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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016.....the year Sean Hannity's talk show died

 I have listened to Sean Hannity's talk show program a lot over the years. I often listen to most of the first hour on my way home from work, and rarely catch the rest of his show. In the last 8 years, I have heard him say something countless times "2008 was the year journalism died". What he means by that, is most of the media was so much in Obama's corner and wanted him elected so badly; they didn't bother to investigate or vet him. They ignored the tons of reasons why he was a bad candidate and spent their time defending him and going after anyone who dared speak the truth about him.... so Sean says journalism died that year. Their bias came through loud and clear, and all they cared about was getting their candidate into the presidency.

  Fast forward to 2016. We have a candidate who suddenly switched parties to run as a Republican. He has switched positions on so much and so often, I'd challenge anyone to list what he is for and against without making a mistake. He owns strip clubs, has cheated on his wives - and bragged about it - he is vulgar, a bully going after anyone who dares disagree with him or call him out.....everyone from Megyn Kelly to the Chicago Cubs. He is vile, says things in public no decent human should say.... much less a presidential candidate, he has bankrolled liberals for years and helped get people into office who are causing our country the most problems. I could go on, but that is the gist of it.

  And Sean is doing just what he criticized the liberal media for: defending Trump and ignoring the mountain of reasons he should not be president. The same Sean Hannity who went after Obama for things he said about Sarah Palin is the same Sean Hannity overlooking what Trump has said about Megyn Kelly. The same Sean Hannity who keeps harping about Bill Clinton's treatment of women and Hillary covering it up is the same Sean Hannity ignoring the treatment of women by Donald Trump and how he talks about them.

 Just as the liberal media's objectivity went out the door with Obama, Sean's has gone out the door with Donald Trump. He has claimed to remain unbiased this election season, but his show has turned into the Donald Trump show. He defends him, goes after people who criticize Trump, and has no problem pointing out the faults of the other candidates. In one breath, he would be going after Marco Rubio for his words and behavior, and in the next he would be defending Trump for far worse things.

 He seems to be ignoring polls that consistently show Trump loses to Hillary, and that Trump's unfavorable rating is 63%... a record, as far as I know. But that doesn't fit into Sean's push to make Trump president, so he doesn't bring up inconvenient facts.

  I read an article recently that suggested conservative talk show hosts don't really care who wins the presidency. If Hillary wins, they'll have a ton of material for the next 4 or 8 years and it is all about ratings. Maybe there is some truth to it.

 One thing that has bothered me about Sean Hannity for a while, is he bullies his callers he doesn't agree with. He also tries to put words in people's mouths to get them to say more inflammatory things than they want to say...... and maybe that is why he likes Donald Trump so much....... and one reason I don't like Donald Trump - he is also a bully.

  If Hannity was truly unbiased, if he truly was conservative and Christian, if he truly cared about the future of this country; he would hold Trump's feet to the fire. Oh, he claims he has asked him about everything, but he hasn't done it enough, and he has ignored so much about this man who is pulling the wool over so many eyes.

 If a Democrat was acting like Trump, had strip clubs, was vulgar, etc..... Sean Hannity would be calling that person out.... but since it is Donald Trump, he doesn't seem to care.

  If, God forbid, Trump wins the nomination; Sean will truly become one of his biggest cheerleaders. As he has already done, he will defend the same things in Trump that he has criticized in Obama; and will act in the same way that he has despised the liberal media for. And if Trump wins the presidency  - which is a huge if in light of polls - I look for him to act the same way as Obama's media has - criticize and go after anyone who dares tell the truth about Donald Trump.

 Journalism may have died in 2008, but Sean Hannity's program has died in 2016 as he tossed aside his attempts to be unbiased and has become a cheerleader for and a defender of the biggest scam to ever be perpetrated on the Republican party.

 Good-bye, Sean. I have ceased listening to your show and have un-followed you on Facebook. You have disgraced yourself to anyone who is a true conservative, and are following in the ways of the media you despise and criticize.

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