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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Amish getaway day #2, part 1

Day #2 of my Amish getaway and of my travel diary. I had planned on getting up at 8 and heading for breakfast, but woke up at 7 and got up around 7:20. I got a shower, had my devotions, dressed, and headed to the Dutch Valley restaurant.... the closest thing to the inn by far on this trip. The coupon/voucher was for a free breakfast buffet, drink not included. The hostess was awesome and did not ask that annoying question "JUST one?" I even complimented her on it, and she replied there is nothing wrong with one person eating out, and that she does it.

  The buffet was pretty impressive, and had way too much food for me to try. First trip: egg casserole, 2 kinds of sausage, bacon, ham, and potato wedges with cheese sauce over them. Second trip; Sausage gravy over a biscuit, more sausage links,  and bread pudding. Trip three: Another piece of bread pudding (it was really good) and 2 small pancakes. I paid for the sweet tea I had had, and came back to  the room for a few to get more vouchers.

  I went to downtown Sugarcreek to check out a couple of other places I had vouchers for. First up was another bookstore: The Gospel Shop, which had a 20% off your entire purchase I found a few books and bookmarks I wanted, then discovered the world's giant cuckoo clock was almost directly across the street. I had been wanting to go see it, but didn't know it had been moved and didn't want to travel to the town it was in...... so that was a pleasant surprise to discover it had been moved, Unfortunately, they have it shut down during the winter, so I did not get to see it in motion.

  I walked back to my car and was trying to find out where the next place I was going to, and discovered I was sitting in front of it. It was a decanter store, so a lot of the merchandise was related to the consumption of alcohol..... which I don't do. I found a couple of items around $4 that I liked that had nothing to do with beer, and used their 20% voucher on them.

 Then it was back to my room to pack up and head out before the 11 check out time. I still had a few places to go, and headed for Lamp and Light Candles for a free flower pot candle.... the store was poorly names. Candles they had, but no lights.... it was Amish owned and run out by some farms. They didn't even take debit cards, and being as I only had $3 in cash, I figured there was no reason to shop.

  The next stop for me was P Graham Dunn in Walnut Creek. They make and sell pictures and wooden products among others, and do a lot of imprinting. I got a very nice metal memo pad holder that has a pen and 3 memo pad refills, and had my name and a cross put on it. I decided to get some gifts for Easter and have engraved, so I went down the road about a mile to my next free item while the engraving was going on.

  Hillcrest Orchards gave a voucher for a 1/2 gallon of apple cider. While there, I stepped out onto an observation deck and took a few pictures, discovered free samples of hot and cold cider - I love samples! - and bought a few items. The people running it were very nice, and when I asked a young guy about an apple I was unfamiliar with, he told me I could have one to try, but I just bought the apples untried.

 Armed with my free cider (which is really good!), I went back to pick up my items that had been engraved. I decided to pass on the last few free items as they were far out of my way, and I had decided to head home a different way and go the main P Graham Dunn in Dalton, Ohio. (It is much larger than the one I had just visited.)

  As I was leaving, I discovered a covered bridge I had not noticed previously. I love covered bridges, so I detoured to walk on it, drive across it, and take some pictures.

  After looking and acting like I'd never seen a covered bridge before, I headed out for the 30 minute trip to Dalton, Ohio..... though a 30 minute drive was not meant to be. Contined in another post.. this has too many pictures already :)

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