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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I believe part 2

  On Monday I posted some thoughts I have about the Kim Davis saga, and just about started World War III by sharing it on Facebook. I lost track of the comments and replies to comments. It became a battle between a few of my co-workers, all against Kim Walker and are pro-gay, with several of my Christian friends taking the opposing view. I only caught a few of the more positive comments and ignored most of them, but have an idea what was said. I wanted to enjoy my holiday, so I mostly ignored the war going on. I thought about deleting the whole conversation, but I like my co-workers a lot, even though we disagree completely on this issue and didn't want to offend them, and neither did I want to offend my relatives and other friends on the other side...... so I let the comments all stand, and I still haven't read them.

   But I decided to do a blog post in response to what I gained from the comments:

1) I believe in the infallible Word of God, and that the Bible is God's Word and has no errors or contradictions, and God has not changed His mind on anything even if society and courts have.

2) I believe the Bible calls any sex outside of a married man and woman sin, and does not excuse it.

3) I believe being attracted to the same sex is not a sin, but lusting after the same sex or having sexual relations is a sin, so defined by the Bible in the Old AND New Testaments.

4) I believe homosexuality is just another sin and the church has too long looked on people who struggle with it or live it with disdain and revulsion and are guilty of making it into a worse sin than it is.

5) However, it is not like other sins in the fact that no other sin is being forced on us. No other sin gets us branded as bigots and hateful for daring to call it what God calls it, and no other sin has the effects on our society as it does.

6) I believe 5 judges ruling gay marriage is legal is a joke, and that God will never recognize gay marriages, and that no one can legalize sin.

7) I believe Christians need to stand up against gay marriage and the gay agenda, while finding a balance of loving gay people and not hating the sinner.

8) I believe any church or Christian that pats a gay person on the back and tells them they are OK and don't need to change, and that the Bible really doesn't say homosexuality is a sin is doing eternal damage and may end up helping that person to an eternity in hell.

9) I believe God has redemption and grace for the gay person, and just as with all sins demands they leave their sin behind and serve Him. Yes, it is difficult, but so is leaving any other habitual sin.

10) I don't believe people are born gay, but may be born with a predisposition to being gay. I believe that environment affects whether that person will be gay or not. I don't believe it really matters if people are born gay or not, as that still doesn't change God's Word. Fair? No, but people are born with all sorts of defects, prepositions to alcohol, drug, or even promiscuous "straight" sex.

11) I believe God loves gay people as much as anyone else and longs to deliver them from their sins.

12) I believe Kim Walker did the right thing by refusing to grant marriage licenses. That was not part of the job when she started, and just because 5 godless self important judges said it is legal, does not mean they should force her to now do it. I look on her as a hero, and hope if I ever have to take a stand for my faith and beliefs I will not waver.

13) I believe there is no law for her to uphold or keep on gay marriage as judges cannot make a law, something every American should have learned in elementary school.

14) I believe it is possible to oppose gay marriage, believe homosexuality is a sin, and oppose the gay agenda without hating gay people.

15) I believe the pro-gay crowd and the church needs to find middle ground that will make both sides happy, though that may not be possible.

16) I believe comparisons to people refusing to sell ham or birth control products is comparing apples and oranges, and does not apply.......such as the inane meme below:

17) I believe that gay rights trump religious rights in the eyes of the liberals and pro-gay crowd, and that it should not. This country was founded on freedom of religion and we have too long stepped back and let the government, atheists, and gay militants take our freedoms away from us.

18) I believe the worst hate and most hate comes from the militant gays..... look up some time what they say about people who dare disagree with them if you doubt that......

19) I believe I have more friends struggling with same-sex attractions than anyone who reads this blog post.

20) I believe change is possible, and even if God never removes the attractions, He is able to help anyone live a celibate and pure Christian life.

21) I believe any gay person who chooses their sexuality over truly surrendering their lives to God and living according to His Word will regret it some day when they stand before Him, which is why we need to fight the ideology and love the sinner.

22) I believe in change and redemption for those struggling with homosexuality, for God has changed and redeemed me..... and if He can do that, He can do the same for anyone.

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