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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Christian Trump supporters...... remember that time you took an unpopular stand?

   If you are a Christian Trump supporter who is trying to get myself and other Christians to vote for your guy, or if you are one of those Christians who didn't vote for Trump but feel we must do so in the main election and are pressuring myself and others to join in, do a small exercise - no, not THAT kind of exercise, but a mental one:

 Think back over the years that you have been a Christian..... way back for some of you...... Now if you have truly served God and put Him first, there are probably a few times - or more than a few - that as a Christian you had to take a stand that was not popular. It may have been at work. It may have been with family. You most likely took a stand or more in your life that cost something...a stand that angered people, disappointed people......possibly even other Christians..... but because you are a Christian, you felt you had to take that stand.

  Now keeping that in mind, and remembering what it is like to not have your stand understood or appreciated, think on this:

  Is it too much to expect from you and other Christians who support Trump, that you  would understand and respect my and others' decision to not vote for Donald Trump if he does become the nominee?

I truly feel it would be wrong of me to vote for him on more than one level and for many reasons.

I also feel that it would be hypocritical of me to vote for him after all of my warnings about him, my blog and Facebook posts, and my insistence that a Christian should not vote for him. I am angry and frustrated with Trump voters, and especially Christian ones for supporting this sleazeball who is faking being a Republican..... why would I do the same thing after being so angry with them? Would I not be a hypocrite?

  Yeah, I get it, Hillary will be a disaster for our country and our freedoms. I don't want her as president, and believe our country will be worse off after a Hillary presidency.

  But if it was wrong for me to vote for Trump in the primaries, isn't it still wrong for me to vote for him in the general election? And you are not the one to decide if it is right or wrong for me......I have prayed and thought about it, and I cannot in good conscience or self respect vote for the man. Wrong doesn't become right just because there is a tough choice or because everyone else is doing it.

  Let me be blunt: I feel anyone supporting Donald Trump has thrown principles, morals, and common sense out the window and are ignoring the vast amount of reasons he is a terrible candidate and one Christians and conservatives should not support.... and a candidate that will surely lose to Hillary. You really aren't any better than Obama's voters who chose to ignore his past and policies, and voted for an inexperienced liberal narcissist.

   So really, is it too much to expect that these same Christians who surely have taken a stand for something in their life against what others are OK with, would understand our position? So why can't they stop throwing stones at us and realize that is what we are doing: taking a stand and refusing to do something that many of us feel will compromise our values, principles, morals, and Christianity?

  Or are they special in the fact that what they take a stand for takes precedence over what I take a stand for?

   Or is it that they  are they so blind and so dedicated to Donald Trump, that the idea is foreign to them that any Christian could possibly and honestly have good reason to not vote for the man? Is that where we are at, that politics and stopping the Democrat candidate from winning is more important than doing the right thing and abstaining from what we feel is wrong? Are they so bent on ignoring everything about Donald Trump, that they want to pressure us to ignore the same things and vote for the candidate they were too blind to see the truth about?

   Quite honestly, I can't see Donald Trump will be  much better than Hillary Clinton. They held the same views for years and have supported the same politicians, and he has been friends with the Clintons. She may be more extreme on some issues than he is, but it is obvious to anyone paying attention that he hasn't changed his views on much, if on anything.

   And yet, other Christians want me to set aside this determination and conviction I have to not vote for him on the slight chance he will put conservative judges on the Supreme Court..... the same man who said his pro-abortion liberal sister would make a great Supreme Court justice.

  I don't know. Maybe it is asking too much and expecting too much to think that other Christians could possibly understand our position and respect it. These are the same people who have been supporting this vulgar and vile man, and who have staunchly defended him no matter what he says or does. It is kind of like expecting the gay person claiming to be a Christian to understand our view that we can't condone that lifestyle... it probably won't happen.

  Is stopping the person running on the Democratic ticket so important that we must lower our standards and toss out what is important and right just to attempt to stop that person? And is it that important that Trump supporters who are Christians must badger others to also toss out principles and morals to join them?

  If not, the day may come when these Christian Trump apologists take a stand and have other Christians giving them a hard time for not going along with what they want....and maybe they will look back and remember this and finally understand why we didn't fall in and do what they wanted us to do.

 I promised I'd never vote for a pro-abortion candidate. Trump has proven he is not pro-life and has even supported partial birth abortion. I don't care what ticket a candidate runs on, if they do not oppose abortion, I am not voting for them. Period, exclamation point.

 In closing, I can't predict the future, but I do follow politics and can think; and I am convinced Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary. The last two elections, conservatives and Christians have stayed home because the choices were so bad......do you really think those same people will go out and vote for a man even worse? I can't see it, and it is driving people who have voted - like me - to not vote for the GOP candidate.

  I shall do what I believe is the right thing as a Christian, and that is do a write in. I cannot and will not lower myself and toss out everything I need to toss out and vote for a liberal sleazeball....even if the other choice is as bad or a little worse.

  If you, as a Christian cannot understand and respect my decision and that of others like me, then you are in a sense being hypocritical if you have ever taken a stand as a Christian that was unpopular, and are acting towards us like others acted towards you.

 We are not of this world. Our citizenship is in Heaven, and this world is going to get steadily worse. Politics and even our freedoms aren't above God or as important as doing the right thing.


**I do not think I am better than Trump supporters, but I do believe I am more awake and have more common sense than a lot of them presently.

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