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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Amish getaway day #2, part 2

(If you're bothering to read my travel diary, read day 1 and day 2 part one before this :)

 On my way to Dalton, I spotted an interesting sign: "Faith Books, 1 mile." I cannot pass up a bookstore, so I turned around, and headed down a country road and kept an eye out for the store. It wasn't hard to find, and was a very nice store. They had a ton of music that seemed to be local groups, mostly local. There were a few CDs of nationally known Southern Gospel and CCM mixed in. The prices were pretty high, so I browsed, took a picture of a very cute horse hitched up to a small cart, and headed off to Dalton again.

  I got to P Graham Dunn around noon, and browsed for a long time, watching the workers below through the glass and shopping. I was looking for some pictures for my nephews' rooms as per my sister, but found nothing like they were wanting. I got a few things from their outlet room, and had something engraved for my parents, which to my surprise was half off - a Tuesday special.

  The young lady who had helped me told me about an interesting place to shop that my sister had said I should go to in nearby Kidron Ohio: Lehman Brothers Hardware. I decided to check it out, but got distracted by the pond in front of P Graham Dunn that had a small deck/dock on the water and a small chapel. I visited both of them and wandered around a bit by the pond, and then headed for Lehman Brothers.

  Lehman Brothers Hardware is an amazing store. The "hardware" part of their name does not begin to describe what they carry.... they carry everything. Books, food, toys, kitchen supplies, hardware. There is a cafe that has some sitting area behind bars, which is cool. There is a room that has large 3 D pictures a man carved out of wood. And the place is enormous. I was wanting to go home, so I browsed a bit, bought a bottle of sarsaparilla to try, and left for home, getting here around 3:25.

  I had a blast. This was the first kind of trip for me all by myself. Would it have been fun with someone? Of course, but it was fun with just me also. I did things at my own pace, stopped where I wanted, and just enjoyed being off by myself.

 And again, these 3 blog posts are more for me to look back on later, than for anyone else..... though anyone is welcome to read them. I'd thought about journaling, but this way I could put my pictures with what I wrote. It was time and money well spent.

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