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Sunday, May 22, 2016

More May random musings

  Random musings happen when I am in the mood to blog, but can't come up with anything. A random list is just a bunch of mostly unrelated subjects that have been floating around in my mind lately, but ususally aren't enough to do a whole blog post about.

  Welcome to Mark's May Musings Random list..... and there may be some repeats from the previous post, especially the first...... but I am really looking forward to it.....


 In two weeks from yesterday (Saturday);  I,  my parents, my oldest sister and her husband, and my 3 nieces will be departing Ohio for a week in the Outer Banks. I am very much looking forward to it, and can't wait. We will be staying at the Misty Lady in Avon...... and it can't come soon enough.

Raise $$

  After 2 years and 11 months at the same job, I finally got a raise...48 cents. I work for a company that is outsourced by the hospital, and it was in the contract no raise for 3 years. May marks 3 years.

Beautiful males

   They say the male is often the most beautiful in animal species. i.e.: peacock, lion cardinal, etc.... does the need for women to wear make up to look better, and not men mean the same is true in humans? :)


 Nothing says trashy like a woman covered in tattoos. Men don't look any better, but it seems worse on a woman.

Blaming others on the road

  If motorcyclists and truck drivers spent as much time and effort at driving safely as they do ranting against car drivers, they'd be a lot better off.

Being a martyr 

  I am reading a book about persecuted and martyred Christians down through the ages. As I have read with some horror of how Christians were tortured and killed...often by the Catholic Church for daring to have a Bible in English or challenging the baptism doctrine.... I have found myself wondering how I'd stand up to it. Christianity is losing popularity in this country, and even other Christians are taking a stand against we who dare to take a stand on anything that the liberals/world/media, etc wants.

   I worry that we American Christians are so weak, shallow, and self -centered that most of us will not be able to stand true persecution.


 According to my fitbit bracelet data, I have walked 266 miles since I started using it on March 23. I average 4 miles a day on most days. I am still hanging around 26 pounds lost, and am hoping I get past this plateau I have hit.


   I was raised that Sundays are different. It is a day to rest and relax, go to church, and worship God. I don't get why so many people don't appreciate that. A day God says NOT to work and to rest....who in their right mind wouldn't take advantage of that? :)


   This week I will turn another year older. I can't believe I am as old as I am, and find myself wondering where the years have gone.


  This election cycle has shown that Republican voters are no different or better than Democratic voters. They are electing a man that should never have gotten one vote, and it is sad how many Christians not only have no problem with what kind of man and candidate Donald Trump is, but many defend his lack of character and his immoral actions. I am seriously considering un-registering as a Republican.......this party sickens me.


  I never got rid of the clothes that I grew out of, and am getting into a lot of what hasn't fit me for a few years..... and I now have too many clothes to fit in my closet.....which is a good thing

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