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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Don't blame me, I voted for Cruz

   I know I post a lot about Donald Trump, but I am concerned about this blind cult-like following he has; and I am concerned about his winning the GOP nomination. I am concerned that so many Christians are supporting and voting for him......... and defending his actions. Polls have consistently shown that he would lose to Hillary, but Cruz and Rubio would beat her; yet Trump supporters ignore that fact and keep following a candidate who cannot win. The man has a 63% unfavorable rating, and I read that no candidate has ever had that low of a rating. If Mitt Romney and John McCain were too moderate/liberal to beat a Democrat, and Trump's unfavorable rating is worse than theirs and he is even more liberal.....there is no way on this earth that he can beat a Democrat.

  A friend of mine messaged me this week who was upset about this Trump stuff. A mutual friend of ours had posted something on Facebook knocking people who say they won't vote for Trump if he wins the GOP nomination. She wondered how Christians can support Donald Trump, and why so many conservatives and Christians seem to hate Ted Cruz, a man who is a Christian and has stood up for conservative values against his own party. I told her I have no idea.

  There is no perfect candidate. I know that. The last couple of elections, we have nominated men who were lousy Republicans. McCain and Romney were both too liberal and/or moderate, and a lot of true conservatives didn't want to vote for them, so they didn't. I did, and regret voting for both men. Obama still won, and all I got out of it was the knowledge that I voted for the lesser of two evils, and voted for men I do not respect or like very well.

  I didn't' want Romney for president, but he was better than Obama; so I bit the bullet and voted for Romney. Four years earlier, I didn't want John McCain for president; but he seemed better than Obama; so I voted for him.

    And now we have Donald Trump as the likely GOP nominee. It would seem the Republican party cannot learn from history, and are doomed to repeat their mistakes over and over again. This time, they have reached a new low. They want a man who funded liberals and their policies for years, and is thus partly responsible for the mess we are in, and he is responsible for helping to get the same liberal politicians in office who fight our rights and hate Christians and the Constitution. They want a man who is vulgar, is a moral failure in more than one way, makes a mockery of needing God's forgiveness, has been great friends with the Clintons for years and has said Hillary would make a great president. They claim we need a businessman, yet this businessman has several failed business ventures and 4 times has filed bankruptcy. The list of reasons why it is insanity to make him the GOP nominee are endless. The list of reasons why Cruz, Rubio, and many of the other candidates would be better is also endless.. but Christians and conservatives want a man who helped fight against us and our rights for years.

  This same friend who was criticizing we people who will no vote for Trump tried to say that no candidate is perfect and you're always going to vote for someone who violates your beliefs in some way.... I challenge anyone to come up with a couple of reasons why a Christian should not vote for Ted Cruz. I can't imagine they'd find even one.

   I,  like my concerned friend, have been shocked and amazed at the vitriol aimed at Ted Cruz by conservatives and Christians alike. The avid Trump supporter seems to hate his very existence, and doesn't even know why. Trump hates him, so they do also. I have watched Ted Cruz ever since he got elected Senator, and I have been impressed with him. He has put his neck on the line, showing he is more concerned with honoring his promises to American citizens than worrying about his career. He has stood up to the RINOs in his own party and is hated by the weak spineless Republicans who want to be a doormat for Obama and other Democrats..... yet these people loathe him for some unexplained  reason and want a man worse than any candidate to ever run on the GOP ticket. They hate and refuse to support and vote for the man polls show will beat Hillary, and blindly follow the man polls show will lose to Hillary.

  There is a lot of debate about voting for Trump to keep Hillary out. There is a lot of criticism aimed at we who say we will not vote for Trump if he is the candidate. They say we will hand the election to Hillary if we don't vote for Trump in a Trump vs Hillary election.  I resent that. If Trump runs against Hillary and loses to her as he surely will; it is the people who wanted a liberal masquerading as a Republican who will hand the election to Hillary. It is the people ignoring polls showing Trump cannot beat Hillary, who will hand the election to Hillary. It is the people who refuse to learn from the last two elections that only a true conservative can beat a Democrat, who will hand the election to Hillary. No, it will not be the fault of people like me who will not vote for Trump. It will be the fault of Trump supporters who are too blind and/or stubborn to face the truth about their candidate and his chances at being president.

