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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Making America great again

The slogan of one of the presidential candidates is "Let's make America great again!" What exactly does that mean? What will it take to make America great again?

Alexis de Tocqueville   said that America is great because America is good, and that if America ever ceases to be good, it will cease to be great. I have always liked that quote, and I think that idea holds merit. I believe America has for the most part ceased to be good, and that we can attempt to make it great again; but it cannot be great again without it being good.

  As I have thought about what would make America good again, some things came to my mind that I feel has helped in the decline of the goodness of America. I am no genius, so others may come up with different ones, but these are what I have been considering:

1) The legalized murder of innocents

  We have legalized the "right" for women to murder their babies in the womb. And that has become one of the very platforms of the Democratic party. Think about that for a minute: It is a requirement to be OK with babies being murdered in the womb for you to gain any traction in the Democratic party. And not only must they be OK with it, they must defend it, cheer it on, and go after anyone who disagrees with a vengeance. Try getting an office in any level of government in the Democratic party as a pro-life person, and you'll never get a vote.

  Jesus said if you hurt a small child, it is better to have a millstone hung around your neck and be thrown into the sea....so what does that say about abortion, those who do it, those who support it, and those who support candidates who support it?

2) Marriage

   a) Sex before marriage

  We have made a mockery of the sacred institution of marriage. No one blinks an eye at couples shacking up anymore without being married. Virginity is mocked, and instead of wondering whether to kiss on the first date; the question is whether to commit fornication on the first date. What was meant for marriage, has become part of the dating process and something we just do to feel good with whoever we want.

    b) Divorce

Instead of being rare and used in cases of infidelity or abuse, divorce has become as common as sneezing. People get tired of each other and want someone else, or they just don't want to work on problems. It has become almost as common among Christians, and God's idea of marriage has been trampled and mocked even by those who serve Him. Yes, there are cases where divorce is necessary, but it is way too common, especially among Christians

   c) Gay marriage

  Gay marriage was just part of the slippery slope. Can Christians really say gay marriage is making a mockery out of God's ideal for marriage when we so easily have accepted sex before marriage, abortion, and easy divorce and remarriage?

3) Entertainment

  America is addicted to entertainment and even Christians watch pretty much anything put out by Hollywood. Movies, sports games, TV shows, and music have become so important to us that we Christians gorge on stuff that would have made a sailor blush with shame not that many years ago. We are obsessed with the latest reality shows, the newest music, what celebrity is hooking up with who, what Kim Kardasian is wearing, and have given Hollywood and entertainment a place in our lives that rival God's.

4) School and government

We have kicked God out of our schools and government. Christians should never have stood idly by and let it happen, but they did..... and now our schools are full of liberal empty headed people whose agenda is more important than protecting and educating kids. God isn't welcome, and we are seeing the results in school shootings, teen suicides, and more.

 We help elect godless men and women to run our country, then sit back and wonder why we are losing our freedoms and why the country is getting so far from God.

5) The Sabbath

  We have taken the day God set aside for us to rest and worship Him and made it into just another day. Even most Christians have a hard time giving Him the whole day, and Sunday evening church has been cut out so people can watch TV and have fun. Church and God has ceased to be a big part of America. Our churches are full of shallow Christians just doing enough to get by, and who have decided we know what is right and wrong for us. The church has become more like the world than like Jesus.

6) Gangs and drugs

Gangs and drugs are prevalent, and it seems no one wants to get rid of the problem bad enough. People fight for the legalization of more drugs, not caring what the consequences are for our youth and country.

7) Division

Our country is divided by race, politics, and religion; and it keeps getting worse. Politicians and would be ministers fan the flames and encourage hatred, violence, and looting and capitalize on the division and hate.

8) Other gods

Sports, entertainment, and sex have become our gods, and too many of us do put them before God.

9) Leaders who mock God and His Word

Our Supreme Court is lined with self important people who think they know better than God and who have no time for Him or His Word. We have a president who mocks and fights Christianity, and a man running for president who says he doesn't need to ask God's forgiveness.

