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Sunday, February 21, 2016

They aren't the Messiah

I'm fed up, annoyed, tired, and sick of this political process this election. First we have Donald Trump who has the most horrendous record and past of fighting against conservative and Christian values, while supporting liberals and their causes.... yet he suddenly switches parties and manages to gather a huge conservative and Christian following of which the people ignore all of the reasons a Christian or conservative should not vote for him.

  And then we have some men who have pretty good and conservative records: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich...... and Carson seems to be good, though he doesn't have much of any kind of record.

   I have been leaning mostly toward Cruz, though I like Rubio as well and he was my top pick for a while; but I have more concerns about him than Cruz, and the way Rubio supporters have been acting; it is making me lean more towards Cruz. I have watched both men, and they both have stuck their necks out, though Cruz has stood up to the Democrats and RINOs even more than Rubio has.

  Come on.... can we not be so radical and fanatical about one certain candidate? I have yet to see anything very credible to knock Cruz out of the running for me. Rubio - a couple of things bother me, but nothing too major, yet Rubio supporters are starting to be as rude and malicious in their attacks and blemishing of Cruz as Trump supporters are... it is getting hard to tell Trump and Rubio supporters apart when the subject of Ted Cruz comes up. And I have seen some stuff from Ted Cruz supporters that is pretty mean.

 No candidate is perfect, and none of them are going to play fair. I saw a criticism of Cruz for saying bad things about Rubio, and the person said Rubio never does about Cruz.....YES HE DOES - the two have been at each others' throats a lot insulting and criticizing each other. Come on....let us be honest, let us be realistic as we support a candidate. None of them are the hope for America. We are acting just like so many did with Jesus when He was on earth. They had hopes of a Messiah who would fight Rome and deliver them, but Jesus was not here for that.... and none of these candidates are going to save us all. Hopefully, they can turn some things around and get some good judges on the bench, but let us not put them on such a high pedestal and put more hope in them that they are capable of delivering on. We are putting our faith in men and hoping that politics is going to save this country and make everything just hunky dory.

  Voting for Trump is not even a possibility for me. Read my reasons here. However, if Trump by some miracle does not get the nomination, I will vote for whoever does and support them....... so it doesn't make sense for me to bash a candidate now who I may vote for later, or bash their supporters - and neither does it for you. You love Rubio? That is fine, but you may have to vote for Cruz, so tone down the Cruz hate. You love Cruz? That is fine, but don't go after Rubio so much. Can we not support a candidate without doing what the politicians do - tear down people, attack character, act like non-Christians as we go after a candidate like they are red meat and we are starving dogs?

  I am more concerned about morals. I am more concerned about character. I am more concerned about how a candidate differs from Trump. Hillary, Bernie, and Obama. None of the candidates are Jesus and capable of doing a miracle, but we do have a couple of godly candidates who stand for the right things and also have conservative political views and stances. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - and Carson - are our Christian brothers. Let's start treating them like they are, and cut out this crap of attacking their character and the character and intelligence of those who support them. Let us stop acting like immature kids on the playground trying to get our way at any cost. We would never say the things to them or their supporters in person that we do on line...... we tend to be more cowardly and bullying on line where we don't have to look people in the face as we tear them down.

 I would have no problem voting for Cruz or Rubio, or Carson. Kasich concerns me in couple of areas, but he has been a decent governor and is heads above Trump, Hillary, and Obama..... so I could vote for him pretty easily...... but I am not going to radically support any candidate. We need to defeat Trump and get a true conservative to go up against Hillary or Bernie....... and how can we do a Trump turn around to support a candidate who we have bashed and attacked? How can we join with the same people who we have knocked and mocked for supporting the candidate we may end up having to support and vote for if we want to win this election.

  Let us act like the Christians we claim to be. Yes, as much as I am concerned about Trump and frustrated at the inability of his supporters to even acknowledge what is brought up about him - I need to tone that down.... but he is not a conservative. These other men are, and they are Christians. Would we be happy if something was brought up to make a Christian brother in our church look bad? Then why is it OK to be so happy when someone makes Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio look bad? Would we post malicious and things possibly not true about fellow church members? Then why is it OK to do it about these 2 men who are Christians but don't go to our church?

  Politicians fight dirty, no matter who they are.. but that doesn't mean that we can or should. Let's debate fair. Let's be reasonable, let's be charitable, and let's stop acting like our candidate is the Messiah and the only person anyone is allowed to support and vote for.

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  1. Great post! I agree with you 100%. I have been deeply bothered by the infighting between people who profess to be Christians. The name calling and putting down is beyond the pale. These are people that we profess to love and that we call "brothers" and "sisters" because of what Christ has done for us. How can we profess to love someone and then proceed to "cut them down to size" because they don't agree with our political stance? Last I knew, we were free moral agents and could have our own opinions. Just because someone doesn't agree with us doesn't make them wrong or stupid. They simply have a different viewpoint.