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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

30 days of thankfulness, Day 12: Thankful for books

  I was never a star pupil in school, but there was one thing I excelled at: reading. It has been years since my elementary days, but I can still remember the teachers saying I read above my level. Somewhere in my elementary years, I became an avid reader. I wanted to do it above anything else, and I usually did. I'd get a stack of books from the library and have them all back before the due date, and all of them read.

  Those early days of reading were filled with Hardy Boys books, Bobbsey Twins, Boxcar Children, and other such books. As I got older, my reading tastes changed and eventually leveled out to where I read mostly Christian fiction.

  I have no idea how many books I have read over the years, but it is a lot. It has been an escape, a good use of my time. I have traveled to places through books that I will never be in life, I have learned things through reading that I would not have learned otherwise.

  People may look at we readers and wonder how we can do it, why we would want to do it, and think it a waste of time. Meanwhile, I look at other people and wonder why they don't read, why they waste time and money doing THAT, and consider myself better off reading than to be caught up in other methods of spending time.

  So on day 12, I am very thankful for books (REAL books, not e-books!),  for my love of reading, and just wish I had more time to read the tons of books out there I will never have time to read.

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