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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reasons why it is better to be a man

I am feeling a bit under the weather, and am in the mood to blog with no ideas coming to me........other than this. And this is for fun, so don't get up a miff tree ladies....

Reasons why it is better to be a man than a woman:

1) We never have to shave anywhere, though why would I want to cover up this face with a beard?

2) We never have to go to baby showers or bridal showers.

3) We never get invites to parties where we feel obligated to pay too much money for something we don't really want or need.

4) We can look good and be happy with our looks without having to spend time and money on products to make us look good.

5) No panty hose, Ever.

6) We look better in pants and jeans than in a dress.

7) We can have hairy legs and look good.

8) A mustache on us usually looks good.

9) We never have to experience childbirth.

10) If we are losing our hair, we can shave it off and pull off looking OK, or even great.

11) We can be around other guys and not have to talk about our feelings.

12) Cheaper underwear in 3 and 5 packs

13) We can pee standing up.

14) We look at home behind the wheel of a pickup.

15) We really can sit and think about nothing.

16) We can trim our nails and be happy without putting colored gunk on them.

17) No strap problems ever.

18) We never have to wipe lipstick off of our coffee cups.

19) We can wash and dry our undergarments without worrying about them shrinking.

20) We can spit and belch and not worry about our image.

21) We can wear what we want to church and not worry about what the other guys are wearing.

22) No one raises an eyebrow if we eat a lot at the dinner table.

23) If we don't hear from a friend for a few days, we don't assume the worst.

24) We can shower quicker and get dressed faster than most women.

25) Drinking out of  the milk or orange juice carton doesn't bother us.

26) We don't feel the need to constantly be changing hair styles or hair colors.

27) We can slouch and sit with spread legs and still look like the gender that we are.

28) We don't have the problems and issues women have.

29) We have less to do to get dressed for a wedding.

30) If we don't like our mother-in-law, it is a little easier to avoid her.

31) Our hands can look rough without our needing to do something about them.

32) The lines for the men's bathrooms are always shorter.

33) We can open our own jars.

34) We know how to change a tire.

35) We don't feel the need to go to the bathroom together

36) We don't need to cover going to the bathroom by saying we need the powder room or need to "wash up".

37) Most men have inventive ways of getting away from the house.

38) Shopping usually takes us less time.

39) Grey hair adds character, and most guys don't feel the need to cover it up.

40) We can sit back and pretty much do nothing in preparation for a wedding.

41) If we are single, people don't look at us in pity.

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