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Sunday, November 2, 2014

30 days of thankfulness, Day 2: Thankful for the Sabbath

On the second day of November, I am thankful for the Sabbath Day. I don't understand people who don't want to keep it. There is a lot of debate and argument about what does and does not constitute keeping the Sabbath holy, but there shouldn't be. There is such a thing as common sense. It isn't keeping the Sabbath holy to be in a stadium full of screaming beer drinking fans or riding roller coasters and other noisy rides in an amusement park.

  In the Old Testament, the rules for what you could and could not do seem ridiculous to us, and we don't have to be that careful anymore, but too many people just view it as a day for pleasure to do whatever we want..... an attitude that is becoming more and more prevalent among Christians in general - if it feels good, do it. We have the "right".

  However, this is a thankfulness post, not a rant against people who break the Sabbath. (And take the argument that the Sabbath is really on Saturday and shove it.... that is used by people who don't keep the Sabbath and want to make excuses). I love having a day when I don't have to do much, and imagine this - God commanded us to rest on the Sabbath! What kind of idiot wants to argue with that? Commanded to not work..... who needs commanded to not work, and who would fight against that?!

  I never worked Sundays until I worked at Sav A Lot, my last job, and I hated doing it. But I had no choice. Then I moved onto my current job and worked from June of last year through March every Sunday. Granted, I wasn't working much. I sat at a desk and read and watched movies the whole day, pausing only to walk each of the 4 floors and occasionally let a patient in to see a counselor. But it still felt wrong.

 People have varying ideas and beliefs about what we should and shouldn't do on Sundays, but I believe it should come down to a few things:
1) It should be quiet
2) It shouldn't be strenuous
3) We should be able to honor God by what we do.

  Sound strict? Well, we are told to keep it holy, and can we line up what we do on Sundays with holy?

  I am sure my family is more careful than most people would think we should be. No household work - women should love that one, and the day is spent by church, reading, napping, and occasionally a walk. No work, No shopping. No eating out. (If I don't want to work and miss church, why should I take advantage of people who have to work today?)

  I for one, shall rest on Sundays when I can. Go to church, eat, and rest. Why fight it? I wish we had 2 days a week like that :)

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