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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Should a Christian boycott Target?

 I am not a big boycott guy. I have seen boycotts called for a lot of times, and often it has been something that I don't use or patronize anyway.

  And then there is Target. I have seen many Christians slamming a boycott, but for the most part they are the same Christians who have no decency or common sense to take issue with men using the women's bathrooms, fitting rooms, locker room, etc; or vice versa.

  People on the other side of these issues have no problem boycotting to get their agenda through, but should Christians?

  I believe we should in some cases. Our country is getting more and more wicked and morally bankrupt - one has to only look at the two frontrunners for president to see that. This is just the latest thing Christians have failed at as they throw their support behind the worse candidate to ever run as a Republican, and the most morally bankrupt candidate since Bill Clinton.

  I could be wrong, but I feel if Christians had taken a stand all along, we would not be in the mess we are in. But instead of taking a stand, we just stepped aside, or worse...we went along with whatever came along. It seems we Christians have gotten so used to just going along with everything, that now many of us feel we can't take any stand. It is a sad day when Christians take more of a stand against other Christians than they do against what is wrong and insane. If you dare take the sensible approach to the bathroom issue, other Christian side with the world and liberals and attack you. If you dare even say homosexuality is a sin, much less take on the cake issue; other Christians stand against you and call you names.

  Back to Target. They don't have a good record when it comes to policy:

1) They do not allow the Salvation Army to have bell ringers at their stores so their shoppers can have a "distraction free shopping experience"... ironic they don't care about the distractions of men in the women's fitting rooms and bathrooms.

2) More recently, Target did away with identifying toys by gender. There are no longer boys and girls toys in the toy department.... the toy department is gender-less.

  And now their official policy is "gender-less bathrooms". Men and women can use whichever bathrooms and fitting rooms that they want. The feelings of .3% of the population matters more than the safety and feelings of a majority. There has already been one incident at a Target in Missouri where a 23 year old man was taking pictures of women in the fitting room. There was also an incident in another Target where a man was just leaning on the wall in the women's bathroom, and management refused to do anything about it and said he was allowed in there,

  So I personally feel that it is time to boycott Target. It is not a Christian issue, it is a common sense and decency issue. It isn't even an LGBT issue. The problems so far have come from men that are not transgender. But by bowing to the wishes of the LGBT movement, they are opening the doors for any man or boy to walk in.

  I do believe we should be careful how we boycott. Don't be like the woman who went in a Target this week waving her Bible and screaming about Target being evil and that everyone should stop shopping. Sign a pledge, call and politely tell them you are not going to shop there anymore and why. Don't scream, don't have a rotten attitude, but be polite and firm.

   And yes, I am aware that more stores may follow, that the government may force this insane agenda and policy on all of us...... Obama is for it, Hillary and Trump are for it....and we may have to shop at stores eventually with this insane and dangerous policy.

  But we aren't there yet, and if Target got hurt enough by it, it might cause other stores to take caution in this area.

  So I am boycotting away and have already signed a pledge and made a polite phone call. No more Target for this guy. It is time we Christians stopped going along with the immorality and insanity in our country, and take a stand.

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