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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lipstick on my collar

  The second half of my work day, I am stationed in the main lobby of the hospital across from the gift shop and coffee/snack shop. The gift shop is run by volunteers from the ladie's auxiliary, and they are all up in years and wealthy. One of those ladies, Pat, is a very skinny lady in at least her 70's; possibly 80's. She had been off work for several months due to health problems. I had seen her a month or so ago when she was here for a test and she was just getting out and around using a walker. Wednesday of last week was her first day back in the gift shop, so I walked in to say hi and see how she was doing. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek, then laughed and brushed at my collar and said she hoped she didn't get any lipstick on my collar. I chatted with her and the other lady at the counter, then I went back to my post.

  I checked my shirt collar later, and there was no lipstick on it.....but so what if there had been? It would be worth the hug and kiss I got from a lady because I expressed concern about her and happiness that she was up and about again.

  This incident has been on my mind since then.  I often feel like I am not concerned enough about the people around me, nor involved enough. I have gotten better than I used to be, but there is much room for improvement,

There's the PCA who has had a lot of back pain lately, so I ask her every once in a while how she is doing.

There's the lady I work with whose grandson landed in the ICU because of severe diabetes, and I ask about him occasionally.

There's the lady who volunteers in the coffee shop whose husband has been bad health-wise, and I ask about him when I think of it.

Another lady who works in the coffee shop has had some health issues lately, and I have asked how she is doing.

  Since I  had my own health problems back in March, I have had several people ask me how I am doing, comment about my weight loss..... and on Thursday it was  birthday greetings from friends and family on Facebook and from people who work at the hospital who found out it was my birthday. These have all made me feel loved and cared about. It is amazing what an expression of caring or concern, or even a birthday greeting can do.... and if these things make me feel loved and cared about, then should I not do my best to do that for others?

  We often get in this little bubble that consists of ourselves, family, and close friends. Look around you after the next church service. A lot of us typically chat with the same people before or after church each week, and there are probably people we rarely or never speak to; not intentionally, but that is just the way it goes.

All of us, but especially we who serve God; need to show more care and concern for those around us. It may require getting our hands dirty, going out of our way, being inconvenienced, or getting  lipstick on our collar; but we need to be out there loving, caring, and helping others.  None of us may ever know while on this earth what it meant to someone. Only eternity will reveal all of that.

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