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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

To the man at McDonalds with a Bible

Last weekend I took off a few days and went to visit my best friend and other friends in southern Indiana. I came home last Monday and took my time coming home, stopping to shop, eat breakfast, and eat a late lunch with a friend.

 The first stop I made was at McDonalds for breakfast in some small Indiana town. An elderly gentleman was at the counter and motioned for me to go ahead of him. I told him I didn't know what I wanted yet, and to go ahead. He got a refill on his coffee and I stepped up to order.

 After I ate my breakfast, I headed for the restroom. As I walked past his table, I noticed he was sitting there with an open Bible that he was reading. On my way back from the restroom, I paused slightly. I wanted to say something, but was afraid I'd come across as a dork, so I left and thought about the man as I set out for Ohio.

  But I found myself wishing I had said something. It did my heart good to see someone openly reading their Bible in a public place, and I wanted to tell him so. I wanted to ask him to pray for me as I traveled the 400 miles or so that I had remaining. I wanted to tell him that I too am a Christian and found it encouraging and convicting that he could sit there in a restaurant and read God's Word.

  I don't imagine it is the first time. Something about him said he is a regular there. He may very likely go there every morning to have a coffee and read his Bible. I wonder if anyone ever stops at his table and talks to him. Does anyone ever do what I felt too weird to do, and tell him they are a Christian and appreciate seeing him there reading his Bible? Does anyone ever go up and ask him for prayer for themselves or for a loved one?

  Does anyone ever walk past his table and feel convicted for leaving the God they once served? Is anyone ever prompted to go home and do some business with a God they used to know, or have never known?

  Am I the only one who has seen him and wish that I could be so open about my faith that I could carry a Bible into a restaurant and sit there reading it while people look at me as they walk by or sit nearby?

  Oh to be so free and open that I could do that. And God help me to live the kind of life that people wouldn't be surprised to see me with my Bible in a public place.

 I will most likely never see that man again on this earth, but I would like to say to him what I didn't last Monday morning: "Kudos to you sir for your example. I too am a Christian, though you have me beat in being so public about your faith. Keep it up. You have no idea whose life you might touch as you sit there with your Bible. And enjoy that coffee."

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