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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I believe........

 This blog post came about as a result of comments on my last blog post and from conversations with a friend of mine I sincerely like, but he has such messed up ideas on God, the Bible, the founding of our country......(sorry if you're reading this, but it is true!) I have been thinking about what I believe, and how thankful I am that although I have had my times of doubt, and times that I wandered, that I was raised the way I am and that I believe what I believe. I decided to put some of those beliefs out there on a blog post.

1) I believe there is one God, and He is three in one: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I don't understand it, but that is OK. A God totally understood would not be God.

2) I believe God created the earth, animals, man, and everything else in 6 literal days of Creation, and that the earth is much younger than the secular scientists claim.

3) I believe we are all born sinners in need of a Savior, and we can serve Him and gain Heaven, or live without Him and spend eternity in hell.

4) I believe God sent His only Son in human form to die for the sins of the world so that we wouldn't have to be without hope, and that we wouldn't have to be constantly sacrificing animals.

5) I believe God sent His Son for all who believes, and that He does not pick and choose who He will offer salvation to and who He will sent to hell with no chance for redemption.

6) I believe that God is far more merciful and long-suffering than any of us will ever grasp or understand.

7) I don't believe it is as easy to lose your salvation as some churches have made it out to be, but neither do I believe that once you become a Christian that you can never walk away or that you will go to Heaven no matter what you do on this earth.

8) I do not believe in a salvation of works, but that if we truly love God we will have good works.

9) I believe all Christians should daily read God's Word and pray.

10) I believe God's Word is infallible, that He inspired holy men to write His words down for us. I believe that He is powerful enough that He has worked through imperfect man to give us His Word without error or contradictions. I believe that the Bible is relevant for today and God has not changed His mind on what is in His Word.

11) I believe Jesus still calls for us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him, though too many of us are shaky on the denying ourselves of anything.

12) I believe God is enough for any need, any struggle, or any situation.

13) I believe marriage is between one man and one woman, and there is no place in the Bible for marriage between people of the same gender, or for multiple marriages.

14) I believe God forms all of us in the womb, that abortion is murder, and that we Christians have not fought the horrible atrocity enough.

15) I believe homosexuality is a sin, that it doesn't matter if people are born gay or not..... that it does not make it OK in God's eyes. I believe only the act of gay sex is wrong, not the attractions, and that God can save people with those desires and help them to live for Him. I don't believe there is such a thing as a "gay Christian" who actively has sex with the same gender.

16) I believe God will forgive any and all sin, and can redeem any life no matter where they have been or what they have done.

17) I believe the church has dropped the ball on social issues and politics, and have too long bowed to the government by not mentioning them from the pulpit enough or at all.

18) I believe the church needs to do a better job of addressing the gay issue, and find a way to stand against gay marriage and the gay agenda while offering hope and love to gay people, especially those sitting in their pews. I don't believe the answer is patting them on the back and telling them their sin is OK with God.

19) I believe the family is very important, a man and woman married til death parts them. I believe too many people marry too fast without getting to know their partner well enough, and that selfishness and the lack of desire to work things out is a major reason for the breakup of marriages.

20) I believe most Christians are too busy, too tied to the world to truly do what God wants us to do while living on this earth.

21) I believe we are all required to forsake all and be missionaries to the world, not just those who go to other countries.

22) I believe in regularly attending church, but that is isn't always necessary to go every time the church doors open. I believe that too often the Sabbath is so full of church and church oriented activities that we don't obey the rest part of the commandment.

23) I believe that when possible we should avoid unnecessary work or strenuous and loud activities on Sunday, and avoid doing as much of our regular every day things we do through the week.

24) I believe if one is single, they must be celibate, that there is no place in a Christian's life for sex outside of a heterosexual marriage.

25) I believe that we are the gender God created us, and that any gender confusion should be treated, not encouraged, and that is anyone attempts a sex change that they are still the gender that they were born as.

26) I believe the church has failed in many areas and that the government has stepped up and done in many areas what we should have done.

27) I believe any Christian worth his salt will vote for candidates who line up most with the Bible and will not vote for candidates who are pro-abortion and have as part of their platform the "right" of women to kill their baby in the womb.

28) I don't believe anyone has the right to end their own life, and that assisted suicide is murder.

29) I believe the church has become too much like the world in beliefs, ideology, the way we dress, what we listen to, what we view, how we vote, and how we live in general. I believe it is Biblical to be in the world, but not of, and all of us have been too influenced by worldly ideas and are not far enough from the world.

30) I believe too many of us get worship wrong. I believe that worship is something we don't do enough of outside of the church walls, and that when we are in the church that it is more about us than about God.

31) I believe music is important and that we should listen to far more Christian music than secular.

32) I believe that we are too focused on entertainment, and that we let too much entertainment into our homes and into our souls than we should. I believe there is music Christians should not listen to, movies and/or TV shows Christians should not watch, books that Christians should not read, and places Christians should not go.

33) I believe there is a limit to how much skin a Christian should show, and that we all should not dress in ways to draw attention to ourselves or a certain part of our body, or in ways that would stir up lust in a Christian brother or sister.

34) I believe that though the Bible doesn't specifically forbid it, that Christians are better off not drinking alcohol, and there are far more reasons not to, than for us to indulge in it.

35) I believe if we had more faith, much more could be accomplished for God.

36) I believe too many of us don't take the time to care about and help those around us, even those that are in our own churches. I believe most of us are too busy, but make time for what we want to make time for.

37) I believe we should not judge people's motives, but the Bible does say we will know people by their fruits and that it is not judging to say something is a sin that the Bible says is a sin.

38) I believe churches need more community and needs to be more than a place we plug into a service or two a week, and don't connect in any way until the next service. I believe the church is far from the model of the early New Testament church.

39) I believe the church needs to be more like a family than most of us are.

40) I believe politics is not  the answer for our country, but I do believe if every Christian voted right and stood for the right things that we wouldn't be in as bad of a mess that we are in.

41) I believe America was founded on Christian principles, and that we have for too long let godless politicians, judges, and atheists tell us what we can and cannot do, and that those who came before us would never have caved in and stepped back so easily on issues such as prayer in school, gay marriage, abortion, and other such issues.

42) I believe that the further our country has gone from its Christian roots, the more godless we have gotten, the more immoral, and the more we have come to hate Christianity. I believe if we keep voting the way we vote, if we keep surrendering ground, Christianity will one day be illegal here in America.

43) I believe gay marriage is a travesty forced on us by 5 self important godless judges, 2 of whom should have re-cused themselves on the grounds that they had conducted gay weddings......but an agenda is far more important than integrity and doing what is right.

44) I believe our public schools have become indoctrination camps and Christian parents should not endanger their children's souls by sending them there. I believe the best option is a Christian school, followed by home schooling.

45) I believe God should be the most important part of our lives, and that serving Him will influence everything we do and say.

46) I believe there is a host of  things we should not do because we are Christians.

47) I believe in in the verse that says we should be careful not to offend our Christian brother and sister, that it could be taken too far, and that most of us don't even practice it.

48) I believe we can make the Christian walk more difficult than it should be, and that too often it becomes a list of items we check off.

49) I believe that all lives matter, and that no race deserves special recognition nor deserves to be put down in any way.

50) I believe that in spite of all my flaws, my insecurities, my mess ups, my hang ups, and all that makes me uniquely me...... God loves me far more than I could ever realize.

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