrible butchering of babies, that it is barely a blip on our radar while the deaths of 4 adult men are much more important and horrible to us?

  I don't care if it is Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Trump. George W Bush, or Mickey Mouse..... if a candidate not only stands by and does nothing to fight this modern day Holocaust, and even worse defends and supports it; we should be just as outraged and horrified as we are about the 4 men who died in Benghazi.

 Hillary Clinton is very pro-abortion. Donald Trump has always been, even supporting partial birth abortion. Since his miraculous conversion to being a Republican, he claims to have changed his views on abortion, yet praises the biggest abortion provider in the country for "doing a lot of good". I bet some of the people who killed the 4 men in Benghazi have done some good in their lives too....... but they are still murderers and evil.

  I have been forgiven much, and know I am just a sinner saved by grace. I don't think I am any better than anyone else...... but that said: I promised myself long ago that I'd never vote for a candidate who was not pro-life. I had my doubts about the last couple, but they seemed to be. However, this election has 2 candidates who both are pro-abortion. And that, my friend; makes them just as much or more ineligible to be president and impossible for them to get my vote.

 And are we any better than Hillary Clinton if we keep ignoring the murder of innocent babies and vote for candidates who defend and fund the butchers?

 I don't know what we should be doing, but voting is a start. If there was a building near us where 2 year olds were taken and ripped a part or killed in some other cruel way, we'd never stand for it. We'd be for any force necessary to stop that evil practice.

  But yet since it is babies in the womb that we can't see, we have become accustomed and calloused to it to the point that we will vote for people who want to further the cause. We'd be more upset if it was puppies and kittens...... but babies? Yawn.

  May God have mercy on our country for allowing this to go on. So yes, criticize Hillary and demand justice for the deaths of those 4 men; but don't go and support and vote for anyone who has the blood of millions of innocent babies on their hands.

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