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Monday, August 24, 2015

Words on my walk

I am a lyric person. I of course like the music itself; the keyboards, violins, guitars, drums and more. There is something to be said for great orchestration and accompaniment, but what would music be without the words. It sounds nice, but doesn't stir up the same things in me that the words do when put with the music.

  I took a walk this evening on the bike/walking trail near me that goes through the woods, and took my iPod and earbuds with me as I usually do. I have 32 playlists on the device, and decided to listen to the one I labeled "Praise and Worship favorites". I also have one titled "Praise and Worship", but this one is a smaller selection of favorites of mine from that genre' of music. I put the earbuds in, hit play, and started walking and listening.

 I heard that Jesus is my all in all, my strength when I am weak.

 I was reminded that Jesus is my strong tower, a shelter over me.

A song pointed out that worship is all about Jesus, and not about me.

I was reassured that God's grace is enough......even for me.

And that His grace finds me anywhere.

Another song reminded me that Jesus bore my shame and sin, and that He is the worthy Lamb,

And how deep the Father's love is for me, that it was my sin that held Jesus on the cross...... That the power of the cross is mighty, and that God and His works are indescribable.

To top it all off, another song reminded me that Jesus has overcome, He is risen from the grave, and I will rise some day when He calls my name.

   Maybe that is why secular music doesn't hold much attraction for me. There are some country songs I like that say more than the usual "beer drinking, lost my girlfriend to my best friend" kind of so-called music, but they seem few and far in between. Some tell a story, and others are almost a Gospel song.

  But I want and need music that is going to encourage me, that will pull me closer to God, and not to the world. I need songs that will make me think more of God and bring to my mind Scripture verses that are in so many Christian songs. And that is the kind of music I am going to listen to for most of my days.

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  1. Mark, I just read your guest post over at Contented At Home....found it a very good and pertinent post. I agree completely, and many times have also wondered 'where are the parents!?"' Thank you!