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Thursday, May 26, 2016

My birthday

  Today is my birthday, and though I don't look forward to turning another year older; it has been a great day and week.

  Monday evening, my entire family got together to celebrate my birthday and my middle niece Allie's birthday. Hers is the day after mine, so we usually do both at the same time. We had a Dairy Queen cake for her and a chocolate cake for me.......and I did eat a piece of both. My mom made fried chicken - my favorite - and we also cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and ate outside with some side dishes. The evening ended with sitting around a fire in the chimney thing my parents have.

  Today, my actual birthday; I received several birthday greetings on Facebook and at work, which made my day as I read through them throughout the day.

  My very nice supervisor left me leave two hours early from work. I came home and changed clothes and my parents and I headed for Boardman to eat at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday. We stopped at Das Dutch House where one of my sisters and two of my nieces work so I could pick up my gift from my nieces - a bag of sugar free candy and a collectible figure from the Mario games,  I made a quick trip into Family Christian bookstore to get a couple of items with my 50% and 40% coupons I had. And then we ate.

  I think I about blew out the calorie counter on the My Fitness Pal app I use. I definitely went over the carbs and calories recommended. I had the 10 sirloin, fries, the cactus blossom - free with a coupon, and 2 rolls. I couldn't even eat all of my fries. And then the waitress brought me ice cream with chocolate syrup for my birthday. I was stuffed, and definitely off of my diet.

 But it was worth it. I cringe at the idea of being this close to 50 (3 more years) and still not having it all together and of not being where I want to be in life....... but I am blessed in friends, family, and God and His grace. I am still alive and fairly healthy..... and getting more healthy. I got some nice gifts, cards, and money in addition to all of the birthday wishes on line and at work.

 So I end this birthday thankful. Thankful for life, health, God, grace, family, friends, gifts, and the fact that my cousin Rhonda will always be 5 months older than me........ :)

My birthday stash below :)

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