    Making the decision not to vote for the GOP nominee if it is Trump is not an easy decision to make. Thus, I resent people for faulting me for it. Voting is very important to me, but moral values, principles, character, and my faith are more important. How dare anyone tell me I must vote for Trump when I would be violating my conscience, tossing aside my values and principles, and supporting a man who is a polar opposite to everything I believe and are important to me. People who say I must do that are no better than people who would tell me I must lie, steal, cheat, give into  same-sex attractions; or anything else that would be wrong. Would I be sinning if I voted for Donald Trump? Maybe I would. I would definitely be a hypocrite to vote for him after warning about him all of these months. How could I look in the mirror? How could I respect myself if I caved just to keep Hillary out of office?

  Back to this post by my friend. He also made a point that Hillary's Benghazi scandal is worse than Trump owning strip clubs and cheating on his wives, so we should bite the bullet and vote for Trump who is obviously the lesser of two evils. Here is my reply to that:

  One issue alone doesn't make Trump better to me. If Hillary Clinton was responsible for the men's deaths in Benghazi, she is worse in that respect than Trump.....but that doesn't mean I want him for president more than she. There are areas he is worse in than she, and vice versa. And if you take into account that Trump defended Hillary about the Benghazi issue, financially supported her for years,  and said she would make a great president, isn't he as bad as she for defending her?

    If you laid out my transgressions, it would be a long list... but God has forgiven me. I don't think I am a super Christian or better than anyone else....but Christians and conservatives who are supporting Trump have lost their way if they can so blindly support such a man. They have lost their focus of what is important, and are not voting by morals and values, and they are the last people who should dare tell me I must follow their example and vote for their candidate because they didn't have enough common sense, morals,  and character to not support him.

  I firmly believe it would be wrong for me to vote for Trump. I have paid a lot of attention to what he says, how he acts, who he has supported and defended, and what kind of man he is. I cannot in good conscience vote for him, and I would be setting aside my faith, morals, values, and principles to do so.....and it would be putting politics and voting above God. No one has the right to tell me I should do that. Let me repeat that: No one has the right to tell me to put politics before God, and that is what I would be doing if I voted for Donald Trump. No one has the right to tell me I should lower my standards and vote for their candidate because they lowered theirs.

  Do I want Hillary Clinton for president? A thousand times no. But neither do I want Donald Trump for president either, but I cannot see him beating her anyway. Polls consistently have shown he loses to her, and with an unfavorable rating greater than any candidate ever...... including our last 2 RINOS...... it just ain't gonna happen. Even if I went against my conscience and beliefs and voted for Trump if he is the nominee, I'd be throwing my vote away anyway, so I may as well throw it away on a candidate I like and support.

  I don't claim to be psychic, but I have learned from our mistakes; and I am awake and paying attention. So here is what I believe will happen:

   Donald Trump will most likely win the GOP nomination. Hillary will wipe the floor with him in the debates. He has no substance and no concrete plans and she will tear him apart. And as my dad pointed out, he supported Hillary and everything she did for years, and all she has to do is bring that up and he will be defenseless. In the election, she will soundly beat him, and all of the Trump supporters will ignore their culpability and blame we who didn't vote for their lousy sleazeball liberal candidate. (explain to me why a man who owns strip clubs and commits adultery and brags about it is not a sleazeball before you condemn me for calling him one). We will have 4 to 8 years of Hillary as president, and will lose even more freedoms than we have under Obama. She could seat as many as 3 Supreme Court justices and wreak havoc on our religious freedoms and get her wish for more gun control and more gay rights. All because the Republican party cannot learn from their past mistakes and went for the loud flashy liberal over the solid conservatives.

  My favorite blogger and writer Matt Walsh penned an article this past week titled "If we lived in a truly Christian nation, Donald Trump would not be winning." And he is right. I have heard all of the excuses and reasons why Christians are supporting Donald Trump, and they are a bunch of crock.... to be blunt. If I was a Christian supporting a man like Donald Trump, I'd hang up my Christianity, for lowering my standards to vote for him and going against what I believe is far more important as politics and defeating Hillary Clinton.

 So if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination, and does indeed lose to Hillary; don't blame me. If you are a Trump supporter, it will be your fault. You ignored the flashing neon warning lights and supported a man no Christian worth their salt should ever support, and a candidate no true conservative should ever support.

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