   Our country has grown so wicked that other countries are now sending missionaries here. So much for being a Christian nation.

10) Our front-runners for the 2016 presidential race:

One has been corrupt to the core all of her life, has lied, broken laws, possibly been guilty of having people killed, has endangered our country by her actions, she is for everything wrong, and is being investigated by the FBI.....and people don't care. She will most likely be the next president of our country, and there will be thousands of Christians who will vote for her. The Christians voting for her will never pray about it, take out their Bibles, and see how she  and her policies line up with God's Word..... she is a Democrat, and they must always vote for their party's candidate, no matter who it is or what they are like.

  And the other candidate isn't much better. He has supported Planned Parenthood and abortion all of his life...even partial birth abortion. He is supposedly pro-life now that he is running as a Republican; yet still defends the largest abortion provider in the country and says "they do a lot of good". He promised to further gay rights, is very vulgar, owns strip clubs, has committed adultery on at least 2 wives and bragged about it, says he doesn't need to ask God's forgiveness, and has supported liberal policies, politicians,  and ideology for years. And Christians are rallying around him as if he were the Messiah. Christians across the country have decided we need a godless strip club owner/businessman more than we need a "pastor", or Christian leader..... and we are being told we must vote for him if he wins the GOP nomination.

  This is not an exhaustive list, but can any honest person look at what I have come up with and say America is good? We may still have some good, but we have drifted so far from good that we can't even see the shoreline.

  I am one who agrees with the statement about America being great. If we want America to be great again, we must first become good again. No politician can do that. No businessman can do that. A pastor might be able to with God's help, but as we keep getting told "we are not electing a pastor". We need to get America back to God  for America to be good and great again.

  And we have no one to blame but ourselves. American Christianity has become so shallow and self-centered. We think we are the only Christians on the earth, and everything revolves around us. We are so much a part of the world and so much like the world, if Jesus would come back today; we might struggle between staying or going. We have set up other gods before Him, and He has become part of our lives, not what our lives revolve around. To many of us, denying ourselves and carrying a cross is a foreign idea. We want our stuff, we don't want to give up anything for God... unless it is for the 40 days of Lent.....and we want to decide what is OK and not OK for us to do as Christians.

  I've been guilty. I like to get what I want when I want it. I don't want to be deprived of anything. I don't want to deny myself.... and carry a cross? Ugh.

  America needs a revival. Countries have had revivals in the past that rocked nations, changed rulers, changed the country.......and maybe revival will only come with tough times. We have it too easy here in America. Oh, the gay rights issue has trampled our rights some; but compared to Christians across the world we have it good.... but if Hillary or Trump becomes president and puts their picks on the Supreme Court and furthers gay rights and other things that could hurt us and our freedoms.....things could get dicey here for American Christians. And if things get tough, maybe we will have time for God and revival.

  If every Christian took 11 Chronicles 7:14 to heart and did what that verse says, we might change the tide in our country. It is possible. Even if we do elect one of these corrupt politicians who will take our country even further from God; we could stem the tide and help bring our country back to God.

  Want to make America great again? First we must make it good...... and that good must involve God.

We've Got to Get America Back to God

Verse 1

What ever happened to “In God We Trust?”
Prayer has been banned and taken from us.
When will we say, “Enough is enough!”
And get our country back to God?


We’ve got to get America back to God
We’ve got to rule the world with the staff and rod.
We’ve got to fight the Devil everywhere we trod
We’ve got to get America back to God.

Verse 2
Millions of babies we’ve lost each year
What have we done to stop their tears
Christians rise up let America hear
we will take our country back to God.


We’ve got to get America back to God
We’ve got to rule the world with the staff and rod.
We’ve got to fight the Devil everywhere we trod
We’ve got to get America back to God.

The silence is broken
It’s time now to stand
Well take this walk for Jesus
If we go hand in hand


We’ve got to get America back to God
We’ve got to rule the world with the staff and rod.
We’ve got to fight the Devil everywhere we trod
We’ve got to get America back to God.

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