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Monday, May 2, 2016

Politics: Misplaced faith

This election cycle has been a messy and vicious one; and a very bizarre one. It looks like the Republican nominee is most likely going to be a liberal who has donated money to the very people who fight Christians and conservatives the most. In addition to the many reasons Christians and conservatives should run from him, he is being investigated for fraud. On the other side of the aisle is a woman he has been friends with for years and who he has supported financially and in other ways. She is under investigation by the FBI and should be in jail, not running for president; yet voters are swarming around these two extremely corrupt individuals like they are God Himself. It really is a sad commentary on our country that out of the millions of people in America, this is the best we can do.

   I am worried. I could be wrong, but with the polls and unfavorable ratings; it looks like a sure thing that if Hillary and Trump are the candidates, she will beat him. A Hillary presidency is scary. She has promised to further gay rights, go after guns, and she hates conservatives and Christians and views us as the enemy. There is a high likelihood that the next president could seat 2-3 Supreme Court justices, and we know what kind of judges she would put on the bench... it truly could be the end of our Constitution and religious freedoms. And yet I fear Trump wouldn't be much better. He has also promised to further gay rights, and has been on the wrong side of every conservative issue before his sudden miraculous conversion to being a Republican. The idea of Donald Trump putting Supreme Court justices on the bench is also a disturbing idea. He has said that his very liberal pro-abortion sister would make a great Supreme Court justice, so one could assume his choices wouldn't be much different than Hillary's..... and he has flip flopped on every issue, so who knows what he does stand for or what damage he would do as president.

  These last eight years under Obama have been bad. Pretty much every fear we had has come to fruition under him. Our religious freedoms are under attack far more now than before he became president, and our country is less safe than before him. Only God knows how much worse it will get under a Hillary or Trump presidency.

  I have had some thoughts spinning around in my head lately:

1) We Christians are not living for this world. If life was perfect here, why would anyone want to go to Heaven? Jesus said the world would hate us, and if we truly live the Christian life that we should; we will not be liked by the world.

2) Others have had it worse and kept their faith. As I have thought about a Hillary or Trump presidency, Ahab and Jezebel came to mind...possibly the wickedest king and queen Israel had. They were so bad and evil that God's prophets were on the run and in hiding to avoid being killed by this wicked couple. so if Ahab Trump or Jezebel Hillary becomes president, the church will survive. We will survive.

In the early days of Christianity, Christians went through all sorts of things. They were thrown to the lions, used as human torches, and more..... and yet the church lived on and Christianity did not die.

Even today, Christians in Muslim countries are going through terrible things because they are Christians. If Hillary becomes president, we will not be as bad off as some Christians are.

3) Our faith cannot lie in politicians, politics, America, and our freedoms we have as Americans. I still believe Ted Cruz could turn this country around - or at least stem the tide a bit,  but it seems the majority wants the worst candidate to ever run on the GOP ticket... yet, Cruz isn't the answer. Our hope cannot lie in Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or any other politician, If we have lost sight of the fact that God is in control no matter who runs our country, then our faith is misplaced; and is in politicians/politics.

All of we Christians - myself included - go overboard with this political stuff. Yes, of course there is reason for concern, but should I or you be freaking out at the very likely horrible outcome of this election? Are we placing our faith and trust in God if we are constantly worrying and fretting about the election outcome? I am one of  the biggest offenders, so I am preaching to myself also.

And yes, I am still frustrated and angry with the conservatives and Christians who are so blindly supporting the likes of Donald Trump. I don't understand how a Christian with any discernment and principles could vote for and support people like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and am frustrated that the lack of discernment and caring about the important things from them will impact my future and freedoms....but God will still be in control.

4) Maybe what American Christians need is tough times. There are those who scoff at the idea of there being persecution here in America... they are usually liberal Christians who have no problem with sin or liberal policies..... but there is some persecution going on in America. No, it is nothing like what Christians are facing in other countries, but it has started. The further gay rights are pushed, the more freedoms we will lose and we will be dealt with if we dare say these things are wrong. People are already losing jobs and businesses for not caving in......and it will get worse under Hillary and Trump. The day could come when you won't be able to hold a job or even buy and sell unless you embrace gay marriage and all things gay.

Our country is getting progressively more and more wicked. Christianity in America has become so shallow that the differences between us and the world are barely discernible. Maybe we need shaken up so we find out what we are made of and if we are truly on God's side or not. I don't want to see persecution or experience it, but history shows that the church grows during persecution.

5) It isn't all about us. Someone said to me a while back that the return of Jesus must be close with the mess our country is in. We Americans tend to be a bit self-centered, We aren't the only country God cares about. We Christians here are not the only Christians in the world, and God's timetable does not revolve around America and our politics. Does He care? I am sure He does, but He has a world to run, not just one country. If Trump or Hillary becomes president and further destroys America and our freedoms, the world will still go on.

  I have been very outspoken about Donald Trump and not voting for him. I won't list the reasons again, as if you like Trump you don't seem to care how bad he is, and if you don't like him you already know....... but this post underscores why I can't and won't vote for him. These things should be more important than politics and voting for and supporting evil just to stop another evil from being president:

Being a Christian
Doing the right thing
Having principles

6) If - and that is a big if - I walked into the voting booth and voted for a candidate I detest and think is the biggest sleazeball since Bill Clinton just to try to stop Hillary from voting, what does that say about me?

  I know a lot of people who don't support Trump will vote for him if he wins the nomination in hopes to stop Hillary......but is that really OK? Is that the answer? Are we standing for what is right and against what is wrong if we vote for the wrong guy just so the other wrong guy (or woman) doesn't win?

  I am tired of voting for the lesser evil and of voting for candidates who do not stand for the right things just so I can attempt to help stop a worse evil,..if there is one this time. Knowing all I know about Donald Trump, his lifestyle, his past, his actions and words.... if I walked into a voting booth and voted for him just to try to stop Hillary Clinton from being president; then politics are too important to me and are taking precedence over principles and my Christianity.

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