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Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 days of thankfulness, Day 29: Thankful for freedom

I forgot to post yesterday, so this one is a day late: on day 29, I am thankful for freedom. Our country is fast heading the wrong way, and though even conservative friends seem to weary of talk about such things - they'd rather stick their heads in the sand - this administration, like no other before it, has an anti-Christian bias, and seems bent on ruling against us, of curbing our freedoms in favor of Muslims, gays, atheists, and anyone who is against we Christians.

  But yet, even as God is being kicked out more and more, Nativity scenes are being banned from property  pertaining to the government, Christmas is slowly being banned, Christians are losing in almost any case involving gay marriage........ we still have freedoms. We don't have to worry when we are sitting in church that the police will come barging in to arrest us for daring to worship God instead of who the government says.......yet.

  Unless you live under the iron rule of a home builder's association or something similar, we are relatively free to do as we like where we live.

  And no matter where we live, we can experience the best kind of freedom that is available to anyone on earth: freedom from sin, from the devil's rule.

  Even as Obama and his liberal judges and minions march over our religious freedoms and kick God out of everywhere they can, they can't kick Him out of our hearts. They can take away any freedoms we have here in the USA........ and they seem hell bent on doing so....... but they cannot take away freedom in Christ. Only we can do that by walking away from God.

  And that is the best kind of freedom there is. We will all die some day and leave America with any freedoms we have left, but we will take freedom from sin with us. True freedom.

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