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Friday, March 4, 2016

Why I cannot vote for Donald Trump

As the election draws closer and closer, it is looking like Donald Trump is going to win the GOP nomination.

   So what is a guy to do? I have paid attention, and I don't like anything about Donald Trump. I don't like his arrogance, I don't like his owning strip clubs where women are degraded, I don't like that he is a serial adulterer, I don't like that he supports Planned Parenthood and defends them, I don't like how he reacts to and treats people who disagree with him. I don't like his vulgarity or the cult like zombie following he has. I don't like how he claims to be a Christian, yet mocks the idea of his needing God's forgiveness. There is nothing about his character or policies that I like or agree with.

  And I don't like the fact that he is so much like Obama and Hillary Clinton.

   If Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination,  I cannot vote for him. No, I didn't say I will not.... I cannot. I know, Trump supporters will blame people like me if Hillary wins.... which polls show she most likely will beat him by running against him - but that is not true. If she wins the presidency against Donald Trump, it will be the fault of those who supported him, those who ignored his past and the many red flags that have come up about him.

 This is the man who I have a whole folder of memes on my pc displaying his hypocrisy and true colors. Obama didn't even get that.

So why can't I vote for Donald Trump?

   I vowed to never vote for a pro-abortion candidate for president. His defense of Planned Parenthood, who is the biggest abortion provider in the US, shows he is not pro-life. His past support and defense of PP and partial birth abortion shows he is not pro-life.

   I cannot vote for a man who I have warned against for these last few months. Would that not make me a hypocrite to point out the reasons why a Christian and/or conservative should not vote for him, to point out the dangers of a Trump presidency..... but then turn around and vote for him if he wins the GOP nomination? I may as well have voted for Obama after voicing concerns about his past and his policies.

  I have never felt so strongly about a candidate other than Hillary Clinton or Obama. Trump concerns me even more than Bill Clinton did. I could have supported pretty much any other candidate other than Trump. He is worse than all of the others who ran on the GOP platform this year.

  Or any other year. I didn't like McCain very well and was not happy he got the nomination, but I was able to get behind him, hold my nose, and vote for him. I didn't like Mitt Romney either. He seemed way too liberal. I had some concerns about him, but they weren't major enough to keep me home....... so I held my nose and voted for him.

  I view Trump far worse than McCain or Romney.... or even Dole. The more I have seen of him, the more of what he has supported, the more of his past that comes up.......the more concerned about him I have become. He waffles too much on his positions, and lacks the character, maturity,  and knowledge to be president. From what I have seen, he is more like Hillary Clinton than anyone else who has run on the GOP ticket, and is far more to the left of McCain or Romney..... and we lost with them. What makes people think we can win with someone more liberal than they are? His big mouth? Dream on.

  I already did a blog post about whether a Christian should vote for Trump, so I am not going to repeat myself. This is just a simple statement of why I will not vote for Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination.


  Trump fans are saying we have to be the bigger man and vote for Trump if he gets the nomination. I disagree. I would be the smaller man to vote for someone I fought so hard and detest everything about. I would be a hypocrite. I would not be true to myself, my God, or my beliefs. This isn't a simple case of preferring another candidate over another. This is complete 100% belief that Trump is just as bad of an idea as Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama. It is asking me to eat dog poop over cat poop, to choose which leg I want amputated, to eat arsenic or cyanide .... or other similar scenarios. Are there ways Trump would be better than Hillary? A few..... but there are also a few ways she would be better than he is. If you put them on the scale of good and evil, they would balance out the same.So how could I vote for either if I seriously and honestly view one as bad as the other... and I do.

 Should I abandon principles and convictions so I get in the guy other people are ignoring the bad about? Should I cave to their wishes and elect an evil just as bad as the other evil so they can be happy? Can I live with myself if I go against everything I believe to make a bunch of blind people satisfied? Can I explain to my nieces and nephews, to people who know what I stand for... why I voted for the man I have been so outspoken against and concerned about? No. I cannot. My beliefs, convictions, and concerns are more important to me than people who refuse to listen to reason, who refuse to acknowledge and answer my concerns about this vulgar man. I cannot go against everything I believe and vote for him.

 What if Hillary wins? Uh, what if Trump wins? Either will be a tragedy and further ruin of our country and freedoms, and I cannot join in helping that ruin.

  If Donald Trump does run against Hillary and loses to her, as polls show he indeed will..... don't blame me or others who refused to toss aside our convictions and beliefs. Look in the mirror: if Hillary Clinton wins in an election to Donald Trump, it will be because too many Christians and conservatives tossed aside their convictions, their beliefs, what is truly important, and decided that character does not matter. Those people will be responsible for a Hillary presidency, not we people of principle.

  My good friend Ben Blowers asked today, after he had to get his little girls away from watching last night's debate because of Donald Trump's vulgar remarks, how can he vote for Trump and explain to those little girls why he is voting for him....... indeed. I haven't heard anyone give a good reason why they are voting for him and bypassing much more conservative and solid candidates.

 I have watched with dismay as conservatives and Christians have thrown their support behind them. I view them as wrong, deluded, and definitely not caring about character and integrity. Am I any better  if I throw my support behind him at the last minute? No! I am worse, for I would be a hypocrite.

 Will I stay home if Trump is the candidate? No.... but I will do a write in. This conservative Christian is not looking at equal evils and picking one to make the supporters of one happy with me.

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