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Monday, June 27, 2016

Lions and gorillas, and pot, oh my!


   Turn back the calendar a year or so ago....an American dentist shot and killed a lion in Zimbabwe, and all hell broke loose. Americans had never hear of this lion named Cecil until it was shot and killed, and the reactions of many were  insane. There were people who wanted him arrested. He had to hide out in fear of his life, and there were people who seemingly would have been happy to have seen him put to death for the incident..... because he killed an animal. (I seem to remember people actually calling for his death).


  More recently, a small boy got in with a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. Fears for the child's life resulted in the gorilla being killed. Again, the reactions were crazy, insane, and thoughtless. Everyone instantly became expert gorilla and child raising experts.

People thought the gorilla should have been shot with a dart to knock him out

People condemned the parents for not watching the boy closely enough.

Some people thought it would have been better for the kid to die instead of the gorilla - really, that is sadly no joke.

  Instead of being thankful a small child survived, people were more upset that an animal was killed to protect a human life.


  Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, and it seems this country is close to animal worship, and no animal comes closer to being worshiped than dogs.....followed closely by cats. There have been several incidents where someone was attacked or mauled by a dog and I have read the comments on those stories. The amount of people worried that the animal will be put down is mind boggling....or if it is put down, people are upset. The animal is never at fault, and dog lovers are more worried about the welfare of the dog than the person it attacked.

  Just a couple of weeks ago, a woman walked onto some property to deliver some legal documents. She was doing her job. The people were not home, and they had dogs loose..... dogs that attacked and killed this woman. And who did the animal lovers blame? The woman.

It was her fault for trespassing..... uh, she was doing her job you insensitive clods

She deserved it - no she didn't.

The dogs were just protecting the property and should not be put down - uh, if a dog is vicious enough to kill someone, they should not be loose.


  Even more recently, a little 2 year old boy got grabbed by an alligator in Florida and was killed. Again, the parenting experts came out in condemnation of the parents.......as if the parents don't have it hard enough losing a child, now they have insensitive know-it-alls condemning them for not preventing it. I haven't seen any posts defending the alligator, but I would be very surprised if there aren't any out there.


  I am 100% un-apologetically opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I have read the reasons why it is a bad idea, and there is irrefutable proof that it is a very bad idea.... of course the pro-pot people refuse to admit it, but that is no surprise....they will do or say anything to get it legalized and more accessible.

  There are warnings out about candy with pot in them coming across the border from Colorado. People are being cautioned to be careful about the candy their kids have.... a sensible warning. a few months ago, some kids at a school in Pennsylvania were somehow able to order candy with pot in over the internet and had it delivered. Yeah, that is one of the dangers, the chances are greater of kids getting a hold of it if it is legalized, but pro-pot people don't seem to care.

  As I read through the comments on that news story, I was disgusted at some of the comments. A lot of people were mocking the idea of being worried about it. One young man said it wasn't a big deal if kids did get their hands on some, because marijuana isn't addictive.....these people are so pro-pot that they don't care or aren't worried about kids getting their hands on it. Unbelievable.

Oh my!

    I guess it should not be a surprise in a country where killing an innocent baby is not just defended, but celebrated.... and is one of the main platforms of the Democratic party.......but it seems we are losing our respect for human life. Animals matter more and too many people are more concerned with the death of an animal than with the death of a human.

How many Americans would have been upset if Cecil the lion had killed the dentist? Would the same people outraged about the death of a lion in another country been sad or outraged about the death of a dentist if the lion had killed him?

Would there have been as much outrage if the little boy had died instead of the gorilla? Would the same people posting about the gorilla being killed have posted anything if the boy had been hurt or killed?

If the woman had survived the dog attack and the dogs been put down, would the dog lovers have cared?

If a child gets hold of pot candy, will the pro-pot people even care? Would it make a dent in their push to legalize it?

The slippery slope

   A friend of mine posted a news story about the growing acceptance of pedophilia. It is a small number accepting it, but it is growing and some psychologists are starting to try to make it sound more acceptable. I commented about the slippery slope we are on, and that it will most likely happen here in America. A relative of the woman who posted it, mocked the idea and said there is a big difference in immorality in adults and between an adult and a child, and knocked the slippery slope idea.

  But is it really that far of a stretch? Take into account there are a lot of people out there who aren't just OK with babies being ripped a part in the womb, but would rather a small child die than an animal...or any human die instead of an animal.

Michael Jackson

  When Michael Jackson was alive, there were a lot of people who were positive the man was molesting kids.... and nothing ever happened. Parents still let their kids stay with him, it was known he slept with little boys, and he paid off a family to drop the accusations of his molesting their boy. People loved him so much, they wanted to ignore this stuff about him. There were people threatening to kill themselves if he had convicted of the child molestation charges...... they idolized this bizarre singer so much, they didn't care that he might have been a child molester.

  It just came out in the news that police found all kinds of child pornography and other bizarre pornography at his Neverland Ranch. It would seem everything thought about him was true..... but the die-hard Michael Jackson fans won't care.

 And too many people don't care about adults - especially teachers - having sex with their students, especially if it is a female teacher and male student.... it is a joke.

Gay parenting

   Even with the testimonies of people raised by gay parents, adoption by gay parents is being forced on us...along with all other things gay. A child doesn't matter as much as the "right" of 2 gay people to have a child in spite of God's plan of a man and woman having one together. The gay agenda is more important than the welfare of children.

Where are we going?

  All of this combined should be cause for concern. Abortion was most likely the first step, but America has lost the respect and love for human life. Animals are valued more by many people, and when a child is endangered people would rather point fingers than be sad a child died or happy they didn't. Is it really that hard to imagine in this country that is getting increasingly more and more godless and immoral, that the day will come when sex with children is defended and eventually legalized? It has happened before in other countries and civilizations. In ancient Rome, it was considered normal and accepted for adult men to have catamites - young boys used sexually by adults....

  Is it really that impossible of an idea that it will be legalized here in a country were killing babies is defended and celebrated? A country where even many Christians have no problem voting for politicians who celebrate and defend that "right"? Is it so hard to imagine it happening here when people care more about the treatment and value of animals than of humans?

  Humans are always more important than animals. We have a living soul that will spend eternity in heaven or hell. Regardless of the popular idea of animal lovers, animals do not go to Heaven, They die.... end of story, People matter. Human lives are what is important..... not a lion in another country, not a gorilla in a zoo, and not your pet who you sickeningly refer to yourself as "mommy" to.

 If we don't start respecting the sanctity of ALL human life... if we keep voting for politicians who are not pro-life no matter if they have a "D" or "R" by their name. we Christians will be as guilty of not respecting human life. all human lives matter to God, and they should to us also.

 So go ahead and post all of your pro-animal posts, but try to at least mention the horrors of abortion, Christians being tortured and killed by radical Muslims, people in sex trafficking, and more.....those all matter more than puppies, gorillas, lions, or any other animal.

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