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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Praying for the hurting

I didn't see her when she first walked into the hospital. I glanced over just in time to see her more or less collapse onto the steps of the staircase in the main lobby. I walked over and asked her if she needed a wheelchair. Between sobs, she replied that she probably would. I grabbed one and helped her into it as she cried and thanked me. Having no idea what was up, I quickly grabbed a box of tissues and offered her a couple of them. She again thanked me, then said something that sent a stab of sympathy through me "our son just lost his baby", and she started crying harder.

  I rested my hand on her shoulder and told her I was sorry. Her husband walked in from parking the car, and I asked them if they were heading for labor and delivery. They weren't sure where they had to go,  so I got the mother's name and had the lady at the front desk to look her up. I got the room number, and was about to tell them how to get there; but I felt I should just walk them down. It is a long walk, and an elevator ride from the first floor down to the basement floor..... a far walk for grief stricken grandparents to find their way. So I told them I'd take them down.

  It was a silent walk as we proceeded  most of the way down the 1100 foot hallway to the last set of elevators. The only sound was the woman's soft crying. We rode the elevator down, and I guided them through the two sets of doors to the labor and delivery desk. I stepped over and softly told the ladies at the desk that they were family of the baby that had just died. I turned to go, and the man grabbed my hand and thanked me. I told him he was welcome, and then the woman grabbed my hand and thanked me. I put my other hand on her shoulder and asked, "Is it okay if I keep your family in my prayers?" They nodded and thanked me, and I patted the lady on the shoulder and headed back to the elevator. As I got on, I found tears coming to my eyes. How sad to have something like that happen.

 Later, the man walked through the main lobby and shook my hand and thanked me again. I asked if it was their first grandchild, which it was not. However, it was their son's first child. I don't know what happened, or how far along the mother was.... or even if the father and mother are married; but I knew this was a hurting family.

 I have been praying for God to use me. I don't know if going out of my way today and offering sympathy and prayers will make a difference for that family. I hope it offered them a small sense of comfort. I may never see them again, but I have done as I promised. I have prayed a few times today for the family, and will try to do so in the next few days.

 This wasn't written to toot my own horn, but to point out how we need to take these opportunities God puts in front of us to be kind and offer prayer for people. We never know what a difference it could make.

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