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Friday, February 19, 2016

Can a Christian vote for Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump burst onto the scene, he said some things I liked. As I watched him and really listened, I became increasingly dismayed at the kind of man he is and how many Christians and conservatives are so easily being duped by him.

  He is no conservative. He has changed positions on issues too quickly and even bounced back and forth. He is known for his support of liberals for years along with his support and defense of the Clintons. That bothers me as a conservative. I have watched him closely enough to know he is just being  Republican to get votes, and he will just go back to being what he was before if he becomes president. I have watched with disbelief as his supporters act and react just like Obama's did. You bring up great points why he is a bad idea, and they dodge and attack Cruz.

  I just brought up some of what I about to say to a young guy last night who supports Trump. I asked if as a Christian if these things do not bother him. True to form for a Trump supporter, he never answered, but posted an article about Ted Cruz liking New York money.....in the grand scheme of moral and Biblical values and principles, that isn't even in the same galaxy as the things Trump is for and supports. That is like me saying your candidate is an ax murderer, and you replying "yeah, but your candidate pulled a girl's hair in 5th grade!"

  However, as a Christian; there are even more disturbing things about Trump that make me unable to vote for him or support him, and I believe these things are much more important than loving New York money or any piddly thing they have brought up about the other candidates:

1) Donald Trump owns strip clubs. For those who don't seem bothered by that, there are many women working in strip clubs who don't want to be there. It becomes a form of slavery as they are degraded and used for perverted men. No decent human would own and run one, and definitely no Christian.... but Christians who support Trump don't seem to care about this big blemish on his character and morality.These women are someone's daughter, mother, sister.... and Donald Trump is making money off of them being used and degraded for men's pleasure. And if you don't know what goes on at a strip club, ask me. I've never been to one, but I know.

2) Donald Trump defends, and has at at least in the past financially supported Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country. Just as recently as the last debate, he defended PP and said they do a lot of good things....like that excuses their ripping babies apart and selling their parts to the highest bidder? And again, his Christian supporters don't seem to be bothered by this.

3) Donald Trump promised to further gay rights. I am obviously not anti-gay, and think the church needs to do better with this issue, but the further gay rights progress, the less religious freedoms and rigths Christians have... for gay rights always trump religious freedoms.....man I am starting to hate that word "trump".

4) He is vulgar, rude, and a jerk to everyone who stands in his way or criticizes him. Over and over he has called people names, bullied, mocked, and more. At a rally recently, someone yelled out and called Ted Cruz a vulgar term, and Trump had the person repeat it so everyone could hear. Trump is immature, too easily angered, narcissistic, arrogant, and godless.... he is not the kind of man to make this country great, and definitely not the one to help turn us back to God.

5) Donald Trump stated that he doesn't need to ask God for forgiveness, for he has never done anything wrong. Yet the Bible says if anyone says they have not sinned, they deceive himself and the truth is not in him. By his own admission, Donald Trump cannot be a Christian. That isn't judging, that is drawing a logical conclusion from what he himself has said. Then add to his words the things he supports and is for, and there you have it.

6) He is a liar. There are several examples to give, but they wouldn't convince one of his supporters if I listed them anyway, so I will just leave it at that.

7) He just stated this week that he would not take sides between Israel and Palestine. This should bother any Christian, for God Himself said He would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse it... so supporting Israel seems to be a pretty big thing to God.... and it should be to us also.

8) Donald Trump is an adulterer. He cheated on at least one wife, and is on his third wife.... wonder what the chances of him making through a term as president without upgrading to a newer model.....

Can a Christian vote for and support Donald Trump? Well, I sure believe 100% that Christians should not. The man is a vile, vulgar, and godless individual who is as far removed from being a Christian or conservative leader as you can get and not be Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I am concerned about how many Christians and conservatives are supporting him and ignoring the huge mountain of reasons he is a bad idea.

  I saw the same cult-like following with Obama, and wondered then how anyone who was a Christian could vote for him with everything he stood for and did, but I think just like then; people are tired of what we have and are going after the one making the most noise and promising the most.

I seriously doubt Donald Trump or Obama is the anti-Christ, but it has made me realize how easily the anti-Christ will be accepted by even many Christians. If these two men who aren't that good of speakers and are not charismatic can get so many people to follow and support them so easily, how much more easily will the anti-Christ do it? I am not being dramatic, and don't mean to be ignorant about it; but it has raised concern in me that I never put my faith and hope in a man, and that I am never duped into accepting the anti-Christ if I am on this earth when he is.

  There are a couple of candidates I like. I think Cruz is our best and most conservative candidate. I have watched him from the start, and he has stuck his neck out more, stood up for conservative values and morals the most, and is a Christian. I am not "drinking the Cruz kool-aid" as someone called it today on Facebook, nor am I putting my faith and hope in him. We have wanted a true conservative for years, and now we have a few.... so why support the most liberal one who is just faking Republican values and policies to get votes.

  I also like Rubio. I may even vote for him. I am praying for God's direction on who to vote for. He was shaky on immirgation for a while, but he does truly seem to have changed on that....... but even if he hasn't, he is  Christian with Christian values and morals and stands much taller than Trump in those areas. He looks and acts presidential, I read his book, and was impressed by him. Is he the perfect candidate? No, but there are none,,, but he too is far better than the choices we have had the last couple of elections and much, much better than Donald Trump..... and anything that can be brought up about him pales in comparison with abortion and strip clubs,

I even like Ben Carson. I do fear he is too soft spoken and may not be strong enough to lead this country; but voting for him would not be out of the question for me.

 Kasich isn't out of the picture. He is my governor, and has been a decent one. He lost me when he supported Obamcare, but other than that he is pretty good.

  I have not settled on any candidate for sure. I don't want to have the blind cult-like devotion to any candidate. I will most likely vote for Cruz, but it could be Rubio, Kasich,  or Carson. It will not be Donald Trump or Bush. If Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Kasich or even Bush wins the GOP nomination; I will support and vote for them..... though unhappily  if it is Bush. If it is Trump, I cannot in good conscience or faith vote for him and will not vote for him.

  Much has been said about Jesus' party affiliation if He were voting. Some claim He'd vote Democrat because they are supposedly more compassionate with immigration, etc. Others claim He would vote Republican. I do believe He would vote pro-life. Would He vote for Donald Trump? I can't imagine He would. He might go and toss everyone out of Donald Trump's strip clubs and tell Him he needs to change... but vote for him? Nah.

  We Christians have a responsibility to God in how we vote. No, there is no perfect candidate and there never will be. Someone will always be able to find something wrong with a candidate. However, we should view candidates through the lens of God's Word and try to find the most godly candidate who will stand for godly and moral principles. Who that candidate is may be up for discussion, but who it is not is a definite: Donald Trump. He will not get my vote. A vote for him is a vote for strip clubs, Planned Parenthood, and gay rights.

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