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Sunday, November 23, 2014

30 days of thankfulness, Day 23: Thankful for Christian bookstores

  On day 23, I am thankful for Christian bookstores. It really is a sort of therapy for me to go in one and browse and shop, even if I don't buy anything...... but buying makes it even more fun.

  One reason I am so anti-ebook, is because I worry about real books being phased out. For a true book lover, there is nothing like handling books, feeling them in your hands, browsing shelves of books.....  you don't have that when your books are files on a hand held electronic device.

  And it isn't just books. The music, gifts, atmosphere, the music playing....... Unless you are a bookstore lover, you can't understand how enjoyable it is. And I am thankful I have a nice one to shop at in Boardman, OH.

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